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Why Do Dogs Steal Your Seat?

why do dogs steal your seat

Every living being has certain behaviors, and it’s the same for dogs. If you have a dog, you can understand this statement very well. Well, here we are discussing the behavior of dogs. We all know that dogs sit in our spots sometimes. On the other hand, this appears to be normal sometimes, and we get frustrated as well. If it is happening to you frequently, we can understand that you are frustrated with your dog’s behavior, and you might be curious to know the real cause behind it. 

Dogs sit in the place of their owners to show affection, and they also find the same spot comfortable. Some other reasons are also there for why they do so. So, let’s try to understand those reasons so that instead of feeling annoyed, you can treat your dog with love and care. 

Why does my dog sit in my spot?

Your dog sits in your spot because they find the same place familiar and also consider it their own spot. By being in the same spot, they find themselves loved and happy too. Along with that, some other reasons contributing to it are as follows:-

Your dog is looking for a warm spot

dog sitting in your place for warm spot

Dogs, do you like to be in a warm spot. There are chances that they are searching for one but cannot get it. However, in the very next movement, when you stand up from your position, they occupy it. So, if you notice them immediately jumping to sit in your spot, that means your furry friend just wanted a warm and cozy spot to rest.

Your dog is showing affection

dog sitting on couch with you showing affection

Dogs are among the most lovable creatures, and no doubt they always show love to their owners. But, by stealing your spot, they are letting you know about your importance in their lives.

Your dog needs attention

dog sitting on work table, needs attention

If you have ignored your dog for a very long time, there are chances that they will try such things to get your attention back. If it’s been so long since you have not paid attention to their activities, they will steal your spot to make you aware of their presence in the surroundings. You will notice them on your spot when you return and will undoubtedly pay attention to them.

Following the footprints of its ancestors (Showing dominance)

dog sitting in your place to assert dominance

Dogs do acquire such behaviors from their ancestors, and stealing your spot is one of them. Basically, they are indicating the alpha male around them. One can consider it a situation where dogs are being dominant, and they don’t want anyone to dominate them. This theory makes a lot of sense to them, and they are always ready to take the dominant role. When your dog is still on your spot, you also notice that they sometimes get aggressive or get over-joyed too.

Your dog wants to experience comfort

dog comforting on couch

Sometimes it happens that your dog does not have a comfortable seat, and, along with that, they find you in a comfortable spot. In such a scenario, they want to experience it. Therefore, they will steal your seat and make it theirs. You will not be able to stop them from doing so.

Separation anxiety makes your dog steal your spot

Separation anxiety is common in dogs. It is important to understand that if you are not paying attention to your dog, they will feel separated and get anxious. To deal with such anxious behavior, they try doing such things. Try to pay enough attention to them because, due to separation anxiety, dogs get aggressive as well.

Your dog wants to sense you

We all know that dogs have a good sense of power and, likewise, they can remember the scent. If you are new to them, they try to be in all those spots where you spend a lot of time. This helps them remember your scent so that whenever you are around, they can sense you.

Your dog is marking his territory

dog is marking his territory by sitting in your place

It is important to understand that dogs are quite active in marking their territory. They sat in a particular place and left their scent. They left this scent because they wanted others to know about their presence. Also, if they have other pets around, this acts as a way for them to know about his presence.

You rewarded them for such behavior

dog rewarded for sitting on couch

If you are encouraging negative behavior in your dog by giving them rewards for such behavior, be ready to deal with such situations again in the long term. It’s possible that you rewarded them for sitting in your spot in the past, so they’re doing it again. Well, in that case, you need to think twice before adopting such things.

Is dog stealing your spot a problematic situation?

We always consider some of the behaviors of dogs to be cute. But we can’t think of it the same way every time. Dogs’ seat-stealing behavior is similar.

If your dog is stealing your seat occasionally, it is ok. But if it is frequently happening, you need to pay attention to them and correct such behavior. Sometimes it happens that in front of others as well, they try to do so, and when you tell them to get up from their seat, they refuse to.

However, this is not a big problem, but it sometimes makes you feel awkward in front of others and shows that your dog is not obedient.

Things to consider about dog sitting at your spot

Certain scenarios are there that will help you figure out why your dog is sitting in your spot. Well, this includes:

When your dog first started sitting in your spot

First of all, it is important to analyze the timings when the dog starts sitting in your spot. Sometimes it happens that they are dealing with some health-related problems due to which they need your attention and have started doing it.

Along with that, there is a chance the spot that belongs to them is not good enough. In this case, they get your seat so that they can rest there for a while. In such cases, analyze their spot and check to see whether it is fine or not. Along with that, they notice whether they’re fine or not.

When your dog is sitting in your spot (already)

Dogs also have a certain body language, and, undoubtedly, if you know how to read it, you can analyze whether they are sitting for any particular reason or just for fun. So pay close attention to your dog to see whether everything is fine or not, and if you sense something unusual, reach out to the vet for diagnosis.

How to stop your dog from taking your spot?

If you are feeling annoyed with your dog’s behavior, don’t worry because there are some solutions that will help you fix it. This includes:

Do not leave the place immediately

If you’re about to leave and you know your dog will take your spot, don’t leave right away. Observe the surroundings for a while and notice what your dog is doing. If you notice them coming towards your seat, stop them immediately.

Maintain eye contact with your dog

Maintaining eye contact with dogs is extremely beneficial and can help to correct such behavior. When you notice your dog coming towards your seat, maintain eye contact with them and let them know they are not supposed to come towards this side.

Change the location of the seat

If you always sit on the same chair, it is advisable to change its location. Sometimes dogs get accustomed to particular surroundings due to the way they adapt their behavior to you when you steal their place. In that case, change the place of the chair and see whether they are doing it again or not.

Distract your dog with

Distraction can also be helpful if you wish to restrict your dog from stealing your spot. You need to call them by their name and engage them in other activities.

Do not reward your dog

If you are rewarding your dog for stealing your place, it acts as an encouragement to them, and they will get used to it. It is advisable not to reward them but instead stop them from doing it in such cases.

Dog training is helpful

Dog training is beneficial in treating such behavior. You can train your dog not to do such things. It is a time-consuming process, but soon your dog will be able to understand it.

Frequently Asked Questions about a dog stealing your spot

  1. Why does my dog sit in my spot when I get up?

    If your dog sits in your spot when you get up, then understand it is because you have rewarded them for such behavior. There is a chance you have given extra attention to them when they do it.

  2. Why won’t my dog let me sit in my spot?

    If your dog does not let you sit in your spot, it is because of resource guarding. In such a case, it is crucial to provide them with enough training to be able to deal with such behavior.

  3. Why has my dog suddenly started sitting in my spot?

    If your dog suddenly started sitting in your spot, there are so many reasons behind it. This includes:
    > Dealing with social anxiety
    > Dealing with some health-related issues
    > Their own spot is not good enough.
    > They want to smell you more.
    > They are leaving their scent behind.

What we learned from all this

Dogs are among the most beautiful creatures on earth, and their behavior always surprises us. If your dog steals your spot, handle this situation with patience. If you try to handle the situation with aggression, there are chances it will lead to some other problems. Dog training is one of the best solutions to fix such behavior. Don’t worry because this is a common behavior and can be fixed with training. 

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