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Can Dogs Eat French Toast?

can dogs eat french toast

French Toast is love. This nutritious breakfast is majorly loved by everyone around because of its taste and other healthy ingredients used to prepare it. Frankly speaking, if someone fed me French Toast regularly, I would love to have the same.

Well, getting straight into the discussion, here we are discussing whether your canine friend can have it or not. Probably you have thought about the same thing, and your search led you here. Stay tuned with us because this read is all about the same. Here we discuss whether French toast consumption is safe for dogs or not. Let’s get started!

Can dogs eat French Toast?

french toast

Absolutely not! French Toast is not a safe option for dogs. The reason is the availability of some harmful ingredients in it. Ingredients like flour, syrup, and gluten are safe for humans but not for your canine.

Note: As a canine owner, you need to be sure of their food and always consider that dog food that is safe and healthy for them. If they consume something harmful call for an emergency.

What is French Toast, and what are the ingredients it contains?

French Toast is a dish that originated in Ancient Rome and is known as “pain perdu” in French. This dish is prepared by dipping or soaking bread slices in beaten eggs, milk, along with some other ingredients like vanilla and cinnamon, and pan-frying them until they turn brown.

It is famous with some other names too, like Eggy Bread, Gypsy Toast, Poor Knights, and so on. People consider it one of the healthiest breakfast options available. But as we have mentioned, it is not meant for dogs.

As a result, even if your dog is staring at you to have it as their food, avoid them because entertaining them can land you in hot water. We are sure you might be thinking that all the ingredients used are safe and natural and will not cause any harm to your dog. In this case, do have a look at the ingredients and their positive or negative effects on your dog. The ingredients under consideration for making French Toast are as follows:


Eggs hit the category of safe foods for dogs. It is a great source of nutrition as it is high in protein and other essential vitamins and amino acids. All these nutrients are known to support dogs from the inside out and help them have a healthy lifestyle.

Note: There are some rare cases where your dog will develop sensitivity to eggs. If this is the case with your dog, French Toast will no longer be a safe option for him.


Milk in high quantities is not advisable for dogs, as lactose intolerance is very common in dogs. A small amount is safe, but don’t be regular with it. Don’t misinterpret it as a source of protein in the case of dogs. So yes, when milk is added while making the French Toast, it makes it unsafe for dogs, and you should not feed it to them.

Note: Don’t feed your dog leftover French Toast either, because this too may have milk content that can lead to further problems.


Bread is the main ingredient while preparing French Toast. Well, plain white bread is a safe option for dogs until and unless they have become sensitive to it. If your dog is allergic to bread, it is not advisable to feed it to them.

Note: If you feel like dogs can get sensitive to white bread alone, don’t make this mistake. Dogs also get sensitive to brown bread. So, before you feed your dog bread, make a mental note of everything that has happened in the past.

Nutmeg (optional)

Nutmeg is toxic to dogs. So if you are adding nutmeg to your French Toast, keep it far away from your dog. It has myristicin, a compound that has an adverse effect on a dog’s health.

Maple and corn syrup (optional)

Maple syrup and corn syrup are safe options for dogs in minimal amounts only. These are high in sugar and can promote skin allergies too. Thus, to keep your dog safe, avoid it.

Note: Adding maple and corn syrup to your dog’s diet regularly will make your dog obese and diabetic too.

So yes, it is right to conclude that French Toast is not a safe option for dogs. Though it has some healthy ingredients in it, like eggs, it is not advisable because the majority is made of harmful ingredients. Also, do not think of feeding your dog with bread because it is not safe for them, and likewise, bread dough too.

What happens if a dog eats French Toast?

Well, if your dog unfortunately consumed French Toast, don’t panic. First of all, you need to stop feeding French Toast immediately instead of panicking. Now analyze your dog. If they just had a bite, there would be no problem, and most likely, they would behave as they were behaving. They will probably suffer from gastric issues, so don’t worry as it will not last for more than 48 hours.

How Do I Prepare French Toast for My Dog? 

Well, if you want your dog to have the taste of French Toast, do follow the simple recipe below. This can act as an occasional treat for them.

  1. Cut the piece of bread into small strips. (Don’t take more than one bread piece.)
  2. Mix an egg together with two egg whites. Be sure to check that these are completely mixed.
  3. Add a little milk to the egg mixture. (You can use coconut milk if your dog is allergic to cow milk.)
  4. Take a non-stick pan, heat it lightly, and coat it with cooking spray.
  5. Take the bread, dip it in the egg and milk mixture and fry it on both sides until it turns brown.
  6. Put them on a plate and garnish them with peanut butter and bananas for your dog.

Can puppies eat French Toast?

We all know that we need to be a bit careful with adult dogs. But if you have a puppy, you need to be a lot more careful. If you are thinking of feeding a puppy with French Toast, drop the option immediately. Their digestive systems are not properly developed, and consuming French Toast will put them at great risk as it is high in sugar and has some other allergenic ingredients like nutmeg.

Note: In case of puppies, you cannot be an irresponsible fellow. Be sure to equip your dog’s diet with all the best and healthiest options. This will help them in their overall development.

The takeaway from all this

French Toast is not a safe option for dogs as it is a combination of sugar and milk and some other ingredients. If you are thinking of feeding your dog with it, drop the option immediately until and unless you are ready to prepare it using a recipe suited for dogs. Also, if they have consumed it (the one you made for you), don’t panic because French toast consumption will not cost them their life. They will probably suffer from gastric issues or some allergies, but that will not last more than 48 hours.

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