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Can Dogs Laugh & Smile?

Can Dogs Laugh & Smile

Have you ever seen your dog laughing with you or while playing? Does he laugh in the same way as you laugh? What do you think do dogs have emotions? Do they express them? Scientists are debating on the same topic “do dogs laugh?” They have confirmed that animals such as great apes, dolphins, lab rats, and chimpanzees laugh. You will be amazed to know that a tickled chimp laughs like a human child. They have also found that dogs can vocalize using four different patterns, which are named barks, growls, whines, and breathy forced exhalation that can be called dog laugh. This sound has been determined to have dogs laugh because this is the only sound that dogs utter the most while playing. So, you can say that your dog does laughing.

What Does a dog Laugh Sound like?

You will hear a kind of rapid panting when your dog calls you to play. You may relate to the sound, and it’s quite like a “hoo- haa” breathy sound. His play pant would be combined with head bows, or he may make teasing jumps at you. He would also give an expression of lips pulled in and tongue out, and eyes are closed softly. You can here say that he is smiling at you. Show him a ball or a bone during that time, and you will see he would jump happily and make the same “hoo- haa” sound. One more thing that you can do to improve your bond with your dog is laughing back with the same “hhuh hhah” sound by drawing your lips back in a grin during the “aaa” part. This will give a signal to your dog, and he would consider it your “yes”. He would be happy knowing that you are ready to play with him, and in this way, you can share a strong bond with your beloved pet.

Are Two Dogs Alike?

One difficult thing that people experience about identifying a dog laugh is that no two dogs are alike. All dogs are different from each other. It all depends on the dog, what sound he makes, and in what frequency. The classic laugh is described as a harsh pant but in the context of a fun moment. In some dogs, sound like whine, bark, and even growl can also suggest that they are happy and laughing as long as the body language matches. Dogs, too, have individual identities. Just like every human is different from each other, dogs are also different from each other in every possible aspect. So, it is significant to keep this thing in mind before making any assertions about them. Some people have said that dogs do not like to be hugged; that is not the whole truth. Some dogs like to be hugged, and some dogs do not. Similarly, some people have said that dogs do not like to be pampered; that is also not true. Some dogs like to be pampered in the same way humans are. They want that they receive equal respect, love, and kindness as humans receive. It’s not like all the dog owners are the same. Some dog owners want to keep their pets happy and healthy. The best way to do this is to observe them closely and know their likes and dislikes; what makes them happy? Dog’s laughter is that one small sign. Remember that not all dogs are alike. Some dogs do not like to go for a walk, and some are never happier than when playing with you. Others want to be just like a potato couch. Whatever the dog likes, the thing that matters the most is to keep them happy.


Dogs can not express themselves in the way humans can. But as good human beings, it’s our responsibility to understand what do they really want. To hurt them, to kick them, and to throw stones on them is not humanity. Not all dogs have their masters and homes to stay. Those who have homes to stay in are just kept to guard the house against thieves. They do not get the love that they deserve. Imagine yourself in the place of dogs. How would you feel kicking, beating, and ignoring someone? Would this behavior make you happy? It’s hard to even imagine, right?. You can’t even imagine this, then think about those with whom this happens. So what if they are the animals, they also get hurt. Prove that even today, humanity does exist and keep the animals happy and pay them the same respect. 

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