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Can Dogs Eat Butter?

can dogs eat butter

Dogs are always ready to try human food. Some human food options are safe for them, whereas some are not. However, in this read, we will find out whether butter is a safe option for your dog or not.

As we all know, there is a hot debate going on about the health benefits butter gives to humans if consumed adequately. But we cannot consider this an ultimate truth in the case of dogs.

Butter is not toxic to dogs, and they can have them. But do know only in moderation. If they are consuming butter in high quantities, there are chances for them to suffer from different health conditions, including pancreatitis. For more details keep reading till the last and understand whether it is safe for them or not. 

Can dogs eat butter?

Butter is not toxic to dogs, and technically your pooch can have it. But the canine owner needs to be sure of the quantity they are feeding. In high quantities, it will put your dog at the risk of suffering from pancreatitis. It is an inflammation of the pancreas and a serious condition to deal with.

Furthermore, butter is high in calorie content which ultimately leads to weight gain in them, and as we all know, obesity in dogs is responsible for inviting so many health issues, including cardiac diseases.

Note: Most dogs are lactose intolerant, and dairy products like butter are responsible for causing gastric issues in them, including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and so on. Sometimes, the issues become so severe that it leads to bloody stools. Therefore, if you know that your dog is lactose intolerant, it is advisable not to feed them with butter.

Advantages or Disadvantages of feeding butter to dogs

Well, do know the advantages of feeding butter to dogs are very less as compared to disadvantage and these are as follows:

  • Butter consumption is responsible for causing gastric issues.
  • Butter consumption is responsible for causing pancreatitis.
  • Consumption of butter can make a dog obese.
  • Dogs who are lactose intolerant suffer from gastric allergies after consuming butter.

Possible complications that take place if a dog eats butter:

The possible complications that can happen to a dog after eating butter includes:

  • Delayed Onset Vomiting (1-4 days after eating it)
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea (maybe with blood in the stool)
  • Reduced Appetite

How to know whether butter is safe for my dog or not?

In general, it is not advisable to feed dogs with butter. If they have consumed butter and doing fine for the next 24 hours, they are fine. But if not, then do know it is not for them.

Do dogs love butter?

Dogs always love to have food that is high in calories, and likewise, they love to have butter. Furthermore, butter also has a salty flavor, making it more delicious, and your pooch can’t resist trying the same taste. Also, if you fed them bread with butter spread, they have more chances to like it every time you feed it to them.

Can butter consumption kill my dog?

Butter consumption is not responsible for killing dogs. If you are feeding your dog with moderate quantities only, there are negligible chances for them to suffer from any such issues. But do know if you have a dog with a sensitive digestive system, there are chances they suffer from some gastric allergies, and in such case, you need to reach the vet as soon as possible.

Is butter bad or ok for dogs?

Butter is ok for dogs only in tiny quantities, but if they had it in high quantities, there are chances they will suffer from unnecessary health issues.

 For a canine friend, it is important to notice whether your dog is doing fine after having it or not. If your dog is fine, do think of feeding them with butter; otherwise, drop the idea right away.

What to do if my dog consumed butter in high quantities?

If you notice your dog consuming butter in high quantities, it is important to stop them right away and take all the preventive measures. Certain things you can consider include:-

  • Keep butter away from their sight to prevent them from eating more.
  • Analyze the bowl of butter and your dog to know how much they have consumed. If you’re in the state to tell how much they consumed, this will be a great help.
  • Observe their health after they consumed butter.
  • Reach to the vet right away and let them know about the complete episode that happened.
  • Follow all the advice the vet is suggesting, and if still, you notice any problem, contact them again.

How will the vet deal with the episode where my dog has eaten butter?

If your dog has eaten the butter and you reach the vet, there are certain steps they will take. But do know the steps they adapt depend on the timing in which the dog had it. This is as follows:

If consumed butter in last 4 hours

The vet will give an injection to the dog to induce vomiting. It is helpful in bringing out the butter and will not cause any further problems.

If consumed butter more than 4 hours ago

The vet will give some injections and medication to prevent further damage and suggest you put a close eye on your dog. You need to observe whether your dog is doing fine or not.

Note: in some cases, the vet suggests some clinical tests to analyze the dog’s exact condition and diagnose the damage butter consumption might have caused to them.

Can I feed my dog with food dishes where I use butter for baking?

First of all, it is important to analyze whether the food you baked with butter is safe for them or not. If the food you baked is safe for them, then you can move ahead and feed them.

But if the food is not safe, we suggest you drop the idea of feeding them with it because eventually, it will make your dog sick.

Frequently Asked Questions about feeding butter to dogs

  1. Is ghee a safe option for dogs?

    Do know ghee is clarified butter. With clarified butter, we mean that all the lactose is removed. But still, it is high in calories which makes it a non-suitable option for dogs.

  2. Can I feed my dog with vegan butter?

    Small quantities of vegan butter will not damage your dog, so yes, if you are thinking of feeding it to them, you can move ahead with it.

  3. Can I feed my dog with garlic butter?

    Garlic is toxic to dogs, and when added to butter, it makes it toxic. Thus, do not feed your dog with garlic butter at all.

What we learned from all this

Butter is not toxic to dogs, but it is still not advisable to feed it to them in high quantities and regularly. Some dog breeds are so sensitive that they immediately develop some symptoms that call for an emergency. If you have such a dog breed, be sure to check twice before introducing such food items to them. However, only dog food is one of the safest options for dogs. Do not go for any fancy dish available around for them.

After feeding butter to your dog, do notice them carefully. If you notice any change in them, reach out to the vet right away because ignoring such a condition does not make any sense.

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