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Can Dogs Drink Oat Milk?

can dogs drink oat milk

Oat milk is among the healthiest options we can all have. It is high in protein and has other nutrients as well. Do you know that, along with humans, dogs can also drink oat milk?

If you have a canine at your place, chances are there you might have searched for this query and are looking forward to knowing whether you can feed your dog with oat milk or not.

Well, here we have got you, and fortunately, oat milk is a safe option for dogs, and you can feed it to them. It is packed with plant-based protein and is beneficial for them. But do remember, in one go, it is advisable to feed a limited quantity only.

For better understanding, keep reading. Here we are discussing whether you can feed oat milk to your dog or not. Let’s get started!

Can dogs drink Oat milk?

Yes. Dogs can drink oat milk. It is derived from soaked whole grains mixed with water. In some cases, a sweetener like sugar is also added to make it tasty. However, do understand that it is highly digestible and does not contain any toxic components. So even if you are feeding it to your dog on a regular basis, in moderation, it will not cause any problem for them.

But it is important to understand that if they are feeding oat milk in high quantities, the chances of constipation and diarrhea will increase because it is loaded with fiber. High fiber consumption is responsible for causing gastrointestinal issues.

Note: It is comprised of plant-based protein and is loaded with fiber. Therefore, do understand that oat milk is a safe option for dogs in moderation, and there is nothing wrong with it. Canine owners just need to know its quantity before feeding it to their dogs.

Along with that, check that the oat milk you are purchasing is unflavored and sugar-free too. The reason being is that some flavors are toxic to dogs, even in small amounts, and sugar consumption can make your dog diabetic.

Nutritional components in Oat milk

As we have already discussed, oat milk is loaded with different nutrients. Well, the nutrients available in it include Vitamin-B complex, Vitamin D, and calcium. All these nutrients are must-haves for dogs, and if you are feeding your dog with oat milk, their nutrient requirements will be fulfilled to an extent.

However, keep in mind that it cannot be used in place of dog food. You need to be sure to integrate quality dog food into your pet dog’s diet.

Benefits of feeding dogs with oat milk

Oat milk is loaded with different nutrients, providing various benefits to the dog. These are as follows:

  • Oat milk is a dairy-free product, which means it does not contain any irritants and has low allergens.
  • Consumption of oat milk helps build strong bones.
  • Oat milk consumption helps boost the immunity system.
  • Oat milk consumption helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Oat milk consumption prevents anemia.
  • Oat milk is loaded with fiber and helps maintain bowel health.

Risk of feeding dogs with oat milk

Oat milk is not toxic to dogs and is rather a healthy substitute. But high quantities are not suitable for dogs because they are enriched with fiber, upsetting the dog’s stomach. Some potential causes of feeding a dog with oat milk include:


If the oat milk is loaded with sugar, the dog will become hyperactive. For a while, you notice they are behaving annoyingly, and sometimes it is impossible to control them. In addition, their heart rate would be increased, and they would also suffer from anxiety.

Obesity and diabetes

Regular consumption of oat milk in high quantities is not advisable because it leads to obesity and diabetes in some people.

If you notice that your dog has consumed a large amount of oat milk, be ready to deal with the gastrointestinal issues they will suffer with. The possibility is there that you need to approach the veterinary doctor, and if you notice any serious signs, don’t be late to reach him.

Can a dog drink chocolate oat milk?

Adding flavor to oat milk is not advisable. Likewise, if you are thinking of feeding your dog with chocolate oat milk, drop the idea right away. Chocolate has theobromine in high, which is relatively toxic to dogs. In ready-made forms, the chocolate oat milk is not available, so if you still wish to feed it to them, you can prepare it at home only with dog-safe chocolate only.

Note: Some dog breeds are quite specific about the foods they love and also have a sensitivity to certain food ingredients. Likewise, if your pup is sensitive, drop the idea of preparing chocolate oat milk at home.

Can dogs drink vanilla oat milk?

The vanilla flavor is not a safe option for dogs even in moderate quantities. Therefore, do not think of feeding your dog with vanilla oat milk.

Is it safe to add dry fruits to oat milk before feeding it to dogs?

Do not add dry fruits to dogs because some experts agree that they have some chemical compounds that are potentially toxic to dogs. Thus, do not add dry fruits to oat milk before feeding dogs.

Things to consider before introducing plant-based milk to your dog

Oat milk is plant-based milk, and likewise, there are other kinds of milk on the market, including soy milk, almond milk, and so on. However, before you introduce plant-based milk to your dog, consider the below-mentioned points:

Check out the nutritional values

Check out the nutritional values as mentioned on the packet before feeding it to your dog. There are some plant-based ready-made milk products available loaded with sugar. High sugar content is not safe for dogs.

Check for artificial ingredients

On the milk packet, there is information available for artificial ingredients. It is advisable to check it out. If you notice that there is xylitol used as a natural sweetener, drop the idea of feeding the same plant-based milk to your pup.

Do have a conversation with the veterinary doctor

Conversation with the veterinary doctor is important before introducing plant-based milk like oat milk to your dog because some dogs have a very sensitive digestive system, and they are unable to tolerate its effect. If you have a previous episode with your dog where they have consumed something new and suffered from gastrointestinal issues, it is a suggestion to drop the idea.

Check out the ingredients used

Different kinds of plant milk are available on the market, and when you are moving ahead to purchase one, check out the main ingredient along with all the accompanying ingredients. This is helpful in deciding whether your dog can resist its effect or not.

Oat milk should not be sweetened

Adding sugar to oat milk is not advisable because some dogs are not accustomed to having it, and sugar is responsible for causing diabetes and obesity as well.

Avoid adding additional sweetener to oat milk:

When preparing oat milk at home, it is suggested not to add any additional artificial sweeteners, like xylitol. It is toxic to dogs.

What we learned from all this

Oat milk is a safer option for dogs in moderation. It is right to conclude that it is a healthy substitute for milk and provides different benefits for the dog. But being high in fiber is not advisable because it is responsible for causing upset stomachs. Apart from this problem, there will be no such problem at all. If you have a dog with a sensitive digestive system, be sure to talk with the veterinary doctor before introducing it to their diet.

After introducing it to them, if you notice any change in them, stop feeding them with oat milk right away.

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