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Why Does My Dog Keep Looking Up?

why does my dog keep looking up

Decoding your pet’s behavior (especially dogs) requires a good portion of your time. So, if you have a canine companion, some of their behavior may appear normal to you, while others may appear odd. Some behaviors are inherited by them, whereas some they learn in their lifetime. If you have a dog, perhaps you have wondered “why does my dog keep looking up?” Perhaps you think it’s a sign of a health problem, but keep in mind that it could be caused by something other than a health problem.

If you wish to know the actual cause behind this, keep reading as this article is especially for you. Here we will decode certain things, helping you to understand the possible reasons behind it. Let’s get started!

Is It Normal for Dogs to Look Up At The Ceiling?

In general, it is normal for dogs to keep looking up at the ceiling. But if it troubles you, you must know the possible reasons behind it. These are:

  • They are feeling bored.
  • They are afraid of someone in their surroundings.
  • They are feeling cold.
  • Some critters have occupied places in the surroundings.
  • They might be going through some mental health issues like dementia or OCD.
  • They might have some physical health issues like:
  1. Seizure
  2. Gastrointestinal disease
  3. Fly-catching syndrome
  4. Flea medication
  5. Blocked anal sacs
  6. Epilepsy and so on.

Health Related Issues Make A Dog Keep Looking Up

Some health-related conditions are there that let a dog keep looking up. Let’s discuss them in detail:

This may be your dog’s habit

Just like humans, dogs can also adapt to habits. The chances are that your dog has a habit of looking up at the ceiling or at the sky. If their behavior is not changing and they are not doing it frequently, there is nothing for you to get tense about. Canines have the habit of engaging in weird habits, so nothing can be done to correct them. You can only train them to avoid the same, but thinking that they will refrain from it is just a myth.

Gastrointestinal issues

Gastrointestinal issues are among the most annoying issues for dogs and contribute to major changes in their behavior. If your dog is dealing with such an issue, it will behave inappropriately. Some other signs that call for attention and the need for a veterinary doctor will also be noticed. This includes:

  • Repeated swallowing movements
  • Anorexia
  • Gagging
  • Weight loss
  • Fly snapping
  • Dry heaving
  • Excessive drooling
  • Painful swallowing
  • Regurgitation

Fly-catching syndrome

Fly-catching syndrome is rare in dogs but can lead to such a condition. It may occur all of a sudden, occasionally, or regularly as well. This can be easily portrayed by dogs by swallowing, jumping, or licking. Well, according to research, hyperactivity, food allergies, visual abnormalities, vitreous opacities issues, and peripheral neuropathy are the major causes behind it.

Flea treatment

Flea treatments are also responsible for changing behavior in dogs. In most dogs, this will be noticed when they start looking up at the ceiling and biting their tail too. This starts to happen frequently, almost 3 to 4 times a day. When you are purchasing any particular medication for your dog, be sure to discuss it with the veterinary doctor to know whether it is safe for them or not.

If you don’t have to purchase such things, then chances are your dog may get in touch with another dog or cat on a certain medication.

Idiopathic epilepsy

Idiopathic epilepsy is referred to as a group of epileptic disorders. According to research, genetics is majorly responsible for the same. This condition lets a dog keep looking up at the sky, or they may look up at the ceiling aimlessly.

Focal seizure

A focal seizure is a condition when nerve cells in the brain send electrical signals that are excessive and sudden. This happens due to the involvement of nerve cells that are involved in the brain. Well, this keeps your dog looking at the ceiling aimlessly, and you may not be able to find out the reason behind the same. This can take place at any age. It’s easy to spot if you notice your dog staring at the same ceiling or sky for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Impacted anal sac

An impacted anal sac may also cause your canine friend to face difficulties. You may have noticed two small pouches inside the dog, and they are responsible for creating a foul smell around them. If these are not properly emptied, a blockage can occur, causing discomfort. If this is happening to your dog, take them to a veterinary doctor immediately. Don’t try to express their anal sacs on your own because it can lead to some other issues.

Eyelid growth

Eyelid growth is also responsible for discomfort in a dog’s life. Eyelid growth is referred to as a tumor and is a major reason your dog keeps looking up. These are common in dogs and, thankfully, are non-cancerous, so you can easily approach the veterinary doctor for removal. If you are noticing watery or red eyes, make sure not to avoid the symptoms and approach the doctor immediately.

Foreign body in their eye

When some foreign body has occupied a place in your dog’s eye, they will look out for a solution to help them get out of it. They start looking up so that you will notice them and check to see if there is something wrong.

Tick Infestation

Tick infestation is also a reason why your dog keeps looking up at the ceiling or sky. It appears to be a neurological problem, but don’t forget to check out their eyes and body too. Chances are some ticks are bothering them, and they want to get rid of them. But if the same is not there, you need to approach the doctor and know the actual cause behind the scene.

Canine dementia

Dementia can also take place in dogs, and they will show some expected signs. These are as follows:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Disorientation
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • House oiling


OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a disorder that occurs when you have a sudden urge to do something. Nothing can stop you from doing the same. This condition is not only in humans but can also be noticed in dogs. According to research, dogs engage in activities that do not belong to them and stay in them for longer periods of time. For example, they start looking up at the ceiling and do it continuously without paying attention to other things happening in the surroundings. Some other conditions of OCD include lip-smacking, biting tails, excessive licking of surfaces, and so on.

Feeling uncomfortable

If your dog is feeling uncomfortable in a particular situation, they will look out for methods to help them come out of it. If they keep looking up at the ceiling, you need to know what is happening. For example, if you have stepped into such surroundings that they are unfamiliar with, they keep looking up at the sky or ceiling so that you can understand and leave the place with them.

They are sensing something in the surroundings

The sensing power of dogs is unbeatable, and no doubt they can sense humans even from a distance. If there is something unfamiliar in the surroundings, your dog will start looking up at things and licking the surfaces as well. Essentially, they are attempting to get your attention in order for you to understand that there is something you must do in order to be safe. Also, if they sense any danger in the surroundings, they will keep looking up until someone notices them.

They are understimulated

If your dog is not getting enough exercise and attention, it will start showing inappropriate behavior. They try to engage in things that catch your attention, and you can understand what they are doing. In other words, they are feeling bored and want something interesting.

  • Some signs indicating that they are understimulated include:
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Excessive licking
  • Chewing
  • Nibbling on things

The temperature is above their resistance

As humans get uncomfortable with colds, the same is the case with dogs. If the temperature in the surroundings is higher than their resistance, they will keep looking at it so that someone can understand and help them. Notice when your dog is doing it. Sometimes they do it after reaching a particular location in the house. If this occurs, it is likely that the location has some ventilation, which causes a cold draught to pass over them.

Why does my dog look up and sniff?

Do you feel strange when your dog looks up and sniffs? There are reasons behind it. These are:

dog sensing surrounding

Dogs have a good sense of smell

Nothing can beat the sensitive nose dogs have. Dogs have the ability to sense things that are far away from them. If there is any new smell or fragrance in the environment, they try to gulp it in and investigate to whom it belongs. A dog’s hearing and smelling capability are better than us humans. So, they might be able to hear termites or other insects which may be present in your ceiling, walls, or surroundings.

They are trying to investigate a particular thing

Dogs are among the curious animals, and they love to invest in things in their surroundings. You have probably seen them around the new couch you recently bought. Well, this is happening because they are trying to get familiar with the same smell and want to get to know it.

Your dog is sensing some other animals and trying to identify them

If semen or body waste from other animals is present in the surroundings, dogs can easily get it. They can identify the specific species that were present at a specific location around them by sniffing.

They detect the odor of food in the surrounding area

Well, like humans, dogs, too, love the smell of food. They can sense food from a very long way and try to observe it.

Why does my dog look up and lick?

dog look up and lick

If you are feeling irritated just because your dog is looking up and licking you, don’t feel so and try to understand the reason behind it. The possible reasons behind this quirk behavior are as follows:

An empty stomach leads to looking up and licking

When your dog is hungry, they will give you certain signs to know about it. Well, if it’s been so long since you fed your dog and they started looking up and licking their lips, grab a bowl of dog food and feed them.

Anxiety troubles a lot

If your dog is in an anxious state, they will adapt by licking as a coping mechanism. This releases oxytocin, known as the “happy hormone,” and it helps a dog deal with that particular condition. Just let them be in the state for a while, and soon they will be back to their normal state.

Investigation is always fun

Licking and looking up is a dog’s way of investigating certain things. According to research, dogs use their noses to investigate things in their surroundings.

Feelings of nausea

With gastro issues, nausea or vomiting comes like a gift. If your canine is experiencing any such issue, they will look up and lick it too. This may seem to be annoying, but it is important to know the actual cause behind the same. This condition is also accompanied by a loss of appetite and soreness of the abdomen. According to research, due to excessive licking, 60% of dogs suffer from gastro issues.


If your dog is suffering from seizures, this will be visible by their looking up and air licking too. The symptoms entirely depend on which part of the brain gets affected. Partial seizures are primarily to blame for such behavior.

Why does my dog keep looking up at the sky?

dog keep looking up at the sky

If you’re wondering why my dog keeps staring at the sky, know that it’s not blank for them like it is for us. It has a lot that fascinates them. This includes:

Noise by birds and airplanes makes them feel happy

Birds and airplanes fascinate us a lot, and as children, we love to watch the sky when an airplane or flock is going by. Likewise, dogs feel good when they see such things in the sky. No doubt, dogs have good eyesight and hearing power, which lets them see objects from a long distance and listen to sounds from faraway destinations. In general, watching them gives pleasure to dogs.

Some interesting objects are there in the sky

Everybody gets fascinated by having a glimpse of some interesting things in their surroundings, and they like the dogs too. They love watching different things in the sky. For example, clouds are making a lot of noise. They will get engrossed in it, and it does not matter what else has a place in their surroundings.

Looking at the stars and moon gives them peace

Looking at the stars and moon gives peace. Well, your dog also needs peace, and if they are looking at them often, there is nothing for you to worry about. But if this is frequently happening, do have a conversation with your vet and find out the actual cause behind it.

Note: For a dog, things that are out of their reach appear to be mysterious. By having a glimpse, they start decoding what it is and how they can get it. But in reality, this thing is not possible and remains a mystery forever. Some people also refer it to as dog stargazing syndrome.

Why does my dog look up at me?

dog look up at me

You might have noticed that sometimes when you come from outside after a long period of time, your dog looks up at you. This is one of the most adorable gestures I’ve ever seen. It simply means they were missing you. However, do not misinterpret this as there are other factors at work. These are:-

They are feeling loved

We humans have the habit of maintaining eye contact with our loved ones as a sign of love. Likewise, dogs also love to maintain eye contact with their owners. As a canine friend, you can also read it in their eyes. If you are new to dogs and feel something is a bit different, don’t worry because understanding a dog is not an overnight thing. Just be patient and notice their moves. For sure, you too will find it attractive.

They desire attention

If you are not giving your dog enough attention, they are ready to do anything for it. No dog likes to get ignored. If you are not responding to them even after this move, they may paw or bark at you. This is their way of saying, “Hey, I am here, and listen to me.”

They are in need of something

If your dog is in need of something like a toy, food, or wants to step outside, they might look up at you. Vocalizations and body language are the only ways they have to communicate with their owner. But be sure to understand it because they may get aggressive if you do not respond to them.

Do not misinterpret your dog’s movements because sometimes they just need you around, and sometimes they don’t. Pay attention to what they need and start doing the same!


Looking up at the sky, ceiling, or is a common behavior portrayed by dogs. But if it is frequently happening, you need to pay attention to the problem. Sometimes you are not able to notice what is actually happening until it is too late to get it resolved. If you don’t want your dog to reach that state, analyze things with a bit of attention so that there will be no such problem at all. If you are not able to find things on your own, approach a veterinary doctor immediately so that they can diagnose the condition and come up with the best treatment for the same.

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