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Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

can dogs eat papaya

Yes, it is safe to feed papaya to dogs as long as it is given in moderation. As long as your pups do not have allergies, you can feed them.

About Papaya

can dogs eat papaya safely

Papaya is a tropical fruit and is native to Mexico and South America. Now it is grown in various nations worldwide. As papaya ripens, it changes color from green to yellow and becomes sweeter as it gets ripened. It also has black seeds. 

Some Nutrition Values of Papaya Values as per (100 g)
Water88.1 g
Protein0.47 g
Total lipid (fat)0.26 g
Fiber, total dietary1.7 g
Glucose (dextrose)4.09 g
Fructose20 mg
Calcium, Ca215
Iron, Fe0.25 mg
Magnesium, Mg21 mg
Potassium, K182 mg
Beta carotene (mcg)35.9
Lutein & zeaxanthin (mcg)84.2
Vitamin E (mg)1.0
Vitamin K (mcg)27.8
Source: US Department of Agriculture

Advantages of feeding papaya to dogs

Papaya can be given to dogs. It is a safe and healthy treat and snack and is loved by dogs. 1 The following are the advantages of it-

1. Papaya contains minerals, potassium, calcium, and folate, which are good for bones and blood.

2. It contains Vitamins A, C, E, and K, which are good for fur, skin and boost immunity. 

3. It also contains fiber, which helps prevent constipation.

4. Antioxidant properties of papaya help in boosting immunity and is good for the heart.

5. Most important advantage of papaya is its digestive enzyme. 

6. It is low calories snack.

Disadvantages of feeding papaya to dogs

Despite so many advantages, papaya has some disadvantages too. 

1. Overfeeding papaya can cause loose motion to your pet. 

2. Seeds of papaya contain a low amount of cyanide, which is harmful to a dog’s stomach. It can cause blockage. 

3. The skin of papaya is tough to digest and should not be given to dogs. It can cause stomach upset. 

4. Never give the whole papaya to your dog. It can cause choking or blockage. Always cut it into pieces before serving it to your pet. 


Although papaya contains less sugar than other fruits, it is important to note that it is a natural sugar source. Medium side papaya has 120 calories, 1 ounce of carbohydrates, and 0.6 ounces of sugars. It is therefore vital to remember that papaya is a healthy snack till it is given in moderation. Excessive and too frequent feeding can be harmful to your pet. 

Never feed any fruit without a veterinarian’s advice if your dog is a diabetic. If your dog is on medication, always ask the vet before feeding any new food to your dog. Your pet could be allergic to some fruit.

How to Feed Papaya to Dogs?

There are many ways you can feed papaya to your dog. If your dog is not allergic, you can serve 4-5 pieces in a day to medium to large-size dog. If you are giving papaya to your dog for the very first time, give it a small piece and see whether your dog likes it or not. Remember to remove its seeds, leaves, stem, and peel. 

There are three ways you can serve papaya to your dog-

  • Frozen Papaya: In hot weather, it’s the best snack. Cut the papaya into small pieces. Remember to remove seeds and peel and freeze them. And serve this treat to your pet.
  • Fresh papaya: This is the best way to feed papaya to your dog. Fruits give natural and more health benefits when they are fresh. Your pet can enjoy the fresh pulpy fruit. 
  • With other meals: You can add papaya cubes with other dog food to enjoy the taste of a meal.

Can Dogs Eat Papaya Skin?

Dogs should not eat papaya skin or peel because it is not easy to digest and may run the risk of choking hazards in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Papaya Seeds?

No, we wouldn’t suggest letting your dog eat papaya with seeds as they also contain a very minuscule amount of cyanide like apples. Also, smaller dog breeds may choke on papaya seeds. However, if your dog ate a few papaya seeds accidentally then there is not much of a risk.

Can puppies eat papaya?

While papaya can be included in a puppy’s diet, it’s crucial to introduce it gradually and in small amounts.

How often can dogs eat papaya?

Moderation is key; incorporating papaya as an occasional treat is generally safe for most dogs.


Papaya has many health benefits to dogs as well as for animals. Hence your dog can eat papaya as it’s healthy, juicy, and sweet. Just remember one thing, always give a small portion of any fruit if you are trying for the first time to see the reaction and allergy. 

If you are searching for more food options then take a look at our post about what fruits can dogs eat?

1. Papaya is safe for dogs if given in moderation. PetMD

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