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What to Do if Shampoo Gets in Your Dog’s Eye?

What to do if shampoo gets in your dog’s eye

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and this is the statement we have listened to for a very long time. Here we are discussing this statement concerning your favorite pets. Undoubtedly, we always want our pets to be neat and clean.

We never want them to be unhygienic. To maintain hygiene, we wash and shampoo them. As we know, shampoo is helpful to keep them clean and prevent germ attacks too. Also, this lets them smell nice throughout the day. 

But sometimes it happens that shampoo gets in your dog’s eye and causes them to face some other problems. 

Well, if the shampoo gets in your dog’s eye, rinse it with water right away and if you notice any redness or any problem like watery eyes or others, take them to the veterinary doctor immediately. Sometimes the shampoo has so many chemicals that it affects the eye’s cornea, leading to other complications.

For more details, keep reading because here we are discussing some of the aspects related to it so that there will be no problems and things can be under control.

Things to do if the shampoo gets into your dog’s eye

In this section, we are discussing some measures to adapt to if this condition takes place:

Read all the instructions mentioned on the shampoo bottle

You first need to look at the instructions mentioned on the shampoo bottle or on its cover. This will help you learn about many things, including the chemicals used in its manufacturing. In addition to rinsing the soap out of the eyes, the manufacturers have some specific instructions. If you are using a dog-safe shampoo, caution is mentioned that it should not contact the eyes. If this happens, reach out to the doctor after rinsing the eyes.

Rinse it out

Rinse the shampoo out of your dog’s eyes. You can do this by gently cupping his head in one hand and with the help of a soap-free wet cloth. Wipe away any shampoo from the area around the eye. You are not supposed to scrub the eye because it can lead to irritation and cornea damage.

Pay close attention to your dog

When your dog is dealing with such a condition, please pay close attention to him. Observe your dog and see whether he is doing fine or not. Take him to the veterinary doctor right away if he has a running or weeping eye or is unable to open it. Also, take the bottle of shampoo along so that the doctor can look at the constituents and choose the treatment accordingly.

Follow the schedule as suggested by the doctor

When you are back at your place after visiting the veterinary doctor, follow the schedule as suggested by him. Following the schedule will help to fix so many things. Watch your dog and see whether he has started doing fine after getting the treatment or not. If you still notice any redness in their eyes, irritation, or possible scratching, let the doctor know about it. But you need to be patient for the next 24 hours because the medicine takes almost 24 hours to provide relief.

Tips to help avoid shampoo in your dog’s eye

You can keep in mind some basic tips to avoid shampoo in your dog’s eye:

Get a gentle shampoo

It is not advisable to use any human shampoo on your dog. Make sure to get a gentle shampoo that is specially customized for your dog. These shampoos do not cause any problems, and there are fewer chances of irritating the eyes.

Be mindful while using shampoo

It would be best if you were mindful while using this shampoo. Please do not bathe your dog in a hurry. You end up putting shampoo in your dog’s eye unknowingly, and it causes problems for them.

Be patient when you are giving them a bath

Whenever you are bathing your dog, be patient. If you are not being patient and being impulsive, there are more chances for your dog to have an encounter with shampoo in their eyes. This is applicable while using shampoo for the bath and with soap and other bathing products. If you are impatient throughout this process, there is no possible solution to help you deal with it in such a condition.

Note: Always have a conversation with the veterinary doctor before introducing any shampoo or cosmetic product to your dog. The veterinary doctor will help you to know whether the dog breed you have is susceptible to the change or not. Some dog breeds are so sensitive that they are not able to adopt any artificial grooming products for themselves. You can only rely on the natural dog grooming products available. The veterinary doctor will help you learn everything about your dog breed, and the same discussion will help you make a successful purchase.

What we learned from all this

Eyes are among the most sensitive parts of living creatures. Unfortunately, if the shampoo gets into your dog’s eye, wash it right away and if you notice any change, approach the doctor for treatment. You can get some eye drops available to help him deal with it. If you see that your dog is still not doing well, then pay close attention to them and follow the schedule as suggested by the doctor. It is not a life-threatening condition, so there is nothing much for you to worry about!

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