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Are Concrete Dog Bowls Safe?

are concrete dog bowls safe

You should avoid concrete dog bowls. Concrete bowls contain many harmful substances that you may not know. Also, concrete bowls are porous which may cause bacteria buildup over time and leech chemicals into the water.

There are many other material bowls available, which you can use to feed your dogs. And among them, stainless steel is the best material. If you want to make a concrete bowl for some time, this article has information that you’ll find helpful.

However, a concrete food station with a stainless steel dog food bowl on the inside is safe for dogs. It would keep the feeding station stationary and will not be harmful to your pet dog’s health.

Can I use cement and resin as materials for a dog food bowl?

Cement or resin bowls are heavy, and it’s not easy for your pet dog to play with the bowl. Both cement and resin, over time, produce harmful chemicals in reaction to dog food, especially raw meat. So, it’s harmful to your dog’s health. Apart from that, you know you can’t stop your pet from destroying things. So if the cement bowl falls onto their toes, it will cause severe damage. 

The best material for dog food is stainless steel. They are easy to clean, easy to use, and don’t react with dog food. You can use other materials too, which you can get on the market, but they are easily breakable and not scratch-proof.

So, if you want to use a cement bowl, the best solution is to fix a stainless steel bowl inside the concrete bowl. If possible, try to make it so that you can easily remove the stainless steel bowl and put it back again. Hence, it will be easily accessible.

The other problem with the concrete bowl is If it falls from a height at your dog’s feet. To solve this problem, keep that bowl on the ground. And if you need to, you can make a tall cement structure to hold the bowl. As a result, the bowl will not move and will not fall to the ground.

Why do some people search for cement or concrete dog food bowls?

There is nothing to be shocked about; you are not the only one who searches for things like this. Your adorable dogs don’t make things easier for you. So that’s why there are a few reasons people search for a cement bowl.

Dogs drag the bowl

Pet dogs are like cute adorable beasts. They like pulling anything that makes intriguing noises, no matter how large or minor they are. And their steel bowl comes at the top of the list. As your dogs know that the bowl belongs to them, they don’t hesitate to play with it. So, if your dog drags the food bowl then a concrete food bowl is a good idea.

They move the bowl while eating

When dogs eat in a bowl, they need a proper holder to keep it fixed. Suppose the bowl is not heavy or doesn’t have a bowl stand, then the bowl moves while eating. It is problematic for your pet to eat their food as it’s constantly moving with every stroke of their tongue. Another reason is they like eating their food in their private space. So the dogs move the bowl and spill it all over the carpet.

Dogs sometimes turn the bowl over

Sometimes dogs are picky eaters. They don’t like eating the same food every day. So they found their way, to tell you that, by turning over the bowl and spilling the food all over your floor. Sometimes it’s exciting for them to eat differently. And eating food from the floor is not good.

They chew the bowl

Sinking their teeth in everything is like a hobby to them. Don’t worry. Your leg is not a part of it. The dogs chew for fun and to relieve their anxiety. But they quickly get bored of things like chewing bones or sticks and look for something interesting. And their bowl is one of the many things they like to chew if it’s light in weight.

How deep should a dog bowl be?

The size of your dog determines it. But on average, the food bowl should be 2 inches- 4 inches in depth, which can contain approximately 200 grams to 500 grams of dog food. The water bowl should be 1.5 inches – 3 inches in depth which can hold around 300ml of water. Again, you know your dogs; you will understand which size of bowls are perfect for them.

cement food bowl for dogs with an elevated stand
cement food bowl for dogs with an elevated stand

Here is a picture of a cement dog food bowl on Etsy with a stand. This one is a nice food station if your dog drags or topples the food bowl while eating.

What other materials food bowls can you consider for your dog? 

Well, you know that canines are not easy to handle. Their inner puppy will keep on breaking things. Still, if you want other options for bowls, then you can use Ceramic, grass, aluminum, or plastic.

Can you build your concrete dog bowl?

The answer to this question is yes. You can build a concrete dog bowl. But it is a bit messy. So, To make this, you need some materials and ingredients:

  • Concrete mix 
  • 2 stainless steel bowls of different sizes 
  • Oil spray or cooking spray
  • 2 big sheets of plastic
  • A big bucket to mix the ingredients

Step 1 Pour the concrete mixture into the large bucket. Then add water into the mixture until it’s in the proper texture, don’t make it too liquidy. Finally, mix it thoroughly to remove all the air bubbles from the concrete mixture.

Step 2 Spray oil or cooking spray onto the inside and outside of the bowls.

Step 3 Put a plastic sheet evenly inside the big bowl and another plastic sheet outside the small bowl. It will keep your bowl from damage.

Step 4 Now comes the tricky part. Pour the concrete mixture into the big bowl halfway through. After that, gently press the small bowl into the big bowl, and the concrete will expand on the side. Then place a heavy object inside the small bowl so that it won’t move. Let it dry for a day.

Step 5 Finally and thankfully, the last step the following day, gently remove the bowl from the mold.

DIY Concrete Dog Feeding Station

There are a lot more videos on YouTube that could help you build a concrete dog feeding station. Just make sure a few things

  • The dog food station shouldn’t have sharp edges
  • It should be stable so that it doesn’t fall on your dog’s paws.
  • The size of the food bowl should be according to the size of the dog.
  • Also, the food bowl shouldn’t be too high so that your pup or dog can reach it easily.

What we learned from all this

It’s not impossible to feed your dogs in a concrete bowl. You can easily make a concrete bowl as it’s a bit hard to find one in the stores. Also, a concrete dog food station with removable stainless steel bowls is a good choice for feeding your dogs.

You know what’s best for your dogs. Always buy the appropriate size bowl for your dogs. If the bowl is too big or too small, it will be difficult for them to feed. And the bowl material depends on how naughty your dogs are. So, no matter how naughty they are, they will always be your good dog. Therefore take care of them and their health.

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