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Can Dogs Eat Ketchup?

can dogs eat ketchup

Ketchup, everyone must have heard this word; if not, ask your children & they will talk about this with great interest. The average volume consumed in Tomato Ketchup Segment is 1.8 kg per person. Everyone loves to eat ketchup, especially junk food which shows that it is most popular among youngsters. While eating French fries or burgers, have you ever offered a bite to your pet with some ketchup on it? If yes, have you wondered is it safe for your dog? Yes, you can give them once in a blue moon but make sure that they don’t get addicted to it like you or your children. Now, why so? This is because ingredients present in ketchup can harm your pet. So, it would be best if you found out exactly what is there in the ketchup that you are going to give to your pet. Generally, ketchup includes salt, sugar, artificial flavors, tomatoes, and some chemicals also which can create problems for your dog. So, do not forget to read the ingredients mentioned at the backside of the packet or container before serving it to your pet.

Which Ingredients Are There in Ketchup?

Generally, ketchup is made up of tomatoes. Besides tomatoes, ketchup includes ingredients like onions, garlic, salt, extra sugar, cinnamon, etc. Some of these ingredients are not good for your dog, and there is a chemical called xanthan, mainly added to make ketchup thick. This chemical is not suitable for your dog in any situation. Moreover, too much ketchup can cause allergic reactions to your dog.

What can happen If you feed ketchup to your dog regularly?

You must have heard this saying, “Anything is worst at its extreme point.” Similarly, overeating will raise problems for your dog. This may include:

1. Heart–related problems: Valvular disease is the most common heart disease that you can find in dogs. In larger breeds, you can see the myocardial disease too in all ages of dogs. In addition, puppies are more mischievous than adult dogs. So, make sure you hide ketchup from them because they are more prone to this disease.

2.   Obesity: If your dog is overweight, then it’s essential to provide him with a healthy and balanced diet to keep him fit and healthy. Therefore, make sure that he stays away from this type of harmful and unhealthy food. If your dog is fit and healthy, you are concerned about his health because unhealthy food like ketchup can lead to obesity. This can similarly lead to obesity in humans also.

3. Diabetes: Diabetes is a common disease nowadays that you can find in every fourth person. You also know that there is no specific treatment for this disease, and it can only be managed by abstinence. Similarly, if your dog is suffering from this disease, then you should make sure he stays away from ketchup because ketchup includes sugar in it, which is not good for diabetic patients. If your dog is not having this disease, then you can prevent him as “Prevention is better than cure.”

What are the symptoms?

If you have seen your dog eating ketchup and you are not sure that how he will react, then watch for the symptoms mentioned below:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Reddish color of urine
  • Seeming weaker than usual
  • Pale gums
  • Swelling
  • Clumsiness


Let’s sum up everything that we have learned. You can also give your dog ketchup once in a while after checking the ingredients mentioned at the backside of the packet. The ketchup containing garlic powder or onion powder with extra salt and sugar is not at all good for your pet. 

Bear in mind; even if you got the ketchup without onion powder or garlic powder with less quantity of sugar and salt, you should know that ketchup is high in sodium because sodium makes your dog dehydrated quickly. 

Consequently, dogs don’t need ketchup, and if still sometimes you bend your head against their demand, then try to give them homemade ketchup so that you can add the ingredients which are healthy for them.

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