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Can Dogs Eat Sausages? Are Sausages Healthy for Dogs?

can dogs eat sausages

Did you drop a piece of pork or sausage, and your dog managed to grab it? Now, what to do? Can your dog eat sausages? Sausages are generally made from ground meat, often pork, beef, or poultry, along with some salt, spices, and other flavorings. See, feeding one or two-bite is not a total disaster, but it is significant to avoid doing it frequently. Also, make sure that the sausage should not be overly greased because the grease has an even higher salt and fat content than the sausage itself. Do not feed greasy food to your dog if you want your pet roaming around you and loving you for a long time. Finally, it’s recommended to prefer cooked sausage instead of raw ones because raw sausage contains bacteria that can make your pet sick.

Overall dogs can eat sausages but those are not much healthy for them. So occasional feeding to your canine is fine. Let’s learn more

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Sausages?

can dogs eat sausages safely

Sausages are not considered to be a healthy option for your pet as it contains spices and seasonings which can lead to stomach upset or severe form of anemia in serious cases. There is a high amount of salt and fat, which can lead to obesity in the distant future. Moreover, sausages contain flavor enhancers like dextrose and hydrolyzed vegetable protein made from maize, and they are used as fillers to make the meat go further. Dogs are not born with enough strength that they can tolerate chemicals in their body. High consumption of processed meats that contain too much salt and fat can lead to colorectal cancer in humans. That’s why they are advised to limit their consumption or opt for lean sausages that are low in salt and made from quality mince. If sausages are not good for even humans so, how can they be beneficial for the dogs? Eating sausages can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, etc.

Can Sausage Harm A Dog? Can It Get Sick From Eating Sausage?

Though eating a bite or two once in a while won’t create a problem. However, it can make the stomach upset, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. In such cases, please keep your pet away from food for about 24 hours and make sure he continuously drinks an adequate amount of water. After 24 hours, if you think that your pet is feeling good and you can not see the signs, such as vomiting and diarrhea, then you may put him on a bland diet. You may give him healthier food containing vegetables for 2-3 days. You may also visit the pet shop and look for the biscuits smelling similar to sausages so that you can divert your mind from the sausages. If you can not bear your pet sitting and glancing eagerly at your plate for getting a bite, you can go for homemade sausages prepared by mixing ground meat, raw eggs, and vegetables like carrots, beans, etc. Now, if your dog has eaten a full plate of sausages or more, then it can pose a severe threat to your pet. In such cases, immediately look for an animal hospital or contact your vet, he will tell you the further process of treatment.

Can dogs eat turkey sausage?

Turkey is a good food option for dogs as it provides nutrients like protein, riboflavin, and phosphorous. However, we usually cook our turkey with butter and other seasonings which is not good. So, feeding turkey sausages to your dog is not advised.

Can dogs eat chicken sausage?

Chicken cooked plain is good for dogs. However, a chicken sausage contains other added ingredients and it’s too greasy to be healthy for dogs. So, avoid feeding too many chicken sausages to dogs.

Can dogs eat beef sausages?

Feeding lean beef to dogs is safe without seasonings, salt, and grease. But when it comes to beef sausages we wouldn’t recommend that for your pet dog diet.

Can dogs eat flavored sausage?

Adding extra flavors requires adding ingredients like garlic, nutmeg, extra fat, salt, nutmeg, etc. So, feeding flavored sausages to your dog is a no.

Are Sausages A Good Option As Treats for Dogs?

Feeding a piece of sausage on a very rare occasion is fine but we would suggest you use other options for treats like cheese, carrots, or lean chicken.


Let’s sum up everything that we have learned from the above paragraphs. Sausages won’t create any problem if given once in a blue moon and that too one or two bites not more than that. However, sausages can cause dogs to throw up or have runs. You should not give him anything to eat for around 24 hours if your pet falls sick after eating sausages because that will give the stomach time to settle. Also, make sure that you provide him with water to drink in this period of 24 hours. It’s recommended to hide this type of harmful thing from your pet if you want to save his precious life.

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