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Can Dogs Eat Apple Skin?

can dogs eat apple skin

Feeding a dog with apple skin is not a bad choice but excess of everything is bad. If you feed your pup with a little Apple skin, it will not cause any problem rather contributes to some additional benefits. If dogs consumed a good amount of apple peel, they would have to encounter digestive issues for sure.

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away,” we all are well-versed with this quote since our childhood. As humans, we can have an apple regularly. But what if we are feeding our dog with it too? What if our dog is enjoying the apple peel we barely like to eat? If you are someone looking out to know whether feeding your pup with apple peel is safe or not, do pay attention to this read as we got you and help you to know whether it is right to feed your dog with it or not.

Can Dogs Be Fed Apple Skin?

Absolutely yes! Dogs can eat apple skin but be sure about the quantity of apple peel you are feeding them. In small quantities, this will not be problematic, but large quantities are associated with some risks too. The large quantities will upset their digestion, so yes, feeding in a sparingly small quantity can be taken into consideration.

Note: Feeding your dog with few apple slices can be a good option as it is the best low-calorie treat for them. But don’t forget, before serving, throw out the seed and apple core.

Benefits of feeding dog with Apple peel or skin

Even the small quantities you are feeding your dog serve out different benefits. These are as follows:-

  • Apple skin has ursolic acid helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Apple skin is a good source of Vitamin A and C. Thus, feeding your dog with peels will boost up their immunity, bone health, dental health, and vision health too.
  • Apple skin has triterpenoids that sufficiently kill the cancer cells to prevent your dog from facing such chronic diseases.

Risks of feeding dogs with apple skin

Feeding a large quantity of apple skin can be problematic. The major linked problems are as follows:-

  • Digestive problems are majorly seen if dogs have fed with large quantities of Apple peels. Rest depends on the dog breed too.
  • Among small dogs and pups, apple skin poses choking hazards too. Thus, make sure to cut down the peel so small that this will not happen.  
  • If the apple peels have been fed to the dog along with seeds, these cause cyanide poisoning. A lethal dose of cyanide gets accumulated in their body. Thus, be sure the peels are not mixed with seeds.

Start feeding your dog with a minimum quantity of apple peels and observe the after activities and changes happening. These help you to notice whether your dog’s body is adaptable to apple skin or not.

Final Verdict

Apple peels are not life-threatening if fed to dogs in small quantities. If any problem arises, do get in touch with a veterinary doctor immediately so that it will not lead to major issues lately. Also, pay attention to what else is there with the peels. If apple seeds are there mixed with peels, just drop the option and fed something else to your pup.

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