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Can Hamsters Cry? How Do They Sound & What to Do?

Do Hamsters Cry

The most annoying thing is that you may often see them cry, and even sometimes, they get aggressive when upset.

However, when you see your hamster cry, you won’t see them tearing down and staying that way for long because hamsters don’t cry. So, if you see moisture or liquid in the eyes of hamsters, it’s probably humidity, not tears.

It may seem they are crying, you can only hear that they are screaming and not see any tears on their cheeks. And there may be many reasons hamsters make crying noises, like feeling lonely, stressed, or sick.

So if you hear them crying, you don’t need to worry much because they are probably lonely and want to get out of the cage for some water, food, or companionship. So please don’t get scared. Instead, try to relax and comfort them by providing them with water, food, and a comfortable environment.

Do Hamsters Cry?

You may see much strange behavior from your favorite pet hamster-like they may scream, run or even play with their toys, but crying is not one of them because they never cry.

When you see them crying, you may feel sad, but they don’t, so don’t get scared if you notice any moisture in their eyes that isn’t a tear dropping on their cheeks.

They get watery eyes with moisture when their eyes cool down, and they weep, which is not tears, so don’t get shocked if you see that your hamster is weeping. You don’t need to panic because they don’t cry Hamsters don’t cry like human babies.

Hamsters generally make wired sounds that seem like crying noises, but there are other reasons behind such noises, like being stressed, afraid, tired or sick.

You may also hear them crying while they are sleeping because hamsters sleep a lot, and also, when they sleep, they feel uncomfortable and weep in their sleep. So don’t panic if you see them crying in their sleep.

Many hamster owners believe that their hamsters cry or scream in their sleep because they can dream and that dreams can make them sad, and they weep in their sleep because they feel uncomfortable or afraid.

If you see your hamsters cry for a long time and don’t stop for more than an hour, it may be a sign of sickness. You should take them to the vet because sick hamsters may get sick very quickly, and they can be seriously ill if they don’t get treatment on time.

Why Do Hamsters Cry or Make Crying Noises?

Hamsters can be your favorite pet, but you must remember that they are very sensitive and get very depressed quickly.

If you are a hamster owner, you have noticed their weird behavior and noises, and sometimes they may even scream or yell in their cage, which is very annoying for you but don’t worry. They are probably just stressed because they are not getting enough food, fresh water, or they don’t like their new cage and unfamiliar environment.

1. Anxiety

Anxiety plays a significant role in their weird behavior, weird noises, and crying because they may quickly become very anxious and depressed when they feel hungry or thirsty.

2. Fear

Hamsters are susceptible pets, they get scared by little things and unfamiliar environments because they don’t know what will happen next. So they become stressed and depressed very quickly. If you see them crying when they are afraid, they may be upset and nervous, so soothe them by giving them water, feeding them, and spending time with them.

Syrian Hamsters (the biggest among Hamsters) vocalize when confronted by other Hamsters as a warning or a sign of aggression. They are solitary animals, unlike Dwarf Hamsters.

3. Attention Seeking

Hamsters often cry when they try to seek attention. However, when hamsters are ignored, they may quickly become tired and frustrated. 

So if you see that your hamster is crying and screaming for your attention, don’t ignore them and spend some time with them to feel relaxed and happy.

4. Hungry

Hamsters frequently cry when they are hungry. Therefore, we must ensure that they consume a well-balanced diet of Hamster mix, fruits, vegetables, and treats. It is important to maintain your Hamster’s nutrition and ensure that it is well-balanced.

Due to their rapid metabolism, they can become hungry considerably faster than other animals. As a result, make sure your hamsters are fed daily.

5. When You  Pet Them

When hamsters get thirsty, they also whine. Make sure they have adequate water, so they don’t become dehydrated. The bottle nozzles may become blocked, which may explain why your Hamsters aren’t drinking enough.

6. When Peeing

When you touch or play with your Hamsters, and they make a whistling sound, it means they are happy and love being around you. So you can keep doing what you normally do.

7. When They Die

Hamsters might even squeal in pain if you touch them. This often happens if they have a disease like scurvy or arthritis. If this is the case, you should go to a vet immediately and find out why.

8. When Thirst

When hamsters squeal or grunt while they pee, it could be because they are in pain. Your Hamster might be crying while pees, as they may, have a serious health problem, like an infection in the urinary tract or bladder stones.

Here are some signs you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Lack of desire to consume food
  2. Not eating at the same rate as usual
  3. Urine that is either white or blood hue
  4. Manifestations of illness
  5. suffering from diseases like scurvy or arthritis

Hamsters frequently make loud noises just before they die. However, this does not happen all the time. Some Hamsters may pass away without making a sound.

When They Make These Types of Noises?

If you are an owner of a hamster, you must know that when they scream, yell, cry or weep. It can be for various reasons like they are stressed down, need some food or water, or need some attention. But sometimes, they may make them just for fun and to entertain you because when you talk to them or make sounds, your hamster may repeat them, which is hilarious for you to watch.

1. New Household

A new household can be a reason for much stress and anxiety because they don’t know what is new and how they can react to that environment; when you see that your hamsters are screaming or weeping, it may be because of a new household. So please don’t make any changes to their cage and environment that may make them feel better and may not become stressed or depressed.

2. Small Cage

Hamsters like a vast place where they can play and move freely, so they become exhausted and frustrated when traveling in a small cage. So try to place them in a very spacious cage where they may roam around freely and comfortably.

3. Unfamiliar Environment

Hamsters get very anxious and depressed when they get in an unfamiliar environment. So when you leave them alone, they may become anxious and depressed because they don’t know what to do in unfamiliar territory.

What Types of Sounds Try to Make?

Hamsters may make various noises like crying or screaming or even hissing, which is very annoying for you, but they are just funny and weird.

If you are an owner of a hamster, you may have noticed that your hamster screams in his cage sometimes or make weird sounds like a weeping sound.

1. Screaming

Screaming is something that almost every hamster can do, and they do it very loudly, which can be annoying for you.

You may see your hamster screaming and yelling in his cage, which can make a lot of noise in the room. Also, some hamsters make screaming noises when they are scared or fed up and frustrated, so you may hear them screaming in their cage.

2. Hissing

Hissing is a sound that hamsters may make when entering an unfamiliar environment.

You may hear your hamster hissing weirdly, which can be very horrifying for you to hear. But it is a clear indication of discomfort. In this situation, give them time and try to make them comfortable.

3. Squeaking

Squeaking is a sound that may confuse you, and you may think that your hamster is crying but don’t worry; they squeak when they are happy and excited.

Hamsters squeak in their cage when they are happy and enjoying themselves, which is hilarious for you to watch.

And if you see that your pet is reserved and squeaking, then it may be an injury, so rush them to the vet immediately because there are high chances of getting injured very severely.

Most Common Sounds that Hamsters

1. Squeaking

2. Hissing

3. Clicking

4. Crying and Screaming

5. Sneezing

6. Chirping

7. Cooing

How to stop them from crying?

When you see your favorite hamster is carrying or making weird noises, It’s normal to get worried. But don’t panic because your pet is trying to tell you something is bothering them or maybe just stressed down.

Try to follow these below tips that will help you to solve their problems:

1. Give Them Time and Space

It’s essential to ensure that you have given your hamsters enough time and space. Because when they don’t have enough of it, they become stressed and may cry out of stress, anxiety, and frustration.

So when you are giving them some leisure time, they should be relaxed and feel secure, which may be done by providing them with enough space to roam around and have their things to do.

2. Give Comfort to Them

Hamsters are very sensitive creatures who need more comfort, love, and affection. If you give your hamster enough comfort and love, they feel secure and relaxed, making them happy and calm, so your hamster may not cry or scream for attention.

3. Remove Tv or Loud Sounds

Hamsters get afraid very quickly, so remove any loud sounds or TV near their cage or give them some time alone in the room, so they don’t feel scared and may scream or cry for attention.

Do Hamsters Get Sad or Depressed?

Наmѕterѕ doesn’t hоw deрrеѕѕіоn оr ѕаdnеѕѕ thе еxасt wау thеу hоw аngеr аnd bоrеdоm. But the most common reason is that they aren’t getting what they need, like a safe place to live and the right food. You won’t see a dead one if they refuse to eat, stand around and laugh at the sorrow of the sage, or don’t move at all.

Why Does My Hamster Cry in His Sleep?

A hamster may start crying if they hear weird sounds or have a bad dream that scared them while sleeping.

If your hamster is sobbing in their sleep, it is best to leave them alone for a bit. You should not pick them up and try to comfort them because they may hurt you because they are afraid.

So, if you leave your sleeping hamster alone, it will ultimately be able to calm down and stop screaming on its own.

My Hamster Has Weepy Eyes

The most common eye problems or conditions that hamsters can get are listed below.

  • Dental Issues: Overgrown teeth can cause crying. Hamsters need dental care. Long-term neglect could cause discomfort.
  • Urinary Tract Infection: UTIs cause ocular discharge. Early vet care is recommended.
  • Allergies: Hamsters might be allergic to veggies and bedding. Know your Hamster’s allergies and keep them away.
  • Blocked Tear Duct: Using an earbud, clear your Hamster’s blocked tear duct. If you’re unsure, visit a vet.
  • Infection: Infections may cause sticky eye discharge or mucus. Untreated bacterial or viral infections can be dangerous. Immediately take him to the vet. He may need eye drops to treat the infection and preserve his vision.

What did we learn from all this?

I hope you get a good idea about the reasons that will make your hamster cry or scream in their cage. Never be scared or worry about their strange behavior or cry because they often act weirdly.

So try to make them happy and comfortable by providing them with fresh food, fresh water, some attention, and a familiar environment to sleep and relax. If you can follow these tips hope you will get relief from this problem quickly.

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