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Why Does Your Husky Pee In The House? How To Stop This Habit?

husky keeps peeing in the house

Having a protective friend is a blessing, and likewise, if you have a husky with you, then you are fortunate. The Husky is among those dog breeds that are quite protective of their master and have the capability to protect you from almost all the dangers. But unfortunately, some of their habits will annoy you. You have probably got it. If not, then let us disclose. We discuss the habit that the Husky keeps peeing in the house

Some people often complain about the Husky’s behavior of peeing here and there in the house. If you have the same problem, now is the time to figure out what is causing it and take steps to correct it. Continue reading because this article is entirely focused on the same!

Reasons for my Husky’s incessant peeing in the house

There are so many reasons why the Husky keeps peeing in the house. Some of them are discussed below:

Excited-state let them pee around the house

The excited state is among the most common for huskies. When they are excited, they lose control over their bladder and pee anywhere in the house. If they are young, it is completely normal, but if they are an adult, you need to take action against the same.

(In general, one can understand it like the adult and puppy situation. When they are young, Huskies have no control over their bladder, so they pee everywhere. But when they become adults, it can happen due to medical issues or submissive urination.)

There is a lack of training

Training is an important part of a dog’s lifestyle. When you have a husky, be sure to train them well. If they are young, you have the opportunity to train them according to your preferences. But if they grow up, then it will become quite problematic. For example, train them to go outside to pee since the day you brought them home. If you are not adopting this habit soon, eventually, they will pee inside the house.

Dealing with some health issues

Health issues are prevalent in dogs. For example, some health conditions will cause your dog to pee inside, and you may not even be able to notice the same. Among all of these conditions, stress can be a contributing factor. In this case, you need to spend some more time with your dog so that they will feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence, and they can come out of the same state as well.

Their age is affecting their habits

When your Husky is growing old, they will reach a state where they cannot control their bladder and will get used to peeing inside. In this case, approaching the veterinary doctor will be the only solution available to you. At younger ages, it is common, and, as we have discussed, they are not in a state to control their bladder, but you still need to pay attention to their training sessions.

Stress is affecting them and their habits

Stress is common with dogs, and due to this, they engage in certain activities that are not acceptable. Sometimes, they cannot distinguish between good and bad that is why they keep peeing inside instead of understanding that it is a bad habit.

Temperature fluctuations (weather change)

Fluctuating temperatures or, say, weather changes bring a lot of changes to a dog’s body. Husky bodies recognize the cold outside and direct the blood away from their skin. Instead, it reaches other vital organs, including the lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys. Moments later, they get a trigger to pee. If they are not in the state to wake you up, they will pee anywhere in the house.

They are feeling anxious

When your Husky is feeling anxious, they will engage in all such activities that appear irritating to you. In this case, you need to pay attention to why this is happening. For example, this may be happening due to a sudden change in the surroundings, or they may feel scared.

Separation anxiety may cause your husky to pee inside house

Separation can cause your dog to go to any length. Sometimes you notice them moving here and there in the house, and sometimes they keep peeing. In most cases, they don’t even listen to your command. Well, if this is happening, this is high time you need to understand that they are feeling alone. So spend some time with them to make them feel happy and relaxed.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is quite common in huskies. With increasing age, this is common and sudden changes happening in their bodies let them be in such a state. The hormonal change affects every organ in their bodies.

Submissive urination

Submissive urination is the condition when another dog approaches them. Well, this is their way of communicating with each other. The message they are conveying to each other is that the other dog is not threatening them in any case. By paying close attention to your husky body language, you will be able to analyze it.

Becoming part of Urine marking

Urine marking is an activity in which they leave their scent here and there. They are marking their territory. If there is any other dog in the house, they convey their dominance by marking their territory.

Shifted to new surroundings

If you have just shifted to new surroundings, your husky will take some time to adjust. This is normal in such cases, and there is nothing to get tense about.

Factors that may cause your husky to pee in the house

Several other factors can help you determine the exact cause of this behavior in your husky. These are as follows:

Day to day activities they are engaging in

Pay attention to the activities in which your dog (husky) is engaged. Sometimes, he may get into a company where he starts noticing such things. Don’t forget, dogs love to mimic the behavior of other dogs they observe in their surroundings. Therefore, analyze with whom he spends most of his time to determine the possible cause.

Events happening around them

Dogs are also very sensitive, so be sure about their surroundings too. Certain things occur in their surroundings, which put them in a sort of dilemma, or rather, in a state where they cannot distinguish between good and bad. For example, if they are in a harsh environment, they will be impacted and react accordingly. Sometimes they even stop responding and just go with the flow.

Notice their body language

As a canine friend, you might also be aware of their body language. Dogs do tell you about their mood through their body language. It would help if you were sure what they were doing. Sometimes they are excited and start wagging their tail, or sometimes they are sad that they are alone in one corner of the house and will not get to anything happening.

Measures to adapt to stop the Husky peeing inside the house

Specific measures will help you stop them from peeing inside the house. These are as follows:

Training your husky

Training is essential for dogs. You cannot let them be free in their surroundings. Try to spend some quality time with your dog and let them know the difference between good and bad. During the training session, train them to go outside whenever they need peeing. When they understand the same, they will behave accordingly. It may appear to be a time-consuming process, but it will be worthwhile and help your husky learn this habit as well.

Don’t yell at them

Don’t yell at them if you notice them peeing in the house. Yelling will make them feel annoyed, and they will do it again. Handle the situation calmly. Sometimes yelling at them will make them feel alone, which acts as a trigger for them to pee in the house. You know, this habit of theirs probably makes you feel annoyed, but you have to control yourself to train the best.

Take him outside

When your dog has just joined the new surroundings, training them to pee outside is integral. Make sure to take them outside in the morning and evening. If possible, you can also take them outside at noontime.

Tip: if you are at work and don’t want your house to smell bad, occupy a particular place where they can pee. Then, train them to use it in your absence. If you have not paid attention to it, unfortunately, you have to invest time in cleaning your house after work.

Approach the veterinary doctor

Contact the veterinary doctor if you are sensing something unusual and your dog is not responding to the training sessions. For example, maybe there is some health issue due to which they are not going outside to pee and not responding to training sessions either. The doctor will run all necessary tests to determine the condition and advise you on how to deal with it.

Prepare a routine for them

When you prepare a routine for your dog, it will make them psychologically strong, and they will also adopt it. This routine must be comprised of all the critical events of the day, from waking up to sleeping. In the same routine, do fix a time when you will take them outside to explore the surroundings and pee.

Spend some more time with your dog

Lastly, be sure to spend some quality time with your dog. This will help you to know their wants and needs too. Huskies get used to the company very quickly, which will help you train them efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Husky peeing in the house

  1. Why does my husky keep peeing?

    So many reasons are behind the habit of your husky keeps peeing. First, they probably have the habit of peeing a lot or consuming a lot of water. High water consumption is not harmful to them, but it will lead to excess peeing. Also, if the weather changes, they will eventually pee more.

  2. Why does my husky pee on everything?

    If your Husky is peeing on everything, they are basically enacting the urine-marking process. It is the process in which they leave their scent by peeing on things. There are so many reasons why they do so, including anxiety, medical problems, separation anxiety, training is not helping them out, wanting to mark their territory, and so on. If you wish to stop him from doing so, adequately train them. You can also visit a dog training center nearby.

  3. How to stop your Husky peeing when excited?

    The first thing you need to do is analyze why they are peeing. Then, you need to train them if they are doing so due to excitement. Along with that, some extra tips are there that you can adapt to. These are as follows:
    > Please encourage them to go outside to pee rather than inside.
    > Train your husky to be in a normal state when they are excited. This will bring about a slight change in their behavior.
    > Get some toys or treats available as distractions for them.
    > If your dog is excited, try to avoid him. It may appear very rude, but it can help you fix this problem.

  4. Why does my husky pee when excited or scared?

    Huskies pee for a variety of reasons when they are excited or scared. If you have a puppy, then simply put, they are not in the state of controlling their bladder. But if you have the adult one, this can be due to submissive urination or a medical issue.

  5. Why is my Husky still peeing in the house? (Even after training)

    If your Husky is peeing in the house even after training, they are probably victims of some medical condition. It is not uncommon for them to have bladder issues, which cause them to lose control and pee wherever they are. In this case, you need to approach the veterinary doctor for treatment.

  6. Are huskies hard to potty train?

    Potty training in huskies is a simple procedure. But you need to be sure of a constant routine. If the routine is not consistent, they will not get used to it.

  7. Does vinegar stop dogs from peeing in the house?

    The vinegar smell is quite irritating, and dogs can easily sense it in the surroundings. If your dog has the habit of peeing on carpets or anywhere in the house, spray it with water. This will act as a repellent to them, and they will look out for other areas to pee.

  8. How often do Huskies pee?

    Huskies pee at least three to five times a day. The average urine they produce is 10 to 20 ml for each pound of their body weight. Accordingly, you can decide about it and set their pee schedule.

  9. At what age should a husky be potty trained?

    When your Husky is eight weeks old, you can start their potty training because if they reach maturity, it will be difficult for you to train them for such good habits.

  10. Can you crate train a Husky?

    Crate training is one of the best options for huskies. Make sure that you have a large crate available that is big enough for them. Also, occupy it with some distractions, including some chewable and toys, with which they can spend time and will not litter here and there.


Husky keeps peeing in the house, which is normal to some extent and can be corrected with some training. But if it is frequently happening, it is a major concern. If your dog appears to be sick, don’t wait to reach out to the veterinary doctor. He will diagnose him and come up with all the possible causes behind such behavior. Also, try to train him on your own because if you don’t, they’ll become accustomed to it and won’t respond to your command to stop peeing in the house.

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