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Why Does My Dog Only Listen To Me? & Ignore Others

why does my dog only listen to me

Dogs have a different nature, and sometimes they let us feel astonished by it. Likewise, the way they respond to their master is different. We all know that dogs are among the most faithful animals, and they always obey the commands given to them by their master. Well, you might have wondered why my dog only listens to me and never responds to others in the same way. If so, keep reading. Here we will help you to understand the major reasons behind this behavior of your dog. Let’s get started!

Reasons behind your dog’s only listening to you when you speak

Possible reasons behind your dog’s only listening to you are as follows:-

You are the only one who trains them

Dogs easily get attached to the person who trains them. If you are the only one who trains them and helps them learn new things from the first day, they will not like to interact with someone else at all. In general, dogs develop a zone with their ones and do not like someone else to interfere in the same.

Other family members do not engage in training sessions with them

Not everyone (in your family) is a pet lover, and this is the reason they never try to interact with them. The same applies when they never try to engage with dogs and train them. If your family members are maintaining distance with dogs, likely your dog will not feel attracted towards them and do not respond to what they are saying.

Your dog loves you a lot

Dogs are among the most lovable creatures, and after having one, you will fall in love with them. The same is the case with dogs. They fall in love with their owners and respond differently to them as compared to others.

Your dog feels afraid of other people in its surroundings

Dogs do feel afraid, and sometimes as a dog owner too, you just can’t get it. If you feel like your dog only responds to you and never responds to others, it is likely they are afraid of them. They do not get positive vibes from them and do not like to respond at all.

You help them to explore and observe

The one who helps the dog explore and observe things is their true companion. Dogs like to respond to people who help them to know the things that actually exist in their surroundings. For example, you and your dog enter a new location and tell them about the things that exist. This made your dog feel more connected to you.

You take care of them

When we take care of someone, it makes them feel more devoted towards us, and they will obey our commands, orders, and requests too. Likewise, if we take care of our dogs, they will feel more concerned about us and will create a zone where we occupy a place. Whenever we speak, they will have a look at us and respond accordingly.

Other family members do not pay attention to them

Likewise, for humans, it is important to respond to whatever the dog is saying. If we do not listen to them, they will feel disobeyed and will not have a good image of us. If other family members do the same with them, then it is likely the dog will not listen to them when they speak.

Your dog is not getting good vibes from them

Dogs have good sensing powers, and they can easily sense the vibe they are getting from the other person. If they are not getting a good vibe from another person, they will not likely interact with them, and responding to them is impossible.

Your dog only trusts you

When we trust someone, we always respond to them in a positive way. The same is with dogs. They trust their owner and cannot put anyone else above them. It is impossible for dogs to trust someone immediately. So, yes, it is natural that they are not responding to others as they do to you.

Note: It is a natural response of dogs towards their master. If your dog is not responding to others while they speak, do not worry. With time, they will probably develop a bond with others and start responding to them too!

What if your dog has always only listened to you?

If your dog is only listening to you, there may be some reasons why they are refraining from listening to others. Sometimes it happens that we are not aware of things that have happened to them in our absence. But unfortunately, it has a major impact on the dog’s mindset. Some possible reasons for not listening to them include:

  • Past abuse
  • Not paying attention to them
  • Scolding them
  • Do not have a good vibe

Note: Some dog breeds are there that are only restricted to their owners, like Rottweiler, and engaging with some other people, especially strangers, seems to be impossible for themSo, before reaching any conclusion, do know about the dog breed you have in detail.

What is different when your dog does listen to other people?

When your dog is listening to other people, there are certain reasons for the same. These are as follows:

They are trying to train your dog

If the other person in the room is helping the dog to learn new things by any means (playing, reading, listening, singing, or dancing), it is likely that your dog will feel like getting trained under them. When they have such a feeling, they start responding to what they are saying.

Your dog likes their vibe

As we have mentioned, every person has a vibe, and dogs have the habit of sensing the same. If your dog feels safe with another person nearby, they will start responding to them. No matter what they say, their vibe lets your dog respect them and respond to their command or request.

They are being kind to your dog

Kindness attracts others, and the same is with dogs. If the other person is being kind to them and treating them with love and care, it is likely your dog will develop a bond with them and start responding to them. It is a natural behavior of dogs. But if the opposite is happening, dogs will start behaving aggressively.

They are paying attention to your dog in your absence

If you left your dog with someone while you were away, they had a better chance of developing a bond with you. For example, if the other person is listening to them in your absence and feeding them, this will be helpful in developing a good bond.

They are helping your dog explore the surroundings

Lastly, if the other person is helping your dog in any way, this will make them more empathetic towards them, and they will start listening to them.

Advantages & Disadvantages When Your Dog Only Listens To You

There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with this behavior of dogs. These are as follows:


  • They will obey all your commands.
  • It helps them behave appropriately.
  • They will not go with strangers.
  • They will stop immediately if you command them to stop while doing something.


  • They become disobedient to others.
  • They may get aggressive towards others.
  • Others feel annoyed by this dog’s behavior.
  • They may create a nuisance in their surroundings and will not stop even with strict instructions.

Tips for adapting to training your dog to listen to others

The below-mentioned tips are the best to adapt if you want to train your dog to listen to others. These are:-

Be available with another person to train them

During the training sessions of dogs, be available to other people too. In your absence, try to spend time with them and let them engage in new things in your absence. In your presence, too, take a break so that the other person can take hold of the training session.

Be ready to reward them whenever they listen to others

If your dog listens to others, reward him for this response. The reward can be anything, like their favorite meal, any toy, or a walk to their favorite park too.

Do not encourage their behavior if they do not respond to others:

If your dog does not respond to others, try to avoid them and do not encourage this behavior. If you encourage them not to respond, they will get used to it and do it again.

Be social with your dog

Socialize with your dog as much as you can. The more you socialize with them, the more they get used to adjusting to others. When a dog learns to adjust, the art of obeying comes naturally to them, and they will start listening to others.

Let your dog play with others

Don’t be someone who is clingy with dogs. Set your dog free and let him play with others. If he is only staying with you, then he will not be able to learn new things and be confined to you alone.

Let others feed your dog

When someone starts to feed your dog, they will develop a bond with them. This bond will let your dog listen to them too.

The takeaway from all this

Dogs are the best companions to have and, no doubt, they are among the faithful ones too. If your dog is only responding to you, there is nothing to worry about. Some basic measures that are there are helpful for you in training them to listen to others. If, even after training, they are not ready to listen to others, then the same is an inherited trait, and nothing can change it. But do remember that consistency is key, so be consistent with your dog’s training sessions!

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