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How to Get Hair Dye out Of Dog Fur?

How to Get Hair Dye out Of Dog Fur

If your dog got hair dye in his fur and is now dirty, we can help you remove the hair dye from his coat.

Do you know washing the fur or, say, the stained area with dog-safe shampoo will help you? First, you need to scrub the particular area to get the dye out of the fur. After a few minutes, you will see there is no dye, or the stain has turned light. If the stain becomes lighter, then a few more washes will remove the stain completely.

Let’s get started!

How to get hair dye out of dog fur?

Getting hair dye out of dog fur is a simple process that requires a few steps. To avoid skin problems, make sure to only use dog-safe products.

Step-By-Step Guide for Removing Dog Hair Dye:

Step 1: Purchase a dog-safe shampoo or seek advice from your veterinarian. Soap the dog thoroughly after obtaining the shampoo.

Step 2: Gently scrub the area where dye spots are present. 

Step 2: Rinse the dyed suds out of the dog’s hair. After rinsing, make sure there is no soap left. If there is too much soap, it causes itchiness and irritation. It can also cause hair loss in some cases.

The hair dye may not be completely removed in a single wash. If this is the case, repeat the process over a few days.

Note: Make sure your dog is not allergic to soap or shampoo. And be gentle in scrubbing the dye spots.

Is it safe to use hair dye for dogs?

Any product meant for humans is not safe for dogs. If you think of using hair dye on your dog, drop the idea immediately. However, there are now some dog-friendly hair dye options to consider. Also, consult with your veterinarian before using hair dye.

Is it safe to dye dog hair permanently?

There are a few dog-safe dye products, and the manufacturers claim these dyes are safe. But it all depends on your dog and its breed. If it is sensitive, we recommend that you avoid using hair dye and instead enjoy your pet’s natural color.

Things to consider while removing hair dye from a canine:

Don’t scrub the dog too hard

Scrubbing the dog with soap will not help you remove the dye and may even irritate their skin. Washing them in multiple sessions is preferable to ensure their coat is thoroughly cleaned. This will also help you determine whether the soap or shampoo is safe.

Don’t use peroxide or other human-based hair dye removal methods.

Animals should not be dyed or bleached in any way. Do you know that if hydrogen peroxide gets into a dog’s eyes, it can cause burns and even blindness?

Make sure hair dye doesn’t get in the dog’s eyes or mouth

It is best to use non-toxic hair dyes on a dog because ingesting a small amount of the dye can be harmful. 

Don’t use dog hair dye on dogs with sensitive skin.

If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, try not to use hair dyes. If the product causes an adverse reaction like dryness, swelling, or itchiness that leads to intense scratching and redness, try a different brand of dyes instead.

What did we learn from all this?

One can remove hair dye from a dog’s fur, but it might take a few sessions for the color to fade completely. Use dog-safe shampoo or soap, and your dog will soon return to its natural color. 

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