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Why Does My Dog Rub His Face After Eating?

why does my dog rub his face after eating

Every living being has some moves which always leave us feeling astonished. Sometimes we cannot conclude why it is happening without knowing the actual cause. The same is the case with dogs.

Having a dog is not an easy task because you will regularly encounter some of their moves, which will make you think about it unnecessarily. So let’s discuss one of the most common moves made by them. “Dog rubbing his face after eating” is a common sight.

Have you ever wondered why it is happening? Probably, the answer to this question is yes, and let you approach the veterinary doctor too to know why this is happening. Still, if you cannot find out the actual cause behind it, keep reading because you are on the right page.

This article will discuss the factors that will help you decide why your dog is rubbing his face after eating. Let’s get started!

Reasons Behind the Dog Rubbing his Face After Eating

Before diving into any conclusion, do understand the reasons behind it. These are:-

Expressing happiness

When it is about expressing happiness, dogs usually rub their faces after eating. For example, if you serve them their favorite meal, there’s a good chance you’ll see this expression on your dog. This is considered the “post-meal happy dance.” Sometimes you will notice the dog rolling around on the floor after a meal, which is also one of the best ways to express happiness. If this is happening after having a good meal, there is nothing for you to worry about, and you can enjoy this happy meal dance with your dog.

Cleaning its face

Cleanliness is also important to dogs, and they are ready to do anything for it. For example, if they feel like their face is not clean after having the meal, they try to clean it by rubbing it. You can see that they are rubbing their face at different angles to clean it properly. Not to mention that they can rub their faces on any surface. For example, you will see they are rubbing their faces on the couch, and in the very next moment, they shift to the carpet.

Expressing satisfaction

Rubbing your face after eating food is a way of expressing satisfaction too. If their hunger is satisfied, they will express it by rubbing their faces. You will see a sigh of relief on their faces, and they will appear to be very happy during the same duration. When this satisfaction is combined with their good mood, it also leads to a post-meal happy dance.

Cleaning their muzzles

Dogs usually rub their faces after eating to clean their muzzles. Sometimes they have discomfort because something is stuck in their muzzle. To clean that out and feel comfortable, they rub their faces. If this behavior of theirs seems annoying to you, then take the right step and clean it by yourself. After getting it cleaned, they will not repeat this.

Brain tumor

A brain tumor is a serious condition due to which a dog rubs its face constantly. When this condition reaches its worst, they start rubbing their faces constantly. It is not a common condition but a matter of consideration if you notice it. The tumors grow very fast and put pressure on the other structures inside the brain, which leads to discomfort and pain. Dogs suffering from brain tumors usually press their heads towards the wall or try to rub them to get rid of the pain.

Sometimes the pain is so constant that they even faint due to it. It calls for an emergency, so be sure to pay attention to it.

The collar they are wearing is tight

Be sure that the collar you have given them is not too tight. If the collar is tight, they will face difficulties, and it lets them rub their faces and necks on the ground. You will see that they are rubbing it on furniture as well. If you have recently purchased a new collar for a dog, check it out completely and then put it on their neck. If your dog is wearing it, try removing it for a while and see whether your dog is behaving normally or not. Adjusting the collar will help them feel comfortable.

(Tip: Always choose the color with the adjustment feature. If the collar only fits a single measurement, you will incur additional costs.

External parasite infection

External parasite infection around the eyes or face is another reason people rub their faces after eating. The parasites, including mites and fleas, bite into a dog’s skin and cause irritation. The areas where the parasites have bitten become itchy, and they look for a solution to get relief. They start rubbing their faces because it is giving them relief. It is important to approach the veterinary doctor and get the preventive parasite medication in this condition.

Relief from discomfort

If they have got relief from some discomfort (it could be any), they will express it by rubbing their faces on carpets or furniture. If they are doing it frequently, there might be some problem, but if not, it is completely natural, and there is no need to worry about it.

Chipped teeth cause discomfort

If a dog has a chipped tooth, it will lead to discomfort. They will look for solutions that will help them get rid of it. Likewise, some other dental problems can also cause them to rub their faces after meals. If you notice that they are experiencing pain or discomfort in their gums, teeth, or elsewhere in the mouth while eating, make sure to approach the veterinary doctor so that they can prescribe the best oral medication to get rid of it. Cavities can also become a common condition in dogs, making them feel uneasy.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation is also a cause of rubbing your face. If there is something stuck in your dog’s eye, it will irritate them. They start rubbing it over carpets and furniture to get it out of their eyes. You will see their eyes are watery and appear to be red. If you notice any condition like this, approach the veterinary doctor immediately so that they can give you the best medication to get relief from it.

It makes them feel good

Rubbing their faces after eating food also makes dogs feel good. They try to rub it over different fabrics and textures, and sometimes on the other things available in the surroundings. If you try to stop them from doing it, sometimes they behave aggressively too. Thus, be sure of your dog’s mood before taking any step. Also, instead of yelling at them, try to handle this situation calmly.

Food allergies are also a cause for your dog rubbing his face after eating

If you have just experimented with your dog’s food and given them something new, chances are they have developed an allergy to it. If the same happens, they express it by rubbing his nose because of the ingredient in his food. If they start to rub their faces excessively after eating and do not appear to be comfortable, be sure to approach the doctor to get allergy treatment immediately.

Something smells good

Dogs enjoy it when there is a new fragrance in their surroundings. If your dog has experienced a particular fragrance on a surface and they love it, they rub their face over it again and again. They try to gulp down the same fragrance because it feels soothing to them.

Something else is going on

Apart from all the above reasons, there are chances that some other conditions can make your dog rub his face after eating food. If you are not noticing their behavior, they try to do certain things that will make you notice them. If you cannot find out the exact cause behind it, approach the veterinary doctor for examination.

Note: It is normal for dogs to rub their faces from time to time. But if the same is frequently happening, you need to pay attention to what is happening.

Things to consider to find the cause of a dog’s habit of rubbing his face after eating

Certain things will help you decide the cause of your dog’s rubbing his face after eating. These are as follows:

When did the behavior start happening?

If your dog has been rubbing his face from the very first day you got him, then it is normal. But if it happens suddenly, it is a matter of consideration. There are so many reasons why they could do it. When they have a sense of satisfaction, they will do it naturally, and there is nothing to worry about it. But if it is frequently happening and they are not responding to things in the appropriate manner, you need to approach the veterinary doctor or look for the cause that lets them do it.

How long has it been happening?

Do check for the duration for which the same is happening. If your dog has been doing it for the past 5 to 10 days, something is troubling them, and they want you to find a solution to it. But if it is happening suddenly, you need to wait for a while and see when they do it again.

Is the behavior consistent?

Consistency is also important to check out. Chances are they are not doing it after every meal. If this is happening, then there are certain meals they like and some meals they don’t. But if it happens after every meal, it is a matter of consideration. They most likely dislike their food and want you to change it, or vice versa.

Some psychological changes are also present, which can lead to this condition. Sometimes a dog has a sudden thought while having a meal but cannot express it. This is the reason they started rubbing their faces after eating food.

Why does my dog rub his face on furniture after eating?

If your dog rubs his face on the furniture after eating, it means they are leaving their scent on the item. They are marking their territories so that other dogs in the area can get well acquainted with them. Invisible pheromones will stick at that place on the furniture, and it will signal that there is something that belongs to them. If there are some dogs that your dog is friends with, they will all occupy the same place for sure. One can consider it their language of giving the message.

Frequently Asked Questions about dog rubbing their face after eating food

  1. What lets dogs rub their snouts on the floor?

    Dogs rub their snouts in cornflour due to pain or discomfort. They are trying to alleviate the pain because of the object stuck between their tooth or nose.

  2. Is it normal for dogs to rub their faces after eating?

    This condition is somewhat normal, but if it is frequently happening, it is a matter of consideration. Do notice your dog’s behavior so that you can understand the cause and approach the doctor if there is any cause for concern.

  3. Is it possible that dogs rub their faces due to hunger after having a meal?

    Sometimes, a dog does not like the food, and they feel hungry. Even after eating the food, they rub their faces. This indicates that they have not enjoyed the meal and are looking for something delicious on their plate.

The takeaway from all this

Dogs rub their faces after eating food. But sometimes it is expected, and sometimes it is not. Always pay attention to the signs your dog is showing so that you can approach the veterinary doctor immediately and get treatment. If you want to be on the safest side, check out each factor and reach any conclusion.

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