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Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

can dogs eat tomato soup

Tomato soup is among the most likable soups. People like to add different ingredients and flavors to it to make it tastier. But understand that this taste is meant for humans only, not canines.

If you have a canine at your place and are thinking of feeding tomato soup to him this season, make sure to prepare it without any additional ingredients. Adding additional ingredients like onion and garlic to it for taste makes it toxic for them, and after its consumption, they will suffer some health issues too.

It is right to conclude that tomato soup in moderation is safe for dogs if prepared without any additional seasoning or ingredients. If you wish to know more about whether dogs can eat tomato soup or not, keep reading and explore all the aspects we are discussing below!

Can dogs eat tomato soup?

It depends! Tomato soup is a safe option for dogs until and unless it is prepared without any additional ingredients like onion, garlic, and some seasoning. Some people are fond of adding condiments to make it tasty but know that it is not for your dog.

Sometimes, it happens that you feed them leftover soup, and they do fine after its consumption. But you will not be this lucky every time. So, make sure to prepare it in dog-style only (plain) for them.

What ingredients make tomato soup bad for dogs?

Undoubtedly, tomatoes are the main ingredient of tomato soup and are safe for dogs in moderation. But some additional ingredients like onion, garlic, bread crumbs, other seasonings, and sodium make it harmful for them.


Ripe tomatoes are safe for dogs, and there is no harm in feeding them in moderation only. But be sure to remove the seeds from it before giving them.

Garlic and onion

Onions and garlic belong to the Allium family, and members of this family are not for dogs. These are toxic even in moderate quantities, so don’t feed them to your dog.

Additional seasonings

Additional seasonings in your dog’s food are not advisable. These are known to contribute to bad health, and, most importantly, your dog will suffer from gastric issues after eating these.


Although salt is added in moderate quantities to soup, some dog breeds are not comfortable consuming too much salt. Also, some dog breeds suffer from sodium ion poisoning too.


A small amount of sugar is also added to tomato soup which is not harmful to dogs. But if you are adding artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugar, like xylitol, your dog might suffer from some gastric issues as it is toxic.

Bread crumbs are also not for dogs in high quantities. However, if you are feeding them in moderation, they will not cause any harm.

Is tomato soup a healthy option for dogs?

Tomato soup is loaded with a few vitamins and minerals that are safe for dogs, like vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. But do understand that only adding tomato soup to their diet will not fulfill your dog’s nutrition requirements.

It is essential for you to search out the best dog food options to help them have a stable and healthy lifestyle.

If you are thinking of adding tomato soup to your dog’s diet on a regular basis, drop the idea as regular consumption of it lets them suffer from different health issues, especially gastric irritation and lack of appetite.

Is it safe to feed tomato soup with milk to dogs?

Do understand that dogs are lactose intolerant, and adding milk to tomato soup will result in a toxic combination. However, we recommend that you do not feed your dog such a combination of foods at all. The major health consequences a dog will suffer include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin allergies
  • Nausea
  • Gastric issues
  • Behavioral changes

Is it safe to feed a dog with canned tomato soup?

If you purchase a ready-made tomato soup like one from Campbell, we suggest you drop the idea immediately. The canned tomato soup is loaded with a lot of additional seasoning, along with preservatives and additives, which are toxic for dogs. So try preparing it at home for them.

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How do you prepare tomato soup at home for dogs?

When you are preparing tomato soup at home for your dogs, be sure to remove the tomato peel and do not add any additional seasoning to it.

We suggest you avoid high quantities of sugar and salt too. You can add a pinch of salt and sugar to it for taste.

Note: If you have deep-fried the bread crumbs for soup, avoid adding them while preparing soup for dogs. Deep-fried bread crumbs are known to cause upset stomachs in dogs.

What we learned from all this

Tomato soup with dog-safe ingredients is safe for dogs in moderation and only if your dog likes it. If your dog is allergic to tomato soup, do not feed it. Most importantly, if you are introducing tomato soup to your dog, notice them closely to know whether they are doing fine or not. If you see any sudden change in their behavior or health, approach the veterinary doctor immediately.

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