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I hate my dog but my husband loves him. Reasons & What To Do?

I hate my dog but my husband loves him

Relationships work when both partners are committed to it. But sometimes, due to a third living being, the relationship faces some twists and turns. The same happens when your husband loves a dog, and you hate him.

If you hate your husband’s dog, there is a possibility that you hate him because your husband is giving most of his time to him. But do understand that hating him is not a solution, and you must adopt the right measures and fix the problem.

Well, this article entirely focuses on the same aspects where you will be able to know how to deal with such behavior and how you can let your husband know that you are not in a state to adjust to his dog. Let’s get started!

Why is your husband giving most of his time to his dog?

First of all, it is essential to understand the reasons why your husband is giving most of his time to his dog. Well, the possible reasons are:

The dog is with him for a very long time:

If the dog has been with him for a very long time, you cannot expect your husband to leave him for you. Well, for pet lovers, their pets are everything. Sometimes, people adopt a dog when they are going through a very crucial mental state. In that situation, the dog is the only companion they have. Well, if this was the scenario with your husband, there is a possibility that he would not leave him at any cost.

You guys are not communicating enough with each other

For doing well in a relationship, you guys must communicate enough with each other. If you guys are fighting and arguing over irrational things, there is a possibility that your husband will start taking a step back. Instead of getting into conversation with you, he chooses to spend time with the dog.

Your husband feels comfortable around him:

We are in a generation where everyone wants some comfort. If your husband is feeling comfortable around his dog, the first place he chooses to be when he needs comfort is around the dog only. After coming back from a 9 to 5 job, you will see that he will go straight to the dog and spend some quality time. This condition is the perfect example of saying that your husband feels comfortable around his dog.

Your relationship is not very good with your husband

To work well as a couple, you need to have a good relationship. If it is a scenario where you are not having a good relationship with your husband, he tries to do things that will help him overcome the same situation. If he has adopted a dog, there is a possibility that he will try to spend some more time with him instead of getting into things with you.

Note: These are the only possible reasons that indicate that your husband is more into the dog than you. Furthermore, the reason could be anything, and it entirely depends on the couple and the situations they are going through.

Reasons you might hate the dog include

There could be a variety of reasons why you dislike the dog. These are: –

  • You prefer cleanliness, but your dog has not let the surroundings be clean for a very long time.
  • The dog does not like you in the surroundings and starts to bark whenever you enter the place.
  • The dog begins barking whenever you want to have an hour of rest, and unfortunately, it disturbs you.
  • You do not like his smell, even when your husband bathed him properly.
  • Your dog starts to nibble on the pillows, because of which you become part of the unnecessary cleaning stuff.

How to resolve the condition where your husband loves the dog most, and you only hate them?

After exploring all these reasons and conditions, you might be curious to know how to resolve this condition. Well, the measures include:

Communicate with your partner

Communication is a primary step you can use to fix the condition where you hate the dog and want your husband to know about it. Communicate with them directly and find out the reasons for which this happened. If it is happening because your husband is giving all his time to the dog, let him know about it. This will also be helpful for your husband to understand that he needs to give time to you as well.

Work on your relationship

If your relationship is going through a tough phase, there is a possibility that your husband is spending most of his time with the dog instead of investing in the relationship. Well, in this case, you guys need to work on things as a team. Do not blame each other for things that have not happened.

Try spending time with the dog

Dogs are beautiful creatures, and undoubtedly, after spending time with them, you will start to like them. You must spend some time with him to get to know him better. Do know that the more time you spend with them, the more you start to love them.

Analyze your husband closely

When your dog is around your husband, closely analyze your husband and dog. Try to figure out how they are spending time with each other. This will help decide how you can take a step to make things better for each of you.

Let your husband know about your fears

Until and unless you let your husband know about your fears, he will not be able to understand them. Make sure to let your husband know about everything in detail. For example, if you hate your dog and you see that your husband loves him a lot, try to be specific with your words and let him know about it. If you have any sort of fear of dogs, you can discuss it with your husband and figure out a solution to fix it.

Note: If your husband is a pet lover, try not to be too harsh when talking about his dog. Sometimes it happens that choosing the wrong words leaves an impact that makes your husband hate you in return. Therefore, if you don’t want to see your husband’s side, be specific with your words and let him enjoy his feelings considering the dog.

What we learned from all this

Dogs are beautiful creatures, and hating them does not make any sense. But as humans, we have our own choices and interests. We are sure now that you know how you can work on things if you hate your husband’s dog, but your husband loves him. It is a suggestion that you be specific with your words while letting your husband know about them because sometimes the wrong choice of words can create a troublesome situation for you.

Also, try to spend more time with the dog so that you can love him, and the hatred you have for him will fade!

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