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Adopt A Dog Or A Puppy: How To Guide

Adopt A Dog Or A Puppy How To Guide

We are a generation of people where we believe in turning imperfect things into perfect. We all have some qualities that help us to do it. As we all know right now, buying a dog is really very easy, and we can get the breed of our choice in no time. But what if I say that instead of buying a dog, you should adopt one? You might be getting curious to know what adopting a dog is all about. Well, no worries, as here we discuss all the relatable aspects of considering dog adoption in detail for better understanding.

Why Should You Adopt A Dog?

Adopting a stray dog is a nice idea as they are extremely intelligent and quick learners. They are fully vet checked, and you are all set to adopt them. Additionally, the adoptable dogs are always waiting for someone who can take them home. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should adopt a dog:

1. You Will Get A Great Animal

When you adopt a dog, you are adopting a great animal. If you focus on stray dogs, they are quick learners and are faithful enough. You can have a great companion who will be there for you in your hard and good times.

2. You Will Save A Life

Stray dogs come up with an uncertain life. But when you are adopting a dog, you are saving a life. It is right to conclude that you will give them the best shelter that helps them to grow and live their life peacefully.

3. You Will Have A Healthy Pet

Stray dogs are healthy as they are habitually adjusting to all their surroundings. When you visit pet stores, you will see the breeds that are growing because of the medications and other sedatives given by the caretakers. But with the dogs you are adopting, this is not the scenario. They are growing on their own and are quite adaptable to their surroundings.

4. A Budget-Friendly Option

Adopting a puppy is a budget-friendly option. When you visit pet mills or pet stores, they come up with very high prices for a particular breed. Chances are you might find the same breed available for adoption.

5. It Makes You Feel Better

A companion always makes you feel better, and when you have a dog, you have a companion for life. They will make you feel delighted and excited at the same time with their moves and the manner in which they will treat you in return.

6. You Will Not Be A Part Of The Pet Store

Pet stores available are not focusing on the health of the dogs; instead, they are focusing on sales. When you are adopting a dog, you are not adding to the pet stores’ inventory. Instead, you are giving someone a healthy and stable lifestyle.

7. You Will Have A Faithful Companion

There is no doubt that dogs are faithful companions, and they are always with you in your hard and good times. You may miss human support in your hard times, but your dog will never leave you.

8. You Are Helping More Than One Animal

When you adopt a dog, you are not only helping an animal, but you are also helping others related to it. You are basically helping a community and giving them hope that one day they too will have someone who will take care of them.

Are You Ready To Adopt?

Are You Ready To Adopt?

When you are moving ahead to adopt a puppy or dog, understand whether you are ready for the same responsibility or not. If you are not ready for the responsibility, then it is not the right option.

Let’s discuss what you need to keep in mind for understanding:

1. Discuss This With Your Spouse

If you are married or in a live-in relationship, know whether your spouse is ready to have a dog in the household or not. Have a clear conversation with your partner and understand whether they can adjust to them or not.

2. Have A Look At Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle matters a lot. With a dog, you cannot be careless, and it is important that you take care of them. If you have a very busy lifestyle, then adopting a dog will not be an option because chances are they will feel bound to you and will not be able to live their life peacefully.

3. Your Financial Condition Is Important To Know

After adopting a dog, there is a particular amount you need to spend on them. Have a look at your expenses and the amount you are ready to invest. Conclude whether the same amount will be sufficient for them or not and is not affecting your expenses too.

4. Health Is A Priority

Your health is also a priority. If you are allergic to certain things, then you need to be sure whether you are ready to adjust to a new member in your house or not. In most cases, it happens that a person does not pay attention to their health, and in the end, it has an effect on both their lives.

5. Time Management Is A Key

Do pay attention to your schedule because your dog needs time, and they are not someone whom you can ignore for a longer duration. If you are doing so, then they will feel irritated, and the behavioral change may disturb you as well.

Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

Multiple reasons are there which contribute to the fact that you must adopt a dog from an animal shelter.

Some common reasons for wanting to know are:

  • Directly or indirectly, you are saving a life. Every animal is in need of shelter, and when you adopt a puppy, you are giving them the same.
  • From shelter dogs, you will have unconditional love, and chances are, you might be missing it as well. Shelter dogs are always in need of someone who can understand them, and when you find them, they will be your best companions and love you unconditionally.
  • By adopting an animal, you are breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. Each year, 8 to 12 million dogs die because they do not have any shelter to stay in. Overpopulation is a major reason behind the lack of shelter.
  • A deserving animal gets a second chance through you. It is quite astonishing to understand that when you are adopting a puppy, you are giving them an opportunity to live their lives peacefully and learn new things too.
  • If you are fond of shopping but fed up with doing it yourself, after adopting a shelter dog, you get a reason to do it. You can have them and go shopping easily.
  • Staying active is a primary requirement these days, and after having a dog, it will be your responsibility to go on a walk with them regularly. It will keep you active as well.
  • By adopting a dog, you are stopping cruelty in mass breeding facilities. Backyard breeders produce millions of animals every year and put them for sale in pet stores. The same chain will break after having them.
  • After having a shelter dog, you have someone who will never judge you for your actions. You can discuss anything and everything with them without having a fear of judgment.
  • Social interactions will have a boost when you have a companion with you. The stray dogs will be your companion and help you to enjoy things a little more.
  • The fees you need to pay for adoption are comparatively less as compared to the fees you are paying to buy a dog.

How To Adopt A Dog?

How To Adopt A Dog?

Adopting a dog seems to be an easy task, but in reality, it is not. There is a lot more you need to pay attention to.

When you are moving ahead with adopting a dog, the things you need to follow are as mentioned below:-

1. Here Are Some Places You Can Adopt A Dog

Rescue and shelter options are available from where you can adopt a dog. Shelters are public places where you can have encounters with different people who have control over your pet. The adoption process is entirely different with shelters as compared to rescues.

Whereas the rescues are the foster homes or private boarding facilities available for pets, which are usually run by volunteers, They come up with some adoption events at the pet stores on the weekends, and you can simply be a part of them to get one. Make sure to know about the adoption procedure in detail because every rescue comes up with a different process.

Apart from rescue and shelter, you can also get help from a private owner, but that will be an expensive affair.

2. How Much You Are Ready To Invest

Adopting a dog is an investment, and you need to be sure how much you are willing to put into it. If you are not ready to invest a good amount in aftercare, it is a suggestion that you don’t go adopt a dog. The reason being is that chances are you have an encounter with stray dogs, and they require the utmost care, which does require a good amount as well.

3. Get An Idea Of The Rules And Regulations Of The State

Lastly, the state in which you are staying has come up with certain rules and regulations for pet owners. You need to be sure about all of them to have a peaceful stay with them. If you forget to consider the rules and regulations, there will be unnecessary trouble!

What To Expect When Adopting A Dog

What To Expect When Adopting A Dog

When you are done with adopting a dog, pay attention to them during and after things as well. These are as follows:-

1. The Behavior Of The Dog

You need to deal with the dog’s behavior. Chances are they might be shy or bark unnecessarily. Don’t be someone who is giving them the same attention in return. You need to be a bit calm and composed when handling such a situation.

2. Dietary Practices

You are not well versed in the dietary habits of dogs on the first day of adoption. You need to pay attention to what they are eating and what they are not. It may take 15 to 20 days, but you will be able to tell what is good for them and what is not within that time frame.

3. Execute A Perfect Routine

If you want your dog to be healthy, make sure to execute a perfect routine. The perfect routine will not only consist of three-time meals but also have exercise sessions. Make sure you are not missing getting out because it helps them feel active throughout the day and adjust to the surroundings effortlessly.

4. Be Ready To Spend Some Time

In the initial days, you need to spend some more time with them as compared to normal days. This is because you need to help them adapt to the surroundings in which you are putting them.

5. Do Research About The Breed

Make sure to research the dog breed because you cannot put one breed’s habits into the habits of another. Understand what they are up to and how to treat them in a particular situation so that they can feel confident and adjust to you easily.

How To Choose A Dog For Adoption?

How To Choose A Dog For Adoption?

When you wish to choose a dog, the parameters to understand are as follows:

1. Species

First, figure out which breed you want. When you visit rescues and shelters, you will find particular breeds available, and you will need to choose from them. Therefore, if you have any particular choice, present it in front of the organizers and get it.

2. The Age Of The Dog

Both puppies and dogs are available at the shelters and rescues. Just pay attention to your habits so that you can easily know whether a dog or puppy will be suitable for you. With a puppy, you need to pay a lot more attention as compared to a dog, so be sure about the same.

3. The Dog’s Behavior

Because if you are not well versed in how to treat them in a particular situation, that situation can be troublesome.

4. A Place To Adopt A Dog

Don’t forget to choose a destination where you can adopt a dog. To get the dog of your choice, you can start with online portals or look for some offline portals as well.

5. The Health Of The Dog

Make sure before adoption that the veterinary doctor has examined the dog. It is a suggestion that you never go for a dog that is suffering from some health-related issues.

6. Care And Upkeep

Likewise humans, dogs also need physical maintenance, and you cannot ignore it. Every breed comes with a certain extent to which they require maintenance. Get an idea of it and treat it accordingly.

7. Overall Appearance

Overall appearance is also a considerable factor. Everyone wants to have a cute little dog with them, and for that reason, you need to pay attention to their looks.

Preparing Your Home For A Dog

Preparing Your Home For A Dog

You cannot keep a dog in unprepared surroundings. The parameters to prepare the environment are as follows:

1. Have A Conversation With Everyone

A new pet in the neighborhood is a responsibility, and you need to be sure that your people are ready to adapt to one. Let them know what to do if you are not available at home.

2. Get All The Essential Things Available

Essential things are also important to have in the surroundings. It does not only include the food, but also includes treats, toys, and other things that help them feel comfortable.

3. Have Contact With A Veterinary Doctor

Before bringing a dog home, make sure to have contact with a veterinary doctor as well, because you never know when an emergency situation will arise, and you will need to take them to the doctor.

4. To Get An Idea Of Their Overall Health

Be ready to have an idea about their overall health when you are adopting a dog from a shelter. It appears to be tricky, but it will help you in emergency situations as well.

5. A Dog House

A dog house can be the best thing to have. Make sure that either you have a new dog house or you are making the house dog-proof. If you have not paid attention to it, chances are the dog may have encountered chemicals, and the same has been troublesome for you lately.

6. Make The Dog Comfortable

It is your responsibility to make your dog comfortable in the environment. Show them the potty place as well and let them know where they can sit and where they can walk.

7. Keep An Eye On Them In The Initial Weeks

In the initial week, you need to be a bit more attentive, and you cannot leave them anywhere in the house. Get an idea of what they are doing and how they are dealing with things. Within no time, you will be able to understand how to treat them.

How To Introduce A New Pet Rescue To The Family Dog?

How To Introduce A New Pet Rescue To The Family Dog?

When you are done with completing the adoption procedure, the time has come to introduce your new pet rescue to the family dog. The things you should follow are:

  • Do a bit of research about their social behavior so that you can easily understand how power can help them adjust to their surroundings. Chances are they are not among the more sociable dogs, so it will take some time for them to become a family dog.
  • Don’t hurry because it is a time-consuming process, and a slow-paced introduction will help them to adjust more effortlessly.
  • Be ready to tolerate their aggressive reactions as well because these are very common.
  • Never leave your pet unattended because if it happens, they will become very arrogant and then turn out to be very rude.
  • If you have more than one dog at your home, introduce each one at a time to the new dog so that they will not be in an overwhelming state and lead to some trouble.
  • Make sure not to introduce too many people at a time because dogs need some time to adjust, and it is important for them to understand about the person in the surrounding. It is a time-consuming process, so you need to be sure about it.
  • Let your loved ones know about your dog’s habitat as well so that they can treat him accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting A Dog

How Can I Get A Free Dog?

If you are looking forward to getting a free dog, you can simply get one by sending an email to an organization providing free puppies. Some dog shelters and rescues and dog breeders are there to look out for individuals who are in need of getting a puppy. Moreover, you can take help from online portals as well, and post an advertisement and connect with people easily. It is a simple way to get a free dog, and within no time, you will have a free dog available.

Is It Cheaper To Adopt A Dog?

Adopting a dog is cheaper as compared to buying a dog. When you move ahead with adopting a dog, it will cost around $50 to $200, whereas buying a dog will cost around $500 to $1000.

How Long Does Adopting A Dog Take?

Adopting a dog is not a time-consuming process, and the rest depends on the individual you are approaching. It will take one day, one week or one month. The organization will run a simple interview and will do the verification to conclude whether you are a safe one for dogs or not. On average, within a week, you will have a dog with you. However, the rest depends on the rules imposed by the state in which you are staying.

Is Adopting A Dog So Expensive?

Adopting a dog is not an expensive option at all. You just need to prepare yourself, whether you are ready for them or not. The amount you need to pay for adopting a dog is much less as compared to buying a dog, which clearly means that you can have them easily.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Approved To Adopt A Dog?

Adopting a dog seems to be a difficult task because they require specific living requirements, and if those are not available, then the same will not be easy. Make sure the surroundings are manageable and according to the habitat of the dog.

How Do I Apply For Dog Adoption?

Some basic requirements are important to fulfill when you are applying to adopt a dog. These are:
> There will be a home visit by the shelter and rescue to determine whether the surroundings are suitable for the dog or not.
> You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a dog.
> Validation is an important part.
> That is an adoption fee you need to pay.
> There will be a family meet and greet.
If all these aspects are fulfilled, nothing can stop you from adopting a dog.

What Should I Look For When Adopting A Dog?

Some parameters you need to keep in mind when adopting a dog include:
> Get an idea for the time you are ready to invest.
> Discuss it with the people in your surroundings.
> Conclude whether you are ready to invest the same amount or not.
> Don’t forget to tag your dog.
> Just like with humans, tooth brushing is important for dogs as well.
> Pay attention to their eating habits.
> Check out what they are eating and what they are not.
> Surrounded by some toys and things of entertainment.
> Never leave your dog in the car.
> Keep your dog on a walk regularly.
> Start training your dog. 

When You Meet A Pet For The First Time, You Should Be?

When you meet the dog for the first time, you should be:
> Confident
> Maintain your cool.
> Lean to the dog’s level
> Let the dog have a look at you.
> Let the dog approach you.
> Communicate with a friendly tone

What Is The Best Age To Adopt A Puppy?

According to research, the best age to adopt a puppy is somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks. A little puppy can adapt themselves according to the surroundings in which you are putting them. Moreover, you will not face any sort of difficulty adjusting to their habits as well.

How Long Does It Take To Bond With A Puppy?

Bonding with a puppy may take time, but if you are patient enough and pay attention to their needs, then it will only take around 15 days for you to get familiar with them.

How Do You Get Approved For Pet Adoption?

Certain parameters are there to get the approval for dog adoption, and it includes:-
> The surroundings must be familiar with where you will be going to put the dog.
> Research about the reading and understanding of them in detail.
> Make sure the yard has a fence.
> Show some effort.
> Please provide detailed information.
> Don’t be so frightened.
> Always treat the dog with love and care.

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