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Why Is My Dog Stupid? Is Your Dog Really Dumb?

why is my dog stupid

Stupidity is an acquired trait that we (humans) often exhibit. But when it comes to dogs, it is expected. Dogs have some inherited traits and some traits that they acquire with time. One such trait is stupidity. So, if you have a canine friend, you might have thought, “Why is my dog stupid?” Well, we will try to answer this question and help you understand that “Why is your dog acting like an idiot? 

Why Is Your Dog Dumb?

What is the cause of your dog’s stupidity, and what can you do about it?

Various reasons indicate whether the dog you have is smart or stupid. Let’s have a look at the factors:


A dog’s breed reveals a lot about him. For example, some dog breeds are extremely intelligent, like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, and so on, whereas some dog breeds are just dumb. The dumb breeds are the Bloodhound, Bulldog, Afghan hound, Besanji, Chow-Chow, etc.

The breed you choose will help you to know whether your dog is a quick learner or not. Forcing your dog to learn something doesn’t work, whether he is stupid or intelligent.

Tip: If you don’t want a dumb dog, choose the breed wisely. Always go for the breeds that are known for their intelligence.

Dog’s Nature

The nature of a dog tells a lot about them. For example, some dog breeds are stubborn, while others are stupid. If your dog is stubborn, they will not engage in any activities at all until and unless they want to. For example, if they are happy to step outside, they will do it at any cost. Either they try to escape from their surroundings on their own, or they will do certain things that will make you take them outside. Moreover, the surroundings in which the dogs reside have a major impact on their nature.

Tip: Before getting a dog at your home, gets an idea about the nature of the dog. It is an inherited trait that can influence a dog’s overall personality. For example, if you feel that the dog is jolly, you can simply have them because they will not behave stubbornly in every situation (although exceptions are everywhere).

No opportunity of socializing with other dogs

Socializing is as important for humans as it is for dogs. When your dog is socializing, they will meet with some new dogs and people. In return, they acquire some traits from them. But if they are not stimulated enough, they will become introverted and behave like dumb dogs.

Tip: Take your dog for walks and always have them along when meeting your friend who has a dog. This helps them have a sigh of relief, and they will learn some new things. Dogs also try to play with other dogs in their surroundings.

Less, incorrect, or no training provided to dog

Training has a significant impact on your dog’s life. Therefore, it is integral to train him in the right manner. If you are training them less or not training them at all, this will make them dumb. Likewise, if they are not active and are not learning new things, then they will act stupid sometimes.

Tip: Encourage your dog to engage in new things and train them in a better way. You can also look out for dog training centers if you don’t have enough time to train them on your own.

Dog doesn’t step outside much

If your dog is an introvert, it will not step outside. Instead, they love to be in bed all the time. Why is this happening? If this is happening, this is the time you need to pay attention. After finding the reason, you can adapt to the solutions.

Tip: If your dog is an introvert, try to spend some more time with them and have conversations too. Dogs do understand what their master is saying. You can also take them outside and engage in some additional activities.


The environment has a major impact on a dog’s mindset. Sometimes, the surroundings are so hostile that a dog cannot adjust. As a result, their moves will reflect the same. In most cases, the dogs become aggressive, and sometimes they don’t even react. When a dog is not responding, you will feel like the dog is being silly. But in reality, it is not because they are not happy with their surroundings.

Tip: Be sure that you are not engaging in some disturbing situations when your dog is around. Try to avoid conversations that can lead to anger or any other fight between you and your partner.

Psychological changes

Psychological changes have an overall impact on the dog. Just consider a situation where you have got a Labrador retriever known to be an intelligent breed, but unfortunately, he started behaving like a dumb dog. The main reason for this could be psychological changes. Unfortunately, the psychological changes are not under our control, and one can only consult with a vet for diagnosis. Likewise, dogs cannot say what they are going through but express it through their movements.

Tip: Spend some more time with your dog and observe how they behave during that duration. If they are suffering from separation anxiety, they will behave entirely the opposite in that situation when you are spending time with them.

Health Issues

Health issues have a major impact on dogs. Suppose your dog is going through health-related problems like gastrointestinal issues, kidney problems, liver problems, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or any other problem. In that case, they will behave inappropriately and not listen to anything you say. They will be in a silent zone that does not correspond to their nature.

Tip: If nothing is working to cheer them up, go to the veterinary doctor right awayThe veterinary doctor will look at the condition and determine what is happening.

Hearing or vision problems

Hearing or vision problems can also make a dog act dumb. So chances are your dog might be going through some vision or hearing problems, and that’s why he is not listening to you or hitting objects while walking. 

Tip: Visit the veterinary doctor and tell them what is happening. They will check for vision and hearing problems.


Age is directly proportional to the intelligence our dog holds. With increasing age, a dog becomes mature and learns new things. If you have a dog around 8–9 years old, it will sound more intelligent when compared to a dog that is 2–3 years old. Therefore, if you have a less than a year old dog, it is high time you train them and let them go with the flow and learn new things.

Things to Consider when it feels like your dog is an idiot

As a dog owner, chances are you may feel irritated just because you have the thought, “my dog is dumb.” But there are some signs that will help you know whether they have a dumb nature or it’s just a temporary state. Things to know:

Body Language

Body language says a lot about your dog. If they are not behaving as you have trained them, chances are they are dumb. But if they have started acting that way suddenly, then there are some problems they are going through.

Barking at stationary objects

Barking at stationary objects also indicates that your dog may be dumb. In general, dogs usually bark at unknown people and other living beings like animals. But if they start to bark at stationary objects, there is some problem, or you can conclude that you have a dumb dog.

Not obeying your commands

As a dog owner, chances are you may have given them some commands, but they are not obeying them. If this happens sometimes, it is normal that a dog is not in the exact state to follow the same. However, if this is frequently happening or has been happening since the day you got him, your dog is dumb, and you need to find a solution.

Your dog is doing funny things

Some dogs do funny things that will help you to know whether the dog is smart or dumb. If you have a dog who is always engaged in funny things, you have a dumb dog breed.

Misbehaving in the surroundings

When dogs start to misbehave, it makes you question why this is happening. It is usual for a dog to experience discomfort when suffering from a medical condition. But if they are doing it frequently, then it is a sign they need some attention. Also, this indicates that your dog is dumb.

Your dog’s age

The age of the dog is directly proportional to the intelligence it has. You have a puppy. You cannot expect him to be very smart in the initial days. It will take time to learn new things and acquire them forever.

If your dog becomes dumb suddenly?

Apart from all the things mentioned above, if your dog becomes dumb suddenly, then there are some different reasons behind it. It is a matter of consideration, and you need to check out what is happening with them. If they are going through any psychological change or any health condition, they will behave like it, and it is essential to approach the vet doctor immediately.

How to get your dog to be less dumb?

Well, if you are feeling annoyed just because your dog is dumb, don’t feel this way at all because there are steps you can adapt to get your dog to be less dumb. These are as follows:

Understand the dumbness

Before adopting any of the methods, it is important to understand the dumbness of your dog. If you think my dog is dumb, start training immediately. But if it is just generalized stupidity, then it happens, and there is nothing to worry about.

Train them positively

Positivity is really very important for dogs that are dumb. Try to adopt a training method that will help them feel positive and adapt to what you are saying. For example, you can reward them for the good things they are doing. Positive reinforcement training will help them learn things seamlessly.

Good diet and new food are keys

We all love to have a good meal, and so do dogs. So always search for the best food for dogs and feed them. You can also experiment with their food by adding some new ingredients to it. But be sure that you are not adding any ingredients that can cause allergies. If your dog is hungry, it will not behave as you want.

Avoid negativity around them as much as you can

Avoiding negativity or negative reinforcement training in their environment will also help you train your dog. For example, if your dog is behaving like a dumb one, be calm and composed for a moment and reward him. But along with rewarding, try to engage in conversation and tell them that it is not the right way to behave. This will assist them in developing a new habit and will cause them to begin acting as you desire.

Set up an exercise routine

An exercise routine is important for dogs. If they are not physically active, they will feel lazy and not enjoy doing things attentively. Lazy dogs are considered dumb dogs.

Group classes

Group classes are also helpful for dogs. Right now, some dog training centers are organizing these group classes for dogs to come out of their dump behavior. You can take your dog to such classes and let them explore. Then, the dog training center trainer offers them insights that help them be smart.

Don’t be clingy

Don’t be clingy at all. Give your dog space so that he can explore things by himself. If you guide him, he will become dependent on you for everything, and his personality will get lost.

Set up a good sleep schedule

Sleeping peacefully and adequately fixes a lot of things. If your dog is not getting enough sleep, it will either behave aggressively or be lazy or dumb. A state will come when they don’t even listen to what you are saying, and it will make you question many things.

Introduce new toys into their environment

Introducing new toys to their surroundings will be helpful for them to enjoy. These fancy toys will give your dog a moment to investigate some more things. Some dog toys are available on the market that is specially developed by keeping the dog’s mindset into consideration. Snuffle mats, for example. It motivates the dog to investigate the nooks and crannies of it.

Take them to the new environment

If you keep your dog for a longer duration at home, they will get fed up, not respond to anything you are saying, and behave like a dumb dog. If you don’t want your dog to encounter such a situation, then try to take them to a new environment. When they go to a new environment, they will learn new things and adapt.

Understand their temper

You need to understand the temper of your dog. If you do not understand when they can get aggressive and when they can get silent, you can’t keep them for long. Dogs also have mood swings, and you need to treat them accordingly. In general, you need to keep your expectations lower when training and guiding them to be smarter.

Visit the veterinary doctor

The last option you have is to visit a veterinary doctor. If nothing is working in your favor and your dog is still not ready to learn things, then it is high time to approach the veterinary doctor and find the exact cause behind it.

Your dog is (probably) not stupid

Calling someone stupid sometimes seems to be offensive. The dog breed you have is unlikely to be as intelligent as other dog breeds, but you should not underestimate them.

They actively work on things that will help them learn new things. So things will definitely work in your favor when you analyze problems and start working on them with a solution mindset. But for a while, it is important to be patient and very friendly with your canine friend.

The takeaway from all this

Dogs are not stupid; it’s just that they behave differently. The word “stupid” cannot describe them. There are specific characteristics that they have adopted in their life and learning throughout. By considering every factor, it is easy to train them. Be sure to be kind to them and treat them gently. If you are harsh, they will not learn things and instead show the opposite response, which you had not expected!

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