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Can a Hamster Live without A Hamster Wheel?

Can a hamster live without a hamster wheel

A Hamster wheel is essential for any hamster. It is a necessity for them. Not having a wheel is not an ideal situation because a hamster wheel keeps them active, happy, and healthy. If your hamster doesn’t have a wheel in its cage, it will affect its health.

Hamsters are prone to worry and stress, and they are particularly vulnerable because they are kept confined and therefore want to protect themselves from predators. 

You can see the side effects of not having a wheel in your hamsters, like obesity, anxiety, and stress. Since obesity is common in hamsters, they are prone to health issues like joint pain, diabetes, liver problems, heart conditions, etc. Without a wheel, they cannot distract themselves. Certain behaviors common to stressed hamsters can indicate they are not in a happy or healthy place, such as clicking teeth, pacing, running around, or moving items around. Without a way to exercise, your hamster will become sedentary.

So keeping a wheel in the cage will keep your hamster happy and active.

How long can a hamster go without a wheel?

There is no set time frame. However, it is advised that hamsters shouldn’t be confined to a cage without wheels for longer than three to seven days. Perhaps, it depends on their age, their cage, the number of accessories, etc. Anytime beyond this period is likely to harm your hamster, like gaining weight or developing bad habits. 

You can provide your hamster with a large enough hamster ball or plenty of playtime outside the cage if it can’t use a wheel. However, if it cannot run around and burn off excess energy, it can get very sad, stressed, and even quite withdrawn. 

That’s why you should never keep the wheel out of the cage for an extended period. The wheel may need to be removed from time to time for various reasons, such as transportation or cleaning. Everything will be alright as long as the wheel is placed again in the hamster cage.

Solid hamster wheels

Can a hamster die if it does not have a wheel?

Hamsters are extremely busy animals. They are energetic, curious, and inquisitive rodents. As a result, they need a way to burn off the excess energy. 

A hamster will not die if it does not have access to a hamster wheel. A wheel, on the other hand, is highly suggested because it will provide daily activity and assist your hamster in maintaining good cardiovascular health. It can also aid your hamster’s mental health because they appreciate staying active.

A hamster will become bored, stressed, and develop long-term health problems if it does not have access to a wheel or a flying saucer wheel.

According to studies, hamsters can become stressed, which significantly impacts how long they live. A bored hamster is more likely to become stressed, shortening its lifespan. 

If your hamster cannot use a wheel, offer it plenty of outside playing or a large enough hamster ball. 

Wild hamsters don’t have hamster wheels. So then why don’t they die?

Of course, they don’t, but they do have access to an unlimited and unfettered terrain. If we can’t get out for a run or a lengthy walk, we can pace it out on the spot, just like we can on a treadmill. It’s also therapeutic for us. Hamsters spend most of their time moving and running in their natural habitat. In the wild, hamsters typically spend the entire night chasing food and digging burrows. As they are prey animals and are always in danger from predators. 

Unfortunately, when they are kept in captivity, all of this is stripped from their existence. We’ve removed all of the risks, but we’ve also removed all of the excitement. So in captivity, it is recommended that they need something like a hamster wheel. So that they can run on it for a long time, just like in their natural habitat. This hamster wheel also helps them remain active and healthy. 

How many miles does a hamster run at night?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a hamster can travel six miles on its wheel in a single night. This distance will not be covered in one long run by a hamster. Your hamster will run on the wheel in brief bursts, accumulating six miles approx. This is for a hamster on a hamster wheel or flying saucer as a pet. As far as we are aware, there haven’t been any concrete data for the distance covered by wild hamsters.

When your hamster is running, make sure its spine is not arched, as this might cause long-term injury. Also, make sure your hamster has a flat, rung-free space to run on the wheel to prevent its legs from becoming snagged and harmed.

Can I take the hamster wheel out at night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals meaning they are active during nighttime. They run 5-6 miles a day approximately. So to cover the distance, they need a wheel to run. It shows how essential a hamster wheel is for your pet. If you take the wheel out at night, you might be cutting into your pet’s exercise routine, resulting in health problems like obesity and inactiveness. So, removing the hamster wheel at night is not a good idea because it is the only source of fun and activity. 

For your hamster to stay active and happy, it must have a wheel at night. As well as allowing it to burn those extra calories, this wheel ensures your pet stays active and happy. If the sound of the wheel disturbs you, put it in a different room or somewhere where you won’t hear it. You might also try a wheel that doesn’t make any noise.

What did all of this teach us?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals that run several miles a night. They are lively, curious rodents. As a result, they require a means to burn off surplus energy. If a hamster does not have access to the wheel, it will get obese and stressed, reducing its lifespan in the long run. 

Hamsters can survive without a hamster wheel, but it indirectly harms them. For example, boredom can cause stress in hamsters, which reduces their lifetime.

We hope you like this article and get your answer about whether hamsters can live without a hamster wheel. Therefore take care of your hamster and their health.

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