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Why Does My Dog Rub Against Me Like A Cat?

why does my dog rub against me like a cat

Happiness comes to us in many forms, and so it is for dog owners. Well, if you have a canine friend, you might get amazed by his behavior. It is completely normal for dogs to showcase different behaviors. However, some of their actions may make you wonder. Like, you may think, why does the dog keep rubbing against me? 

We will disclose some relatable aspects considering this behavior of dogs. Let’s get started!

Why Does Your Dog Rub Against You Like A Cat?

Let’s understand the common condition that makes a dog rub against you like a cat:-

They are showing love

Rubbing against you is the move dogs take to show love. Maybe they have met you after so many hours and were missing you. When you come back, they start rubbing them against you. This gives them the satisfaction that you are near them.

They need attention

If you are not paying attention to your dog, they will get annoyed and look out for methods that can get your attention. They start rubbing them against you so that they can stay near you and get noticed. 

They are in need of something

When your dog needs something, they do some moves to let you know about it. Sometimes you notice that they keep looking at you or start rubbing themselves against you. It is now up to you to determine how you will understand and treat them.

Separation anxiety is triggering them

Separation anxiety is worse for dogs. Do not let them experience it. If they have any thoughts of separation in their head, they will try to spend some more time with you. You can even notice it by their moves. Rubbing against you is one of the common signs of it.

Something made him so happy

If your dog is in an excited state, they want everyone to know about it. As you are their master, they will try to make you analyze it. They will rub themselves against you so that you can stay close to them and understand that they are happy.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies, especially rashes, make the dogs rub against you. Sometimes you notice that they are rubbing themselves against the corner of the table or the doors as well. If your dog is rubbing the same part of his body to objects, you need to take them to the doctor immediately for medication.

Health condition is not good

If your canine friend is suffering from any health condition and you have not paid attention to it, they will try to rub themselves against you. You need to know that your dog is doing fine; otherwise, they will show it by their moves.

They are being protective

Dogs are very protective of their masters. For example, if they sense any sort of fear in their surroundings, they will stay near you and start rubbing themselves against you. This not only serves as a signal to the other person in the room, but it also informs you of the same.

They are being obedient

Dogs are very obedient and are showing it by this habit. Just do take notice of what they are doing because their body language will help you find the reasons behind it.

They feel safe around you

If your company feels safe to them, they will not like to escape the surroundings at all. To stay close to you, they will adapt to behaviors such as nibbling on pillows, rubbing against you like a cat, engaging in inappropriate activities, and so on.

They are spreading their scent

Dogs do spread their scent wherever they go. When they get in touch with you, they leave their scent on you, and it acts as a tag for them for identification.

They want to observe you

If you have just started interacting with your dog, they are probably trying to observe you. When a dog observes its master, he starts rubbing themselves against them so that they can learn the scent that belongs to you and leave their scent on you.

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

Some dog breeds, like Basenji, Greyhound, Papillon, Shiba Inu, and some more, are just like cats. You can say they possess some characteristics that make them resemble them. If you have any such breed, the behavior is quite normal to observe. But if you don’t have a breed that is like cats, then it is probably because of feline-canine cohabitation, or say friendship.

Additionally, dogs mimic the behavior of others (any animal they are spending time with, like cats, dogs, or any other species), so it is quite common for you to experience it. Some emotional turmoil may also let them behave like it, so do pay attention to what is happening and understand the best solutions for fixing it out.

Feline, canine cohabitation: As we all know, dogs and cats cannot stand each other, but when they are living together peacefully and happily, it is considered feline, canine cohabitation. So, it’s possible that your dog learned this habit of rubbing from your pet cat.

Is it bad when your dog rubs against you like a cat?

There is nothing wrong with a dog rubbing against you like a cat until and unless you are not feeling irritated and they are not harming you either. Every living species uses different moves to show affection and other emotional and mental states. Likewise, dogs adopt the same.

But if it is frequently happening, for example, 3 to 4 times a day, it is a matter of concern. Maybe they are suffering from an injury or other problem and want you to pay attention to them. Be sure to check them out and then reach a conclusion.

Additionally, they rub themselves against you to put their smell on you. For them, it acts as a tag to identify you in the crowd as well. So, don’t worry and never consider this behavior of a dog inappropriate. However, if they try to do it in front of everyone, you must modify the measure to prevent them from doing so.

What to do about your dog’s rubbing against you?

Well, some measures are there that will help you get rid of this behavior in your dog. Let’s have a look at them:

Give them attention

Maybe your dog feels you are not paying attention to him, and that’s why he is behaving so. In this case, try to give him all your attention. This will make them feel comfortable, and, in return, they will stop rubbing them against you.

Do not encourage this behavior

If you previously encouraged this behavior in your dog, they may have become accustomed to it and desire it again. Try not to encourage this behavior because it will become a habit for them and annoying for you.

Check them out for injury

Maybe your dog has an injury and wants you to pay attention to it. Check them out and analyze whether they are fine or not. If you find any rash on their body, do approach their doctor immediately or give the medicine as prescribed by them.

Train your dog to not do it

Training creates a big role. Be sure to train your dog for it. If your dog tries to do it again and again, it means they’ve become accustomed to it. Thus, it is important to pay attention to it, and in this case, training will help you out.

Spend more time with them

As we have mentioned above, they might be doing it due to separation anxiety. Henceforth, give attention to them. Try to spend some more time with them and analyze whether they engage in the same activity again or not.

Handle the situation calmly

If you try to treat your dog with anger in this situation, they will start behaving annoyingly and engage in the same behavior again. Instead of doing so, handle the situation calmly. You can deviate them from this behavior and engage in some other activities too.

Tip: If you feel like your dog is enjoying rubbing itself against you, let them do it until it doesn’t irritate you. Some moves are there that the dog takes to express joy, love, and care.

Frequently Asked Questions about why your dog rubs against you like a cat

  1. What else happened when your dog first started rubbing against you?

    When your dog first started rubbing against you, it was probably because they needed attention or to show love to you. In most cases, due to separation anxiety, this behavior is common in dogs. If this had happened for the first time in the past few years, maybe they were in need of something. It is important to understand the cause behind it so that you can stop your dog from doing it again.

  2. What is different when it does it?

    When your dog rubs against you like a cat, maybe it appears to be different to you, and you start to find out the reason behind the same. Well, there are a lot of reasons for it. Sometimes it is due to affection, and sometimes it is because they are in need of something. You just need to understand your dog’s body language so that figuring out about the same can be easy.

  3. How do you tell if your dog loves you?

    Well, love needs no language, but your dog does express it with different moves. Some moves adapted by dogs to show love include:
    > Playing with you
    > Following you around
    > Wagging their tails
    > Licking you
    > Rubs up against you
    > Sitting on you
    > Relying on you

  4. How does a dog show affection?

    There are different ways dogs adapt to showing affection. They do it mostly with their body language and actions. Sometimes you will notice they keep looking up at you and have no clue how long it’s been. Most importantly, do have a look at their facial expressions, as these say a lot about their mood. If you are getting a good vibe from them, they are happy. Otherwise, something is troubling them.

  5. How do you read a dog’s body language?

    If you try to read your dog’s body language, there are certain things to keep in mind. These are as follows:
    Facial expressions
    Facial expressions convey a lot about your dog’s mood. If they are feeling happy, you will see their happy faces, and they will start jumping here and there. But if your dog is feeling low or sad, they will not like to engage in anything, and their faces say it all.
    Tail wagging
    Tail wagging is among the most obvious body language signals adopted by dogs. Some people consider this a sign of happiness. But this is a myth. Dogs wag their tails for different reasons. Sometimes they are emotionally aroused, and sometimes they are frustrated. It is important to pay attention to other signs as well so that you can conclude the reason behind their behavior.
    Dogs’ standing and sitting postures say a lot about their mood. If your dog is happy, they appear to be the same and start roaming here and there. Sometimes you will see they have started leaning on you. But if they are not happy, they will lie down somewhere in the house and will not interfere with the things happening around them.

The takeaway from all this

The behavior of dogs rubbing against you like cats is a common one, and there is nothing for you to worry about. But if it is frequently happening, you may feel annoyed and try to train them to do the same. By teaching good manners and habits to your dog, you can keep them away from such things. Also, you can visit a dog training center available to help them learn such things. But if it happens often, pay attention and understand why your dog is doing so!

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