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Do Hamsters Fart? Can a Fart Kill a Hamster?

Do Hamsters Fart

Farting is a way for hamsters to release gas built up during digestion. Flatulence is a process through which the gas passes out of the anal orifice from the digestive system. Farting is entirely normal in hamsters, and the gas buildup depends on the food you feed them. Some foods that increase their gas production are cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

In hamsters, gas builds up in different ways. Some of them swallow air, have digestive issues, and consume carbohydrates. Their digestive systems are very similar to humans since they are monogastric omnivorous animals.  

Hamsters can pass gas so silently that you cannot hear them(because of their tiny size), indicating they are in good health. On the other hand, a hamster who farts a lot indicates that something is amiss with its digestion. You can reduce their fart by feeding them moderately or consulting a vet.

Is it normal for hamsters to fart?

Yes, it is normal for hamsters to fart. During digestion, the stomach produces excess gas that has to be excreted naturally. Sudden change in their food can increase their farting. 

Hamsters are omnivorous rodents, and if they eat insects, this will decrease their farting due to the presence of hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide gas released by insects, which helps digestion. 

That is why there are so many insect-based foods on the market. 

Can a fart kill a hamster?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your fart could harm your pet hamster, the good news is that it’s unlikely. While there isn’t a study specifically on whether farts can kill hamsters, we do know that hamsters can handle a certain amount of gas, including flatulence.

Food that causes gas in hamsters

Farting in hamsters is strongly influenced by what they eat. They have a one-way digestive system; they can not burp, but they can fart. So giving foods that are toxic to your pet’s health is not a good idea. Fruits and vegetables can cause gas and should be avoided. Dairy products should be avoided, too, as they contain lactose which is bad for the stomach. It will only increase their farting. So, here is a list of food that you should avoid giving your pet:

  • Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage can cause an increase in flatulence because of the large amount of sulfur present in them.
  • Dairy products are high in lactose, and hamsters can not digest it, thus causing more farts.
  • Fruits like Apples, which contain high fructose content, can also cause them to produce more gas.
  • Grains are high in fiber and starch, which can also cause an increase in farting.
  • Sugar(natural sugar also)
  • Meat 

Instead of these foods, you can try substitutes that are beneficial for their health and do not cause farting. For example, you can give them berries instead of sugar, etc. A proper diet full of nutrients is perfect for your hamster’s health and digestive system. 

Do they smell when they fart?

Hamsters can fart though we can not smell it. They pass the gas in small amounts compared to other animals because of their tiny size. 

Foods within their diet can cause an increase in the smelliest fart to pass. For example, food high in protein like chicken and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage can cause the smelliest fart in your hamsters. In addition, foods high in organic sulfur also produce a lot of this gas during digestion, which ultimately has to be expelled.   

The reason why farts smell is that bacteria in the stomach break down the food particles in them. It is the mixture of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gasses that cause the smelliest fart. As a result, they release methane gasses. 

The amount of gas they pass is so small that even if the ratio of gasses shifted, the number of gasses passed would still be insignificant. Therefore, you may not smell your hamster’s fart. Just remember to give food that doesn’t affect the stomach. 

How often do hamsters fart per day?

Hamsters produce a lot of flatulence that needs to be passed. Generally, hamsters fart six times a day at the minimum, but it can vary widely depending on various factors. 

Pet hamsters eating plant-based foods will have more gas to pass and fart more frequently throughout the day. In addition, your hamster may fart more frequently if you have recently adjusted his diet or given him a new treat food.

Certain health problems can also increase the number of farts, but in rare cases. However, if you see your pet hamster’s health worsening, visit the vet for a checkup. 

Does a hamster make noise when it farts?

The hamster is a tiny rodent. Unlike other animals, it cannot produce much gas. Therefore, they do not produce any sound when they fart. A variety of factors determines the sound they produce. 

Factors affecting the loudness of hamster farts include:

  • One of the vital factors that influence how loud farts are is diet. Consequently, when a lot of gas is emitted simultaneously, a more prominent sound is heard than if a smaller amount was emitted.
  • A second factor is the amount of gas that leaves the hamster. Farts sound because of friction. So, the more friction present, the louder the fart.
  • Another factor that influences loudness, which differs from individual hamster to individual, is how tight the hamster’s anal sphincter muscles are.
  • The rectum is opened and closed by this group of muscles. The mechanism works when your hamster farts or defecates. In cases where these muscles do not function properly, the exit hole may become tighter, and your hamster will fart louder.

Do Hamsters burp, too?

Burping is the way to expel excess air from the upper digestive system. Hamsters have a one-way digestive system like other rodents. Therefore, they do not burp but fart instead. After eating, hamsters don’t burp due to a flap; that covers the stomach, but on their back end, there is nothing similar. 

Most rodents, including rats and hamsters, don’t have a gag reflex. They don’t vomit, which can sometimes be lethal to rodents. Avoid giving toxic food to your hamsters as they have a determined sense of smell and taste, and you may be unable to remove it by vomiting. 

There are some cases where their hamsters vomit, but the reason behind this is the hamsters release food from their cheek pouches rather than vomiting. So, hamsters are unable to burp, but they can easily fart. 

A bit about hamsters’ digestive system:

Hamsters are monogastric omnivorous animals, which means they can eat meat-based and plant-based sources. They have cheek pouches in their mouth to store food.

Hamsters have one chamber type of digestive system, unlike other animals (cows), which have four-chambered digestive tracts, making them very distinct from others. They have two stomachs- a forestomach and a granular stomach, both having gastric glands that secrete mucus which aids in digestion. If indigestion occurs, the hamster will stop eating the food until it passes. Then the consumed food enters the small intestine and then the large intestine.

In the small intestine, the food gets absorbed, and minerals, nutrients, and other substances are extracted. Then the food is transported to the large intestine. Between both intestines, there lies a sac-like structure called the caecum. It provides enzymes that allow the bacteria to break down food. From this, gas is produced, and your hamster farts.

You may have seen that your hamster is eating its poop because they require nutrients that might not be absorbed in the first pass. So this is how the hamster’s digestive system works.

Do other rodents pass gas?

Other rodents do pass gas, but not all of them. For example, rats and gerbils are known to fart. Even guinea pigs can fart, but unfortunately, they can’t burp. Mice can not pass the gas, so the gas buildup can kill them. 

What did we learn from all this?

Hamsters are the cutest, cuddliest, and fluffiest creatures. But they fart too, just like humans, which is normal. Farting is a natural byproduct of digestion.

Hamsters can fart, but we can hear it or smell it until there’s something wrong with their digestion. If you give them food that is bad for their health or feed them excessively, your hamster will fart more. Farting in hamsters is strongly influenced by what they eat. Fruits and vegetables should be given in moderation because they may cause farting. There are many insect-based foods on the market for hamsters to decrease their farting, and you can choose one. 

Hamsters are monogastric omnivorous, i.e., they can eat meat-based and plant-based sources.

You must feed your pet a proper healthy diet that does not cause gas. If you see excessive gas in hamsters, do visit the vet for a checkup. You should also provide your hamster with a healthy way to exercise which will keep them healthy. For that, you can go through our post on Flying Saucer vs Wheels for Hamster exercise.

We hope you get an idea of whether hamsters fart or not. We have also shared whether the hamster’s fart smell or their fart makes noise.

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