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Are Hamsters Dangerous?

Are Hamsters Dangerous

Hamsters are not dangerous. They are cute, small animals that make good pets if you know how to take care of them. If you have done your research about their food, nature, habitat, health issues, sleeping, and eating habits before adopting a hamster, then those are not dangerous.

On the other hand, if you make an instant decision to get a pet hamster without proper research, then caring for it won’t be easy. Of course, the same is the case for any other pet. 

Still, if you want to know why some people consider hamsters dangerous, read this till the end.

Reasons why some people think that hamsters are dangerous

Hamsters Bite

If you ever try to put your finger in a hamster cage, then they might try to bite you. It’s not that they are aggressive; instead, they just want to judge the incoming object by tasting it. They rely less on their other senses like eyesight and smell. They might also bite if they are scared, sick, or hungry. So, be careful while handling hamsters as their sharp teeth could cause your finger to bleed.

If a hamster has bitten your finger, clean it with soap and water. Then apply an antiseptic and antibacterial solution. Observe the bite for any infection and if any symptoms appear, reach out to the doctor.

Solution: Handle the hamster with care and love, and it won’t bite you so much. Also, teach your children the right way to care for a hamster. Also, adult supervision is necessary while children are interacting with a hamster. As hamsters are delicate creatures that require gentle handling.

Nocturnal behavior (Sleep at day and Run at night)

They mostly sleep all day and don’t like to be disturbed. And at night, they run on their hamster wheels or saucer. If you have a pet hamster in your bedroom, then their nighttime activity might disturb your sleep. We would not consider this behavior dangerous but a little bit annoying.

Solution: This is not a big issue as you can change the resting place of your hamster so that it doesn’t disturb you at night.

Hamsters might carry diseases, germs, and bacteria

If you have small children at home, then be careful while having a hamster as a pet. They sometimes carry some bacteria that might infect children and cause an unnecessary visit to the doctor. So, this might be slightly dangerous if you have small kids who might play with hamsters in your absence.

Solution: Keep your hamsters clean and clean their living space and cage. Also, make a habit of washing your hands with soap after interacting with a hamster.  

Frequently asked questions about keeping hamsters as pets.

  1. Can a hamster hurt you? Are hamster bites dangerous?

    Although hamsters are not aggressive, sometimes they can hurt you by biting. So, be careful while handling them.

  2. Is it safe to have hamsters at home?

    Hamsters are safe to have at home but be careful if you have small children or pregnant women at home. These pets can carry Salmonella and other bacteria, which is not good for children and pregnant women. So, either do not adopt a hamster or keep it in another room and maintain strict hygiene if you already have one.

  3. Is hamster poop harmful to humans?

    Hamster poop can sometimes contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella or a virus responsible for lymphocytic choriomeningitis. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get a pet hamster. All you have to do is keep the hamster cage clean, wash your hands properly and maintain a strict hygienic routine. So, one can also say that any animal poop is dangerous if you don't maintain hygiene.

  4. Are hamsters good pets for kids?

    Hamsters are good pets for kids (at least above age 6), but only if you don't treat them like a toy and know-how to take proper care of them. Take time to educate children about hamsters' habitat, eating habits, living conditions, etc. Hamsters are low-maintenance pets and can accompany children if they are taught to care for them respectfully. Also, parent supervision is required to ensure proper care of hamsters.

  5. Are hamsters good pets for adults?

    Yes, hamsters are good for adults as well, but you should also know everything about taking care of hamsters. They are cute, loveable, need lots of exercise, but you need to spend time with them and maintain proper hygiene. Overall, if you put effort into caring for a hamster, these are good pets for adults.

What we learned from all this

Hamsters are not dangerous to keep as pets but you need to do your research before adopting one. They are nocturnal beings, who require less care than other pets but learn about their diet and basic hygiene. Also, do find a proper vet for hamsters as they might need medical care at some point.

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