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Do Deaf Dogs Sleep More?

Do Deaf Dogs Sleep More

Bringing up a dog is a challenging task. As a dog parent, you need to be sure about everything. Well, if you have a dog that is completely fine, the challenges can be fewer. But unfortunately, if you have a deaf dog, it can let you go through things that you had not expected. Many studies have been done considering deaf dogs and their behavior. According to the research, some people concluded that deaf dogs sleep more.

If we try to figure out whether deaf dogs sleep more or not, we will get contradictory answers. Some consider this to be a misleading term, and some consider it to be true. Let’s discuss this in detail so that if you have a deaf dog, you will be able to deal with them more patiently and let them have the best lifestyle possible with you!

Why do dogs become deaf?

At advanced ages, hearing loss is a common problem with dogs. But apart from advanced age, some other conditions like ear infection, disease, or exposure to any particular ear injury can cause them to become deaf. Trying to guess the reason why the dog is deaf is not easy as it is a chronic condition. But after diagnosing that the dog is dealing with a hearing problem, as a dog parent, you need to deal with it.

But not to forget, dogs have the best sense of hearing, so figuring out the hearing problem in the initial stage is not easy. When the moment comes when the dog stops responding to your commands, this is a clear sign that the dog is dealing with hearing problems. The chances are that the condition can be cured, but if not, then you have to deal with the same.

However, some dogs have a birth defect, and it is referred to as congenital deafness. Also, understand that congenital deafness is related to pigment. In simple words, dogs with white or partial white pigment are more prone to congenital deafness.

When you approach the doctor for treatment, there is no guarantee that the treatment will be satisfactory. So, make sure to listen to everything the doctor is saying about the condition for better care.

How to prevent ear infections?

Well, preventing ear infections is easy if you clean your dog’s ears regularly. If you let them be exposed to dirty surroundings and have not paid attention to cleanliness, things will get worse with time.

Why do deaf dogs sleep more?

In general, the sleeping pattern in deaf dogs is better than conscious dogs. Any environmental noise cannot interrupt the sleep of a deaf dog. This lets them sleep more peacefully.

In simple words, it happens because the deaf dog will not wake up to a nuisance in the surroundings. But do understand that the sleeping pattern is not different in deaf dogs; it is just free from noise. When you come home from any other place, the conscious dog will wake up, but you cannot expect the same from a deaf dog.

Aside from that, if your dog has arthritis, he or she will be unable to participate in any additional activities. They prefer to remain in the same sitting posture for longer durations. This same posture lets them sleep more.

However, they should not be restricted in the same condition because it may interfere with their way of life. So try the best tips to wake them up.

How to approach a deaf sleeping dog?

With a deaf dog, the struggle is real. You need to make them aware of your presence. You can simply pat their back and see whether they are responding or not. If they are not responding to it, just gently touch their feet and see whether they are sensing it or not. But make sure not to provoke them because provoking them can let you deal with their aggressive behavior too. When you approach them, be sure about your moves. Be gentle with them during this duration because being harsh can be troublesome for both of you.

If this is not working for you, try to touch them in their shoulder and back area. These parts of the dog’s body are sensitive and let them feel your touch too. In simple words, the sweet and lovely gesture will help them wake up from a sound sleep with a lovable experience.

Meanwhile, chances are you might have trained your dog to make some gestures. If he is responding to the same moves, you can consider doing the same too to wake him up from deep sleep.

Does it take a special type of person to adopt a deaf dog?

No special type of person is required to adopt a deaf dog. But a person needs to be patient because deaf dogs take time to learn things. They are not as active as conscious dogs, so in the initial days, you might face some trouble in dealing with them.

Also, you need to control your anger because if you are treating them with angry behavior, the same can come back to you and make them feel inferior to their surroundings!

Tips for Adopting a Deaf Dog

When you are thinking of adopting a deaf dog, some tips are important to consider, and this includes:-

  • Keep up the routine for your dog. You cannot treat a deaf dog like a conscious one. As a deaf dog sleeps deeply than others, a routine can help you to keep up with their health.
  • Try to teach them some gestures, including hand signals, that will be helpful in conveying your message to them.
  • Consider some scent games and hide certain things around to get them engaged in things.
  • Do not provoke them if they are not responding to any particular instruction because it can lead you to deal with their aggressive behavior.
  • When they are new to your family, let them be introduced to others. But before the introduction, teach your dog some signals so that they can easily interact with them.
  • If deaf dogs bark more then don’t behave ruthlessly with them because your actions can make them feel helpless and aggressive.


So, the phrase that deaf dogs sleep more is inaccurate because their sleep cycle stays the same as normal dogs. It’s just that they cant hear surrounding noises which makes them sleep better. Also, such dogs are older, then they might be suffering from other ailments, which makes them more tired and requires deep sleep to recover. As a deaf dog parent, you need to be sure about each and every activity in which they are engaged and understand whether they are feeling happy or not. Don’t try to mess up with them because this can cause a change in their behavior and can be troublesome for both.

If you are facing any trouble in teaching them, seek help from professionals, and they will help you to train them easily. Deaf dogs are just like normal dogs, so there will be no need for you to make any comparisons between the two!

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