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Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Jam?

can dogs eat strawberry jam

Strawberry jam is among the best bread spreads people consider. Well, this is under consideration due to its sweet flavor. But don’t forget, it is safe for humans only. Yes, you read it right. So if you are thinking of feeding your canine with strawberry jam, don’t do that at all.

Don’t feel like we are blabbering. There is a solid reason behind it. So stay tuned with us to know the major reason behind restricting your canine from having a strawberry jam. Let’s get started!

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Jam?

Strawberry jam is not a good option for dogs at all. The ingredients used to prepare it are the real culprits behind keeping your dog from having it. So if your dog is watching you while you have it, avoid him.

The ingredients in it are as follows:


As the name suggests, strawberries are the main ingredient in a jam, and thankfully, it is safe to feed to your dog. But do understand that in moderation only due to the presence of natural sugar in it. If your dog is eating it in high quantities, they will become obese and might suffer from diabetes too.

Artificial sweeteners

While preparing the jam, artificial sweeteners are added to it, which again is harmful to dogs. You have no clue about the ingredients of these artificial sweeteners, so yes, it is good to avoid them.

Naturally added sugars

You may have heard that strawberry jams are prepared with natural sugar. Well, these too are not safe for dogs. The over-consumption of these sugars is responsible for obesity, skin allergies, diabetes, and some gastric issues too.

Citric acid

Citric acid is toxic to dogs. If your dog has it, they will probably suffer from gastric issues along with some central nervous system depression too.


Don’t forget, preservatives are also used while preparing strawberry jam. These preservatives are not safe for your dog’s digestive system and mental state either.

Note: There are some preservatives we use to preserve dog food, like ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), but these are not considered for human food. Thus, don’t misinterpret the same.

Fruity pectin

Fruity pectin is okay for dogs in moderation only. But in high quantities, it is toxic to dogs. While preparing strawberry jams, these are used in high doses. So, it is not advisable for dogs.

Is it safe to feed dogs strawberries?

Strawberry is a safe option for dogs. You can feed them with it, but do remember in moderation only. The moderate quantity is acceptable due to the sugar content in it. Also, while feeding your dog with strawberries, be sure to mash them properly because feeding them directly with them may lead to choking hazards.

What to do if my dog ate strawberry jam by accident?

If your dog ate strawberry jam accidentally, first of all, don’t panic. Panicking in this situation will prevent you from taking the right steps. Now check how much jam they had. If they only had a small amount, there is nothing for you to worry about. But if they had it in high quantities, do monitor them for 24 hours and see whether they are doing fine or not. If you notice even the slightest problem, do reach out to the vet and let them know about the entire episode.

Major issues that may take place include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Inflammation throughout the body
  • Skin allergies
  • Difficulty in breathing

What are the possible consequences your dog faces if they are consuming Strawberry jam (or any other jam) regularly?

You probably think that only strawberry jam is harmful and the rest are safe. Well, don’t make this mistake because, apart from fruit, all the other ingredients are mostly the same. Let’s discuss the possible consequences your dog will face after having it:


Undoubtedly, jams have high levels of sugar, which are responsible for the fluctuating blood sugar level of your canine if they consume it. If they continue with its consumption, they will become a patient of diabetes.


Excess sugar consumption requires extra digestive enzymes to metabolize sugar. Well, in this case, the pancreas gets stimulated to produce the same. The excess production of digestive enzymes leads to inflammation of the pancreas, resulting in pancreatitis in dogs.


We all know extra sweets are not safe for humans, and likewise for dogs too. Excessive sweet consumption is responsible for damaging the gum’s delicate tissue, resulting in cavities. It is also accompanied by tooth loss, bad breath, and an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.


Excess sugar consumption is the initiator of weight gain. Thus, if you are feeding your dog with excess sugar, do understand that you are giving them the supplement to gain weight. When they become obese, they will have less energy and less interest too.

Frequently Asked Questions about dogs eating Strawberry Jam

  1. Is it possible for me to prepare Strawberry jam at home for my dog?

    You can make strawberry jam at home, but it will not look like the one you just bought from the store. Also, even if you prepared it without using any preservatives, it is not advisable to feed your dog with it.

  2. Can Strawberry jam consumption kill my dog?

    If your dog tried strawberry jam for the first time, there is nothing for you to worry about. However, if you feed it to them on a regular basis while being unaware of the consequences, it will most likely kill them. Jam consumption is responsible for fluctuating blood sugar levels, which leads to diabetes.

  3. Is it safe to feed dogs Strawberry jelly instead of jam?

    Both strawberry jelly and jam are not safe for dogs. You can only consider the real fruit, and that too in moderation, to feed them.

  4. Will my dog suffer from diarrhea if he consumes Strawberry jam?

    There is a possibility that your dog may suffer from diarrhea after having a strawberry jam. This is due to the presence of additional preservatives, artificial sweeteners, citric acid, and all other ingredients.

  5. Is it safe to feed dog frozen Strawberries?

    Frozen strawberries are safe for dogs occasionally only. However, keep in mind that the frozen strawberry can also pose a choking hazard.

The takeaway from all this

Strawberry jam is not a safe option for dogs, no matter whether you have prepared it at home or bought it from the market. Alternatively, you can only feed them fruit. Some fruits for dogs are there that are best to try and fulfill their nutrition requirements too. Also, if you notice your dog behaving inappropriately after the jam or any fruit consumption, do reach out to the veterinary doctor and let them check him.

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