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Can Dogs Eat Guava?

can dogs eat guava

What is Guava?

guava fruit
Scientific name: Psidium guajava

Guava is a tropical fruit native to Mexico, South and North America. The flesh of Guava is light pink and off-white. Every part of this plant is used for medicinal purposes. It is used for bad stomach conditions, diabetes, and healing wounds. In addition, fruit is used for high blood pressure.

There are so many health benefits of Guava for humans. But, is Guava good for pets also? Can we feed Guava to our pets without any worries? Let’s learn about it.

Can dogs eat Guava?

Yes, Dogs can safely eat Guava. It is rich in VitaminC, A, B, K, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants that help in boosting your dog’s immune system. Guava also helps in keeping eyesight safe and keeps the condition of skin, red blood cells, and bones great.

There are some fruits that your dog can eat in plenty, and some fruits can be eaten in moderate quantities. When we talk about Guava, it should be given in a moderate quantity to your dog. Dogs with diabetic problems should not eat Guava because it is high in sugar content. 

Is Guava good for dogs

Guava is good and contains medicinal properties. It’s good for humans and animals. Here are some nutrients and benefits of Guava-

NameAmount (values as per portion of 100g)
Total lipid (fat)0.95g
Fiber, total dietary5.4g
Sugars, total including NLEA8.92g
Iron, Fe0.26mg
Magnesium, Mg22mg
Potassium, K417mg
Sodium, Na2mg
Source: USDA FDC

Vitamins:  Guava is an excellent source of Vitamin C, A, B, K. Vitamin A and K helps in keeping a good metabolism in dogs. It also helps in the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Guava contains a good amount of vitamin B. It enhances the process of neurochemical production. Vitamin C act as a good immunity booster for dogs. 

Iron: Guava contains iron, which helps form hemoglobin and red blood cells in the dog’s body.

Fiber: Fiber helps to keep a good digestion system of dogs. 

Potassium: Guava contains a good amount of potassium. It helps in keeping organs healthy and for the growth of muscles. 

Magnesium: Magnesium helps in keeping the body relaxed and stress-free. It also helps in producing energy and regenerating muscles. 

Sodium: Sodium helps in controlling blood pressure 

Is Guava Poisonous to Dogs?

Fruits given in moderation are okay, and overconsumption can lead to severe problems. When we talk about Guava, it is safe for dogs when given in moderation. Due to the overconsumption of Guava, serious digestive issues can occur and can also cause vomiting & diarrhea. It contains carbs and sugar, which is a big no to dogs and leads to obesity and blood sugar issues. One more thing to remember is never to feed guava seeds to your dog. It is a choking hazard for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Ripe Guava?

Yes, dogs can eat ripe Guava. You can take out the pulp of Guava and feed it to your pet. How to know when Guava is ripe? When the Guava changes its color from dark green to light green and can be easily squeezed from fingers, it becomes ripe. 

Can Dogs Eat Guava Rind?

Guava skin is safe for dogs. It is like apple skin. But if your dog is more sensitive to fiber, you can give only the fruit’s pulp.

Can Dogs Eat Guava Leaves?

No, don’t feed guava leaves to your dog. It may upset their stomach. 

Can Dogs Eat Guava Paste?

Although guava paste tastes fantastic, don’t feed it to dogs. Guava paste contains so much sugar, and even a small amount of guava paste can increase blood sugar in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Guava?

Yes, you can give dried Guava to dogs. They will enjoy chewing it. But remember not to give too much as dried Guava also contains sugar.

Can Dogs Eat Guava Yogurt?

Guava Yogurt in a cup

Yes, dogs can eat guava yogurt. But make sure yogurt doesn’t contain sugar or any artificial ingredients. Yogurt is safe for dogs but your dog might face issues in digesting it due to lactose intolerance. So, a very small quantity is fine.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Guava?

green apple guavas

Apple guava is just like lime, and dogs can eat it safely. However, you need to make sure to remove its skin before feeding it to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple Guava?

Pineapple Guava
Scientific name: Acca sellowiana, native to South American parts like southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Argentina. Also known as Feijoa.

Pineapple guava is also known as feijoa. It is grown in South America, Brazil, and north Argentina. Yes, dogs can eat it but remove the peel before serving and give in a less quantity. 

Can Dogs Eat Red Guava?

Red Guava

Red Guava tastes like strawberry and is red. It is safe for dogs when given in moderation.

Can Dogs Eat White Guava?

White Guava

White Guava is generally known as Mexican Guava. The pulp of these guavas is soft and creamy and is safe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Thai Guava?

Thai Guava

Thai Guava is the same as other varieties of guavas. It is grown in Thailand and is commonly known as farang. It is crunchy and is safe for dogs to eat. 

How to Give Guava to Your Dog?

The best way to feed Guava to your dog is as follows-

Remove the peel of Guava if you are feeding it for the first time to your dog. Just give a small portion of the Guava peel if you want to test the reaction of the dog. 

  • Remove the guava seeds and feed only the pulp of the Guava.
  • Cut the Guava into small pieces and serve it in a moderate quantity.
  • Mash the ripped Guava and serve it to your dog.

Did You Feed Your Dog Too Much Guava?

If your pet is usually okay with Guava, but some signs of digestive discomfort occur, it means you feed it too much. It can cause bloating, loose motion, or cramping. So it is suggested to feed Guava to your dog in a moderate quantity.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Guava?

Allergies from Guava are most common in humans. Dogs could also have allergies to Guava. To know whether your pet is allergic to Guava or not, try with a small piece of Guava to feed your dog and wait for some time to see the reaction.

If your dog is allergic to Guava, signs like itching, indigestion, swelling of the face, infection in paws and ears might occur. This is the alarm to stop feeding guavas to them. 

And if you don’t notice any such signs, your dog can easily enjoy eating guavas. 


Guava is a safe and healthy fruit for dogs. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As long as you feed them in a moderate quantity and without seeds, it’s good for them. But if you feed in excess amount, it can cause digestive problems. Also, remember not to feed Guava to a diabetic dog because it is high in sugar.

Apart from this you can feed your dog many other fruits as well. Keeping a variety in your dog’s diet is good for its health.

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