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Will My Dog Forget Me After a Week or After a Vacation?

Will your Dog Forget You After a Week

Are you worried about your lovely furry friend? Do you want to know that your dearest pet dog forgets about you if you go on a vacation or meet with them after some day or week?

Well, the answer is a big ‘NO’. Dogs are faithful and loyal and would never abandon you no matter what. But, of course, there are a few exceptions.

People tend to misinterpret this loneliness and abandonment as neglect or abandonment by their owners. But in reality, it depends on how the separation happens and how you and your pet handle it afterward.

When you leave your furry friend alone at home, you are worried about him being lonely and missing you. Of course, you are! Your dog will miss you more than usual, worry about you, and wait for you to return home.

But many dog owners forget or ignore that this separation can affect their pet’s health. And when we say health, we mean your dog’s mental and physical health.

So, what will happen if your dog is left alone for more than a day? Will your dog remember you after a week? Will he bark and cry when you come back? 

It would depend on many different factors, but we will try to answer all those questions for you. 

What will happen if you leave your dog for a vacation?

Leaving your lovely pet dog alone at home for long hours may cause separation anxiety in your dog, leading to various health problems in dogs.

So, if you are planning to go on a vacation or be busy for a while, then make sure to hire a good dog walker or pet sitter. Leaving your furbaby home alone for long hours for days or weeks can cause him several physical and psychological changes.

Will my dog still remember me after a week?

Dogs are pack animals; they love their pack members a lot. When you leave your home, your pup will feel like you left his pack. And dogs do feel lonely and insecure when left alone at home.

So, if he feels lonely and insecure, he will surely miss you like crazy when you come back home! But will he remember you? Your pup will not forget you because they tend to remember their owners well.

But yes, he may remember you after a week and may start behaving differently for a while, as they feel insecure and lonely. It is entirely normal behavior for a dog.

Here is a great video of Vanessa Hill explaining whether dogs really miss us and whether they percept time like us humans.

How long does a dog take to forget their owner?

Knowing how long a dog takes to forget its owner depends on various factors like their breed, etc. And it also depends on how you treat your dog when you aren’t home.

Dogs often develop strong bonds with their owners if they care about them and love them a lot. So, if you treat your dog correctly, he will never forget about you and love you unconditionally. And genuinely, a dog takes 2-3 years without direct contact to forget about its owner.

What is the normal memory span of a dog?

Dogs are generally known for their long-lasting memory, which is less than humans. But the average memory span of a dog is 12 to 18 months which is pretty good for a dog.

If you have spent enough time with your friend, he will never forget you for at least two years! So, if your friend ignores you after two years, you haven’t spent plenty of time with him.

A dog can remember its owner for a few years by a human scent, facial shape, and sound. Dog’s facial recognition is so sharp that dogs can identify their owners even if they see you behind or at a distance. So, do not feel worried about your dog not remembering you after a week. Dogs are good at remembering their owners, and trust us, they would never forget you.

How do dogs recognize the absence of their owner?

If you leave for a long time or a few days first, your dogs may bark and howl, which may sound bad to you, but in reality, they are just trying to tell you, “Hey! I’m here, and I miss you!” So, if you hear your dog barking and howling and you see him wandering around the house, he is just trying to tell you, “Hey! I’m here waiting for you!”

So, dogs recognize their owner’s absence in different situations and ways. The first time they feel insecure or lonely, but if it happens daily and repeatedly, your dog gets used to it, and they don’t get anxious or worried anymore because they know that you will come back home soon.

But if your dog still behaves strangely, even after you have returned, it could be a sign of separation anxiety in dogs.

What indicates anxiety in your pet dog?

There may be many behavioral changes if you won’t be home for a while, especially if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. So, here are some most typical signs of anxiety in dogs that you may notice when you won’t be home for a while.


The dog may chew or claw at his bedding, sofas, walls, or anything nearby. This behavior is called ‘destructive behavior’, which is annoying, but your dog does it to comfort himself.

Depressed or sad eyes

The dog will try to comfort himself by sleeping and sleeping a lot. So, if you see your dog sleeping all the time, he is not feeling well and is not worried about you. He needs your care and love. Do not feel bad if you will not be home for a while. Your dog will feel better if you are there for him. So, be there for him and give him lots of love and comfort.

Change in social nature

There may be a change in their social nature when you are away. If your dog is not friendly and aggressive towards others, he is probably just missing you and wants you back home.

What to do if your dog misses you?

Your dog may be uncontrollable when he tries to show you that he is worried about you. So, if your dog tries to bite you, get to your lap, or jump on you, do not pet or cuddle him. Instead, let him calm down, and then give him your love and care.

If your dog is feeling sad or depressed, try to comfort him as much as possible. Either take him out for a long walk, play with him, or even take him to a vet if you are worried about his health. So, be with your pup and give him your love and comfort because he is just missing you and is not feeling well while you are out.

If your dog eats a lot or sleeps all the time, stay calm and do not scold or punish him. Do not ignore him or his behavior because he needs your love and care.

So, if your dog misses you, do not feel bad because he loves you so much and will never let you down or leave you alone. Instead, go home to your pup and make him feel better.

What did we learn from all this?

If you will not be home for a while or want to go on a vacation or holiday, don’t worry because your pup will not forget you and will always miss you and love you unconditionally. Because dogs are brilliant, they will never change their love for you.

Frequently asked questions about a dog forgetting their owner

  1. Will my dog feel depressed or sad if I leave him home for a week?

    No. Dogs do not feel sad or depressed if they are left alone. They may bark and howl for a while or look around to check if you are there, but they won’t feel sad or depressed.

  2. Is it OK to leave your dog at home for a long time?

    No. It is not OK to leave your dog at home for a long time because there are chances of accidents like poisoning, disease or overeating, etc. Also, dogs tend to feel insecure and lonely if their owners won’t be home for a while.

  3. Will my dog still remember me after a week?

    Dogs have fantastic long-term memory, and they remember their owners even if their owners are not with them for a long time. 

  4. How much time does a puppy need to accept a new owner?

    Puppies are intelligent creatures, and they accept their owners very quickly. It may take a few days or weeks to fully understand a new owner, but it is normal for a puppy to get attached to owners very quickly.

  5. What does the dog think when its owner is gone?

    Dogs get attached to their owners quickly, and if their owner is away, they may feel insecure or lonely. Also, dogs get scared when they are left alone at home. So, dogs generally feel worried or anxious about their owners when they are away too long.

  6. Why does my dog constantly bark and howl when I am away?

    If your dog barks and howls when left alone at home, he tries to get your attention. It is trying to get your attention because he misses you; he wants to tell you that he worries about your absence.

  7. How does my dog feel when I go on vacation?

    Your dog feels lonely and insecure when you will not be around and go on a vacation. So, dogs tend to change their nature, becoming more social and aggressive towards others.

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