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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Fruits are among the most nutritious additions to a diet. One can have it and get almost all the nutrients. But when it is about dogs, we need to be sure whether these are safe for them or not. For example, if we discuss the banana, it is among the fleshy and sugar-rich fruits that have some vital minerals and nutrients.

Well, if you are confused about whether these can be added to a dog’s diet or not, just have a look at the aspects we are discussing below for a better understanding.

 Is Banana Safe For Dogs?

Banana is a low-calorie diet and is a safe option for dogs in moderation. These are enriched with biotin, vitamins, potassium, fiber, and copper. Also, these are low in sodium and cholesterol, which leads to good heart health and an overall immune system. But understand that due to the high sugar content, one cannot feed a dog with bananas in high quantities. Making it the main part of their diet can be troublesome and lead to some health-related issues too.

Benefits Of Feeding Bananas To Dogs:

Some benefits of feeding your dog with bananas are as follows:-

  • Bananas are high in fiber, which relieves gastrointestinal issues.
  • Bananas are high in magnesium, which promotes bone health.
  • The presence of Vitamin C in bananas is helpful in repairing all the body tissues and contributes to overall development.
  • Bananas are high in copper, which is essential in building up an immunity system.
  • The presence of biotin in bananas is helpful in maintaining fur texture and hair and nail growth.
  • Bananas are low in sodium, hence they will not cause blood pressure fluctuations.

Bananas Nutrition Facts 

Nutrition Values as per (100 grams)
Calories 89
Protein1.1 grams
Carbs22.8 grams
Sugar  12.2 grams
Fiber  2.6 grams
Fat0.3 grams

How Much Banana Can You Feed To Dogs?

Well, when it comes to feeding a dog with a banana, adapt to the “thumb rule.” The thumb rule indicates that large dogs can have 12 bananas a day, whereas small dogs can have only 2-3 small pieces in a day.

Additionally, do have a word with the veterinary doctor to understand whether the dog breed you have is susceptible to banns or not. If they are susceptible, figure out how much you can give them.

How Do You Feed A Banana To A Dog?

When feeding bananas to dogs, certain tips are essential to keep in mind. The basic tips will be helpful to know about how to feed a dog with a banana. These are as follows:

  • Remove the banana peels it is not safe for your dog , as well as the strings , which are scientifically known as phloem bundles.
  • Remove the banana peels,as they are not safe for your dog, as well as the strings, which are scientifically known as phloem bundles..
  • Cut the banana into small slices.
  • Mesh bananas properly.
  • Make sure not to leave the meshed bananas in open surroundings for longer durations as they will turn out to be slightly black, which indicate contamination.
  • Mix mashed bananas with dog food.
  • Freeze the banana and when you feed it to the dogs, peel it and slice it.
  • A banana shake can also be a good option for dogs, but not one of high quality. Also, be sure whether your dog is fond of having milk or not.

Side Effects Of A Dog Consuming Too Much Banana

Well, if your dog had consumed too much banana, they may have experienced an upset stomach and let your dog poop, which indicates constipation. Also, be sure of the banana peels as these can lead to blockages in consumption, and, in this case, immediate vet help is required.


Bananas are a safe option for dogs, but in moderation only. Giving too much banana can lead to an upset stomach. Also, do have a conversation with the vet to know whether the dog breed you have can have a banana on their plate or not. If the vet refuses to do it, don’t add it as a treat to their diet.

If you are searching for more food options then take a look at our post about what fruits can dogs eat?

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