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Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells

Suppose you broke the eggs for making the omelet, and your rowdy pet eats the eggshells. Now, what will you do? Is it safe for your pet? Can Dogs eat eggshells? The answer is Yes. They can
eat eggshells due to the presence of calcium, vitamin, and other nutrients, which is good to keep your pet healthy if given keeping certain things in mind.

can dogs eat Egg Shells safely
Egg Shells

The eggshell contains Calcium Vitamin & Minerals Such as:

  • Strontium
  • Fluoride
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium

Dogs Should Be Fed With Raw Egg Shells Or Cooked Egg Shells?

Shells of Cooked eggs are safer for your pet than raw ones. Raw eggs shells carry health risks because of which your pet’s life can be put at risk. However, the shells should not be cooked with other foods unless you are completely sure that those foods are safe for your dog to eat. Some mixture of spices that we use to make our food can be very harmful to dogs, and foods full of oil and salt can make your dog overweight in the long run, which can lead to bloating also. Consequently, this would mean pushing your pet towards death.

What If Your Dog Eats Raw Eggshells?

Raw Eggshells would not create any problem if given carefully and sporadically. A dog should not eat more than 2-3 eggs per week. Raw eggs can be a little hard for your dog to digest but are a good source of nutrients and proteins. If your dog ate raw eggshells and feel sick afterward, you should immediately rush to the veterinarian to avoid the risk of gastroenteritis.

Some dogs may experience vitamin deficiency because of raw eggs, which can lead to various skin problems that, in severe cases, can lead to bald spots in the hair because of excessive scratching. Raw eggshells include different bacteria which are removed when cooked, but if given uncooked, it leads to various diseases in the long run.

Special Care For These Two


Puppies contain weak bones in the starting which has to be nurtured with a properly balanced diet containing calcium. When puppies are fed with too many eggshells as a source of calcium, they
can develop several health issues. This means that a puppy may develop defective bone formations or bones that look like malnutritional ones. If we consult a vet for the care and balanced diet for our dog, it is also necessary to take care of a puppy in a similar manner as it may carry issues born during their growth for the rest of his life. If your own a puppy and are not aware of the right diet, do not take a risk and make sure to consult your vet or an animal’s nutritionist.

Pregnant Dogs

The Gestation period in female dogs normally ranges from 57-63 days. The birthing process of pregnant dogs is called whelping. So, it is important that she should be given special care in those days, the same as given to females in their pregnancy period. A pregnant dog also experiences changes in hormones, weight, appetite, and behavior – just like humans. Pregnancy is a delicate period in the life of female dogs, and we should be paying special attention to their diet at this time. If a female dog eats eggshells very often during pregnancy, the level of calcium in her blood may reach higher levels. If the level of calcium drops too low very quickly, the dog develops a condition called eclampsia.

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