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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home

things to do with your dog at home inside

Dogs are human’s best friends. They are loving, caring, loyal, and faithful companions. Doing some fun activities with your dog will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It will also boost the mental and physical health of your dog. Here are some great indoor fun activities for you and your dog.

Things to do with your dog inside the house

Play Tug of war

Play Tug of war with your dog

It is a perfect exercise for a dog’s mental and physical health. It is a great way to teach your dog some tricks and manners. It also decreases negative behavior letting your dog win will encourage them to play more.

Massage your dog

Massage your dog

Dogs love massages because they feel good. It also relaxes their muscles and makes them stress-free. It is a great way to bond with your dog.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek with your dog

It is a fun way to play with your dog. It is a perfect way to train your dog, and it also makes him loyal towards the owner. If your dog is sometimes restless, then this game could also help with that.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt with dog

Dogs are natural scavengers as they love to seek. It is the best brain game for dogs so that you can test their thinking skills. You can also give them a reward like a treat at the end of the game.

Fetch the ball

Fetch the ball with your pet dog

Fetch is a fun activity for your dog and is good for his health. It may take some time to teach them, but it can lead to good exercise and a great bond between the two. It will make him active and energetic.

Play some water games

water games with dog

Dogs love to play in water. You can set up a baby pool for dogs or take your dog for a swim, or you can play pool fetch with them. Swimming is perfect for muscle strengthening and cardiovascular workouts.

Blanket escape

Blanket escape with dog

Dogs love this fun game. It keeps them busy and entertained. You just throw a blanket on them, and they have to find their way out. You can also do this with the boxes or laundry baskets.

Play the shell game

shell game for dogs

It is the perfect mind game for dogs. Just take three cups, put the treat inside, and Shuffle the shells let the dog watch the treat you put inside. Ask the dog to find the treat. Praise them with the treat.

Run your dog up and down

Run your dog stairs

Running up and down can be a great exercise for them. Just throw the ball upstairs and tell the dog to bring it back. It’ll help your dog in muscle building.

Train your dog for new tricks like a handshake

Train dog for new tricks like a handshake

Teaching your dog new tricks can be a fun experience. It takes 3 – 4 weeks for your dog to learn new things. Just tell him to shake by taking its hand above and gently shaking the paw. Praise him with the treat. Repeat this trick until he learns.

Groom your dog

Groom your dog

It improves the dog’s overall appearance. It includes brushing, bathing, cutting nails, etc. They also become active and energetic after grooming.

Play Puzzle games

Play Puzzle games dog

It stimulates the dog’s brain development. It decreases their boredom and increases their problem-solving skills. Just put the dog food in the puzzle and tell the dog to find its food from the puzzle. Praise your dog with a reward.

What we learned from all this

So these are some ideas you can do with your dog at home. These fun activities will help your dog stay active and energetic. Just spend some quality time with your dog. Therefore if you give all your love to your dog, you will have at your side a faithful companion who will never abandon you.

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