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How Long Do Bulldogs Live?

    how long do bulldogs live

    Sociable and sweet, but with a reputation for courage that makes them an excellent watchdog. They are gentle companions who love kids. Bulldogs are like small kids in the family and are pampered as if they are one of the family members. You may feel bad when you will get to know that the Bulldogs have a short life span and their lives are full of ailments. There are three breeds of bulldogs, and each one has a different life expectancy. The first one is an English Bulldog who’s expected to live just 8-10 years. The second one is the French Bulldog, whose average life span is 10-12 years, and last but not least is the American Bulldog, whose life expectancy is 10-15 years. The healthier the dog, the more is the life expectancy, as you can see in the case of the American Bulldog. It is the healthiest breed among the three breeds of a bulldog. The rest of the two breeds are comparatively unhealthy because of the breeding methods used in the 18th century to convert bull-baiting dogs into companion dogs. This conversion has left the French and the English Bulldog with some severe health problems. Moreover, the larger breed tends to have shorter life spans because it’s much more work for their heart to support their bodies and the English Bulldog is a larger breed.

    How to Keep your Bulldog Healthy?

    We know that lifespan of bulldogs is short, but still, we can keep them healthy. Give your dog a nutritious diet, and do not feed them with human food. Use only dog food such as pedigree, meat up, dog biscuit, pumpkin, etc. If you want to keep your Bulldog healthy, feed him with such types of dog foods because only this food can fulfill the nutrient needs of your dog, and it will keep your Bulldog healthy. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is to keep your Bulldog active. Make sure you take him for at least a 15-20 minute walk that too twice a day. Also, be aware of their everyday health problems and never delay treatment if your dog is suffering from any ailment. Your vet will give him proper treatment and tell you about the diet and medicines that you have to follow.

    What Are the Signs of dying in Bulldog?

    1. Loss Of Appetite: When the last phase of your dog’s life comes, he will completely lose his appetite, and he will lose interest in both food and water. When your Bulldog does eat, he most often will not keep it down. Continue to offer him some fresh food but do not force it because it can also choke their throat.

    2. Extreme Fatigue: We all know that bulldogs are generally lazy, but at the time of death, they won’t get up as much as they used to get up. They will not play with the kids, only getting up to eat something.

    3. Vomiting: Vomiting is the common sign of stomach upset, but when your Bulldog is dying, the digestive system will be unable to digest anything, and the undigested food in the stomach will make the Bulldog queasy, and he will expel the undigested food.

    4. Crying: Bulldogs may cry or howl, which shows that they are in great pain. Immediately take him to the vet as this may be a sign of saving your dog’s life by giving him proper treatment on time.


    If not today, then tomorrow everyone has to die. If you have come into this world, then you have to go also. Everyone is aware of this fact, but still, we feel bad at the demise of our loved ones. It’s never easy to lose our pet with whom we shared our precious years of life. Human or a dog, it’s never easy to say goodbye forever. They become our best friends, and somewhere they make a place for themselves in our hearts. Death is something that we never want to experience, even we never want to think about this. Still, we must always be prepared for it. 

    So, the average life span of a healthy bulldog is 9-11 years. After that, you have to say goodbye to your pet with whom you have spent the beautiful 8-10 years.

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