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Can Dogs Eat Lychee? Is it Safe for Dogs?

can dogs eat lychee

Yes, dogs can eat lychee but we do not recommend it to feed to your dog. The seeds and skin of lychee are harmful to dogs when ingested. Lychee contains too much sugar which is also not good for your pet dog.


Nutritional components in Lychee

NutrientAmount (per 100g)
Total lipid (fat)0.44g
Source: USDA FDC

Is there any difference between Litchi/ Lychee fruit?

Well, do not feel confused because the scientific name of Lychee is “Litchi chinesis”. Both are the same.

What will happen if my dog has lychee seeds?

First of all, be sure to remove the seeds and skin from the fruit in case you are giving a very small amount as a treat. Lychee seeds are known to cause choking hazards, so keeping them away from your dogs is important.

Observe your dog for any of the below symptoms and talk to your vet immediately:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle spasms
  • Head-shaking
  • Seizures
  • Dark urine
  • Weight loss
  • Drooling

Is it safe for me to feed my dog an unripened Lychee?

No, do not feed unripened lychee to dogs. It has Hypoglycin-A. It is an amino acid responsible for causing vomiting in dogs and even in humans too. Also, it is quite sour in taste, which leads to oral irritation in dogs. Thus, do not think of feeding your dog with unripened lychee.

Can I feed my pup with lychee jam?

No, drop this idea immediately because these are high in fat, and some preservatives, along with artificial sweeteners, are also added to them.

Can lychee consumption be poisonous to dogs?

Unless you are taking all the precautions while feeding your dog with Lychee, no such condition will arise.

  • Do not forget to remove the seed and skin
  • Avoid unripened lychees
  • Give a very small piece only as treat

Can Lychee be toxic to dogs?

Unripened Lychee is toxic to dogs, but ripened Lychee is not. It has high quantities of Hyploglycin-A amino acid, which is known to cause Jamaican vomiting sickness.

How long will it take my dog to recover after consuming unripened Lychee?

It entirely depends on the dog and how soon you take him to the vet. The rest depends on multiple factors like:

  • the amount of lychee consumed
  • Your dog’s stature
  • Your canine’s age
  • General health
  • Care you are doing

Can I feed my dog with a lychee outer cover?

The outer cover of Lychee (the reddish-orange colored coat, or say, the peel) is not safe for dogs. First of all, it is not edible, so it is integral to remove it. Secondly, the Lychee fruit outer cover is quite rough in texture, which will cause oral problems for your dog.

Can I feed my dog other fruits that are different or the same as Lychee?

Fruits are also good for dogs. There are so many other options available that you can consider. You can check out our post to learn what fruits can dogs eat safely and what fruits are unsafe.

Can I feed my diabetic dog Lychee?

Not at all! If your dog is diabetic, do not feed him with it because it is high in sugar and will impact your dog’s blood sugar level negatively.

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