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Why Won’t My Dog Leave My Side?

why wont my dog leave my side

We always want someone to be around us. As humans, we never want to be alone. Likewise, it is with dogs. If you have a dog, there are chances that you may notice your dog won’t leave your side.

Well, separation stress is a common cause when your dog does not leave your side. But along with that, there are some other reasons why your dogs do so. So it is essential to pay close attention to them and rectify it as soon as possible.

If you feel annoyed with your dog’s behavior and want to know why it is happening, keep reading till the end. Here we are sharing all the aspects we considered to easily understand and adopt the best measures. Let’s get started!

Possible reasons behind a dog are not leaving your side

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Certain reasons are there because your dog is not leaving your side. This includes:

Dog breeds tell a lot about them

A dog develops all the characteristics according to its breed. If you have a dog breed with the same nature, there is a chance that they may not leave your side. With the most popular breeds, including German shepherds and golden retrievers, it is quite common that they do not leave their owners alone. Sometimes it happens that you may start feeling annoyed. But this does not create any difference for them. If they want to be with you, they will do anything to be there. You can only train them not to do so, but you can’t stop them.

Separation anxiety maybe the cause

As humans, we do not like separation, and likewise, dogs also do not like it. If your dog is enjoying being around you and suddenly you are not giving them enough attention, they will start feeling separated. As a result, they may get anxious and, as a result, become victims of separation anxiety.

It has a major effect on their mood as well. The common symptoms of separation anxiety include barking, whimpering, and nervous pacing. In that case, pay attention to your dog and let them feel loved and engaged.

Your dog is not accustomed to a new routine!

Dogs do take some time to get familiar with certain things. If your dog does not have a habit of adapting to new routines too quickly, there is a chance that they will always be on your side. For example, if you have shifted their meal schedule, there is a chance that they may stick around you for a while and not leave you even for a single second. In this case, the shift in routine is responsible.

Your dog is not doing well physically!

Unfortunately, if your dog is dealing with any health issue, there is a chance that they need you the most in that condition. As a dog owner, you might be familiar with your dog’s habits. Check out your dog and see whether they are doing fine or not. If they are going through any problems like fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or any other, they may need you more. In that case, you need to take them to the veterinary doctor and pay close attention to them.

The dog is overly attentive!

It would be best if you let your dog adjust to the respective surroundings. If they do not get accustomed to adjusting to the same surroundings, they will be on your side always. Let your dog interact with others as well. We are not saying to adopt this inside the house, but outside as well. Allow them to find their own way to adapt and survive in their new environment.

Maybe your dog is giving you company when you are sad

Dogs have a better sense of some things than humans. And sometimes dogs sense that you are sad and they are just trying to give you company and to cheer you up.

Social anxiety is common in dogs

Social anxiety is a condition where we are not able to adjust socially. The same is with dogs. If your dog is a victim of social anxiety, it may become clingy. They appear to be overly anxious and do not like to go here and there. In such conditions, your pet dog will always stick around you.

Your dog is feeling bored

Likewise, for humans and dogs, stimulation and exercise play an integral role. Some behaviors are common with some dog breeds, including aggression, barking, mouthing, being needy, and clingy. In that case, you need to let them feel engaged in different things. If they have a constant feeling of boredom, they will start doing things that annoy you.

Your dog is feeling fearful

It may appear to be quite astonishing to you, but yes, this is the truth that dogs do feel fearful. There are chances that someone else has come into the surroundings, and your dog fears them. In that case, they will be around the person they feel secure with. For example, if your dog feels secure with you, they will constantly remain with you no matter the time of day. Until and unless the same living being is around, they will not leave your side at all.

Your dog learned this behavior

Dogs always learn behavior from their masters. Therefore, you need to train them well. If they have learned the same behavior from you, it will be difficult to rectify, and you will have to deal with the clingy behavior of your dog.

Your dog is hungry

If your dog is hungry, you should know that it will do anything to let you know about it. Because they can’t tell you when they’re hungry, and they’re more likely to stick by your side when feeling hungry.

They need your attention

If you are someone who has given a lot of attention to your dog and suddenly you are not caring for them, they will feel anxious, and to gain your attention, they will start doing such things. To be in your sight, they will do something that can get your attention and let you know that they are doing it to get your attention.

Note: Notice your dog’s body language. If you have an idea of how to read a dog’s body language, you can easily know whether your dog is doing fine or not. There are sure signs that they show when dealing with some health-related problems. For sure, after analyzing such things, you will be able to analyze what to do next to fix such bad behavior in your dog.

What else could happen if a dog first started doing it?

Some other things can help you conclude why your dog has suddenly started this behavior. This includes:

  • Change in their surroundings makes them anxious.
  • There is a new pet.
  • Their routine has been messed up.
  • Feeling fearful.
  • Dealing with some health issues.
  • I’m not doing fine mentally.
  • Boredom

Measures to adapt to correct the clingy behavior of the dog

Certain measures are in place that will help you correct your dog’s clingy behavior. This includes:

Don’t be available every time

If you are available for your dog 24 hours a day, they will get used to your presence and will not like to interact with others in their surroundings. Therefore, you need to leave them for a while and let them lookout for ways to survive in the same surroundings. Let them explore it to the extent they can, and whenever they need you, guide them.

Distract your dog

Distraction is really very important for dogs. If you are not in the state to distract your dog, you have to deal with the clingy behavior portrayed by them. Take them outside and let them play with other dogs as well, so that they can get used to it, and it will not stick to your side always.

Do not reward them

Rewarding your dog unnecessarily will have a negative impact on them. If you reward your dog for any unwanted behavior, they will get used to it and start doing it because they know you will reward them.

Understand whether they are doing fine or not

You need to check whether your dog is doing fine physically or not. If your dog is not doing physically well, reach out to the veterinary doctor and let them diagnose the problem. This will help you know the reason behind such behavior.

Spend some time with your dog

If you are not giving sufficient time to your dog, there is a chance they may start feeling separated. In that case, you need to pay attention to your dog and give them sufficient time. Do not let them feel separated at all.

Training is important

You cannot let your dog be untrained. Have a look at the training sessions in which your dog is engaged. When your dog socializes enough, it will get used to adjusting to its external surroundings, and it will not be stuck around you all the time. If you are not around, they will look out for other ways to stay stimulated.

Set some boundaries

You cannot let a living being be a free bird every time. Likewise, it is important that you set certain boundaries for your dog. For example, if you constantly stay around your dog, they will not be in the state to analyze their capabilities. This will make them stick around you all the time. In that case, you need to set your boundaries and let your dog follow them.

What we learned from all this

Dogs are really very sensitive, and if their master is not paying attention to them, they feel anxious and separated. As a canine friend, see whether they are doing fine or not. If your dog is not doing well, there is a chance that they are not mentally or physically well. Always check in with the veterinary doctor if you notice any problems. If everything is fine, there is nothing for you to worry about, and you can simply connect by changing their schedule.

If nothing is helping you out, a dog training center is always there to help you. You can simply reach there and discuss it with them.

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