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Best Apps For Pet Parents, First Time Cat & Dog Owners

    best apps for dog, cat and pet lovers

    As a pet parent, you want the best for your furry baby, including his food, veterinarian, clothing, and other dog supplies.

    We are becoming more tech-savvy as we live in a digital world. The same is true for pawrents, who use the internet to gather as much information as possible to make the best decision for their pets.

    This post will present the best pet apps to choose from based on your preferences and pet’s needs.

    Why Do Pet Owners Require a Mobile App?

    When choosing a mobile app for their pets, pet parents consider various factors. We’ll look into a few to see what attracts parents to a mobile app.

    Mobile apps are regarded as an effective educational tool for pet parents.

    Furthermore, as a pet parent, when you require clear, accurate, timely, and smooth vet-patient communication, mobile apps are a fantastic way to achieve that.

    Furthermore, you can use mobile apps as a one-stop shop for all of your pet’s needs, as most apps include listings for pet spas, vets, pet supplies, pet-friendly resorts, restaurants, and more. In addition, some apps provide routine tips and tricks for dealing with pets.

    Types of Pet Apps

    • Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Pet
      Such apps allow you to track your pet’s movements from anywhere, at any time. The tracker is usually in the form of a collar; all you have to do is tie it around your pet’s neck, install the app, and you’re ready to go.
    • Apps for Organizing Your Pet’s Information
      This type of app makes pet care more accessible. It assists pet owners in providing the best possible care for their pets by monitoring and storing relevant records and allowing multiple users to manage a single pet.
    • Apps for Learning About or Teaching Your Pet
      It is always best to stay current with trends and never stop learning. The same is true for your pet. Such apps assist pawrents in learning more about their pets and assisting them in teaching their pets good manners and behaviors.
    • Exercise Apps for Your Pet
      Exercising with your pet is always more enjoyable. You can take it for a walk or run with your four-legged companion. These mobile apps will help you plan a fantastic workout with your pet.
    • Games and Apps for Having Fun
      Whether you are an animal lover or have a friend at home, such apps are the best at providing animal-themed entertainment.
    • Apps to Help You Find a New Pet
      If you are a pet lover looking for a new furry baby, these mobile apps will help you find one.
    • Apps for tracking your pet’s diet
      When you’re a new pawrent, it can be challenging to keep track of your furry baby’s diet. In this case, such apps can help you track your pet’s diet.

    Top Apps for Every Pet Owner

    You can find many pet mobile apps on Google Play and Apple App Stores, but we will highlight the top apps for every pawrent below.

    MyPet Reminders

    MyPet Reminders app logo

    This app will help you remember when to give your pet pills, when it needs to be vaccinated, when to take it to the vet, and other important dates.

    This mobile app also includes reminders for your pet’s birthday, dog show, competition, flea and tick treatment, deworming appointments, and other events.

    Published byIntervet International b.v.
    Available onPlay Store & iOS

    Rover – Dog Sitters & Walkers

    Rover - Dog Boarding & Walking apps

    Rover is a well-known mobile app for dog sitters and walkers that allows you to find reliable pet care near you. You can also use this app to track your dog’s walk, message its sitter, receive updates via photos and location, and so on.

    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Wag! – Dog Sitters & Walkers

    wag app logo

    Wag, a mobile app for dog walkers and sitters, is the most popular among pet owners. This app provides assistance for pet sitting, dog walking, training services, and vet care, all of which have 5+ ratings.

    Published byWag Labs, Inc.
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Pet Diabetes Tracker

    Pet Diabetes Tracker logo

    The Pet Diabetes Tracker App revolutionizes diabetes management by allowing vets and pawrents to track and manage their pet’s diabetes.

    Published byIntervet International b.v.
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Chewy – Where Pet Lovers Shop

    chewy app logo

    Chewy, the best pet mobile app, is one of the best places to shop for pet food and supplies easily. It also helps you manage and track your auto-ship orders, and you can even schedule orders based on your shipping requirements.

    Published byChewy, Inc.
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks

    Puppr app logo

    Puppr, a new dog training app, includes step-by-step video instructions to help you teach your furry friend basic obedience, advanced tricks, and more. It will be an excellent app for both experienced and inexperienced dog owners.

    In-app Products$1.99 – $99.99 per item
    Published byChin and Cheeks LLC
    Available onAndroid & iOS


    petcube app logo

    Petcube is a fantastic app for discovering and sharing your pet moments. It is the best mobile app for watching and talking to your dog, getting smart alerts, sharing access to your camera, and consulting with a vet.

    Published byPetcube Inc
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

    GoodPup Dog Training at Home app logo

    GoodPup, a popular dog training at the home mobile app, is ideal for pawrents who want to train their puppy to be a good pet. It allows you to work one-on-one with a top dog trainer who is both certified and well-reviewed.

    Published byPetCareNow
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Whistle: Intelligent Pet Tracker

    Whistle Smart Pet Tracker app logo

    Whistle is a smart pet tracker that includes GPS, health, and fitness features for your pet. In addition, it alerts pet owners when their furry babies leave their safe haven, about health issues, and much more.

    Published byWhistle Labs, Inc.
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

    Pet First Aid American Red Cross app logo

    Pet First, one of the best apps for caring for your pet, provides you with the best advice for routine emergencies. In addition, it includes instructions to help you prepare for and protect your pet’s health, such as medication recommendations.

    Published byAmerican Red Cross
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Dog Scanner: Breed Recognition

    Dog Scanner Breed Recognition app logo

    In a matter of seconds, this app will determine your pet’s breed. In addition to taking photos, the parents can record a video or upload a photo from your gallery.

    Published bySiwalu Software GmbH
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Petamiko – Vet Consultation Dog Insurance Shopping

    Petamiko app logo

    Petamiko is a vet consultation and dog insurance shopping app that connects pet owners and service providers who genuinely care about pets.

    Published byPetamiko Services Pvt Ltd
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    11pets: Animal care

    11Pets app logo

    11pets, the most attentive digital pet care platform, is concerned with your pet’s needs and health, and it employs a team of animal lovers to provide better care for pets.

    Published by11Pets
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    Dogo – Puppy and Dog Training

    dogo app logo

    Dogo is a puppy and dog training mobile app that helps you teach your dog 100+ tricks, connects you with dog trainers directly, and allows you to choose your training program.

    In-app Products$2.49 – $160.00 per item
    Published byDogo App UG
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    BringFido: Pet-Friendly Hotels

    BringFido app logo

    This pet-friendly hotel booking app makes it simple to book a pet-friendly hotel for your furry friend. It returns a list of hotels near you that you can sort by budget, rating, popularity, and other criteria.

    Published byBringFido
    Available onAndroid & iOS

    What we learned from all this

    So, whatever your requirement or need for your pet is, you can select one of the top apps listed above. Check the reviews and ratings before downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. This way, you’ll be able to find the best of what you’re looking for.

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