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Why Do People Hate Small Dogs?

Why do people hate small dogs

How could anyone not like small dogs? It is very hard to imagine anyone not loving small dogs as a dog lover. They are cute, adorable, and full of love, but sometimes they become annoying because of their extremely aggressive behavior, just like chihuahuas. But as a dog lover, have you ever thought about why some people hate small dog breeds? Some people hate them because they are less sociable, bark a lot, are more fragile, less sporty, have a defensive attitude, have less physical capabilities, are challenging to train, etc.

Reasons Why People Hate Small Dogs

Here are some of the reasons why some people hate small dogs: 

They Are Over-Aggressive

Small dog breeds are genetically aggressive. And if we compare, small dog breeds are more aggressive than large dog breeds because dog owners do not treat them well or raise them. Lack of training and discipline makes small dogs aggressive. As a result, small dogs like chihuahuas, dachshunds tend to be more aggressive and are always likely to bite. Growling, lunging, and snarling are the other aggressive behaviors of small dogs. So this is the main reason people hate small dogs. 

Difficult to train small dogs

It is very difficult to train small dog breeds because they have a stubborn nature. It may take more time to train them. Small breeds like border terriers are tough to train. Also, they have a faster metabolism, which tends to go out more often, making the trainer have difficulty in-house training. Lack of exercise makes them aggressive and leads to mischievous behavior like barking, leash pulling, etc. 

They are extremely yappy

Small dogs like chihuahuas are extremely yappy, which tends to be annoying. They bark all day and night, which causes difficulty for neighbors. It is challenging to tolerate these high-pitched dogs. So this is another major reason some people hate small dogs.  

They are more fragile

Small dog breeds are more fragile because of their smaller bones, joints, and sensitive stomachs. They can easily get injured if dropped accidentally. They can get hurt easily if you are not careful with several things. Small dogs are not the better option to get along with large breed dogs because they can cause damage to small dogs if played roughly. 

Psychological issues 

Small dogs have so many psychological issues like depression, fear, phobias, separation anxiety, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc., when they are left alone or don’t get good training. So this could be another reason why some people hate small dogs.


Some small breeds are very stubborn, making them less popular among most dog lovers. Also, because of their stubbornness, it becomes very difficult to train them, due to which they become aggressive. Shiba Inu is one of the most stubborn dog breeds. 

Less sociable

Small dog breeds are very close to their owners and become aggressive when their owner gives attention to someone else and mostly depends on their owner or family member, or because of overprotectiveness, they become less sociable.

Less sporty 

Small dogs are less sporty because they are physically incapable and have a higher heart rate which makes them tired. Therefore, they cannot play games like fetching, etc. 

Their bulging eyes 

small dog with bulging eyes

Some people don’t like small dogs with big bulging eyes like a chihuahua. They are very huge and look like they are popping out, which makes them look very angry, and also because they have small skulls with big eyes, which some people don’t like.  

Less compatible with small children

This is one of the main reasons people hate small dogs because they are not good enough for families with small kids. And also have more fragile bones, which easily get injured while playing roughly with small children. In addition, some small dogs are very aggressive for being around small children.


It is a symptom of aging, but small dogs like chihuahua and dachshunds are stiffer as it seems moving their knees is too much trouble for them. 

Challenges of keeping a small dog

Before bringing them home, you need to be aware of the challenges of keeping them. You should be knowledgeable about the breed before buying. So here are some challenges you should know:

Oral health issues 

Small dogs are more prone to oral diseases due to tooth crowding, shorter tooth roots, and decreased oral activity. So the dog owner needs to be careful about their dog’s dental health. Proper brushing should be given to them.

Keeping them clean

Small dogs get dirty very easily, so you have to make sure to give them a proper bath. Also, proper grooming should be given to them. Some smaller breeds like the Maltese, Yorkshire terrier have very long hair, so a proper haircut should be done in 3-4 weeks.


Dog owners need to be careful about exercising. Small dogs are stubborn, so it will take more time to train them. Small dogs easily get injured because of fragile bones, so the dog owner should be aware of what exercises to give to their dog.

Medical care 

Regular checkups are very necessary for small dogs because they are more prone to health problems like hypoglycemia as compared to big dogs. Therefore, proper medical care should be given to them.


Small dogs are likely to get lost, or they are likely to run outside. They are so small that you can not find them easily, so the owners need to be careful about this challenge. 


Due to higher metabolisms, small dog breeds require frequent feeding. So the owners need to care about their feeding time. Also, owners need to be careful about their dogs as they tend to get into food and snacks that their owner eats. 

Are big dogs better than small dogs?

Big dogs are better and maybe more intelligent than small dogs, at least when it comes to executive functions. Small dogs always seem to be more aggressive, mean, and not loyal as big dogs, while big dogs are more emotionally balanced and less aggressive than small dogs. Big dogs are child-friendly as they can tolerate rough play and are more accepting of small children, while small dogs are very aggressive and more fragile they end up getting injured while playing roughly with small children.

Big dogs have great endurance and can easily be trained and are excellent guard dogs, while small dogs are stubborn and difficult to train because of less physical capabilities. Big dogs have great self-control that most dog lovers admire a lot, while many small dogs are bossy, needy, and always pretend to be big by barking, jumping, and even biting. Big dogs are friendly, calmer, and very sociable to others, while small dogs are less sociable. Big dogs don’t whine or bark a lot. So because of the above reasons, most people prefer big dogs and are better than small dogs.

How to make someone fall in love with small dogs?

make someone fall in love with small dogs

It is difficult to convince someone of a small dog, but you can discuss the pros and cons of getting a small dog which might make them fall for small dogs. So here are some advantages of having a dog: 

Small dogs cost less to feed 

So the first point is fair. Small dogs like Jack Russell or chihuahua have less diet, so the cost of food is less as compared to big dogs who have a very heavy diet. You won’t need a daily cup of food for your furry friend because they have small stomachs and can not eat much like big dogs. It somehow saves your money. 

Small dogs are easily transported

transporting small dog

Small dogs are much easier to travel with, than big dogs because they are very small in size and have very little weight. They also fit in small spaces in your vehicle for a trip. For example, teacup dogs are so small they can fit in your handbag.

Small dogs are easier to groom 

It is very easier to groom them because they are so small. Small dogs can even bathe in the sink, making bathing very convenient. Also, there is less fur to groom as compared to big dogs. 

Small dogs are easier to cuddle

cuddle with a small dog

All dogs are sweet and cuddly. But small dogs are much easier to cuddle with. It is very easy to take your dog in your arms and cuddle them because of their size. On the other hand, you can not take big dogs in your arms and cuddle them because they are very big and heavy. 

Needs small space 

Small dogs can fit in small spaces if you live in an apartment. If you sit on a couch or chair, you have more space to lay your dog. For playing, they also need only a small space and not 4000-5000 square feet of yard.

Small dogs live longer 

Mall dogs have a lifespan of 15-20 years. So they tend to live longer than big dogs. You can opt for small dogs if you want a few more years to spend with them. 

Minimum mess 

Small dogs tend to shed less, and many small breeds don’t shed. Also, small dog poops are very few as compared to big dogs. So there is a very minimal mess of small dogs.

Things to be aware of

So I have given all the possible reasons why people hate small dogs and how to make them fall for small dogs. Here are some things which you need to be aware of when convincing someone to get small dogs:

  • The first and foremost thing is to train small dogs because they are extremely yappy. Train them not to bark unnecessarily.
  • Even if they lack physical capabilities, try to play games like find the treat, shell game, etc., that could give them joy and pleasure. 
  • Training with a professional trainer is very important because they are stubborn. It is one thing in which you can invest money in your furry friend.  

What we learned from all this

Dogs are very loyal and faithful creatures on this planet earth. But everybody has a different choice. Some people like big dog breeds, while others like small dog breeds. This article has covered all the possible reasons why some people hate small dog breeds. There are also some reasons for convincing people to fall in love with small dogs. So, try those and get a dog to add more fun to your life.

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