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Are Golf Balls Safe for Dogs?

Are golf balls safe for dogs

Dogs always surprise us with their moves. Sometimes, we cannot figure out the actual cause behind their actions. The same is the condition when dogs use different objects in their environment to play. Here we are discussing whether golf balls are safe for dogs or not.

Do know that golf balls are not safe for dogs because if a dog swallows one, they might choke on it. Also, these are coated with some harmful chemicals that are toxic to dogs. So, yes, giving a dog a golf ball to fetch or play with is not a safe option at all.

Are golf balls safe for dogs?

golf balls

Golf balls are incredibly unsafe for dogs, and the biggest myth is that you can give them golf balls to play with or to engage in fetching activities. Do not allow your dog to play with a golf ball as it might face these problems

Your dog may suffer from a choking hazard

First of all, it is important to know that the size of the golf ball is quite accurate for accidental swallowing. If your dog swallows a golf ball during playtime, it will get lodged in its throat. Also, the chances of this condition are lower in small dogs, but with big or adult dogs, there are more chances of choking hazards.

If your dog has consumed it somehow, the surgical procedure is the only way to remove the ball from their throat. Thus, to keep your dog safe, do not let them play or practice fetching with golf balls.

Golf balls are loaded with toxins

During the manufacturing of golf balls, many chemicals are used inside and outside covering. For a canine, even 1 mg of toxin is harmful. If your dog is licking the golf ball or trying to taste it, they have more chances to suffer from such conditions.

If you notice your dog licking the golf ball, be ready to deal with other problems as well. They will ultimately suffer from some allergies or gastric issues that cause an emergency.

The ball chips and pieces are not for dogs

Sometimes, chips and pieces of the ball come out, which are not safe for dogs. As we all know, dogs love to chew their toys, and, likewise, when they are trying to chew the balls, there are chances that the pieces come out of the ball that may cause throat-related problems. In some cases, if the piece is large, it will ultimately cause harm to the intestine.

Consumption of golf balls causes tooth damage

Dogs love to gnaw on golf balls, and they do know that, in return, these balls are destroying their teeth too. As we know, fiberglass is used to prepare these balls, and it is responsible for grinding the tooth structure. In some cases, when puppies are gnawing on the balls, they have might damage their tooth structure. Overall, it is right to know that introducing golf balls to them is not a good idea.

For dogs, the playing items that are not dog-safe are not recommended, and likewise the golf balls. In the market, some toys are available that are specially made for dogs, and you should buy dog toys for your furry friend to play.

What to do if my dog won’t let me remove the golf ball from the surroundings?

If your dog enjoys playing or fetching with the golf ball and refuses to let you take it away, you must still do so. For a while, there are chances your dog may behave aggressively, but it is for his benefit, so you need to be a bit strict in such situations.

How can I keep my dog safe from golf balls?

Well, there are some measures that you can adapt to keep your dog safe from golf balls. This includes:

  • Do not play with a golf ball with them. If you are playing with golf balls with them, your dog will develop a habit of always asking for it.
  • Always keep the golf balls out of reach of the dog. Do you know that dogs have the habit of playing with everything around them? If your dog has such a habit, keep it away at any cost.
  • Get some other playable from the market for them. Some brands are coming up with dog-safe toys, and you can choose them.
  • We all know that dogs cannot speak, but they do understand. You must make your canine understand that playing with a golf ball is not a safe option. And for that, training your dog will be helpful.

What we learned from all this

In any case, golf balls are not suitable for dogs. These are responsible for causing choking hazards and putting dogs at the risk of experiencing some allergies due to the presence of toxins on them. Furthermore, if you notice your dog around or near the golf ball, keep it aside and do not let them play with it. Sometimes, they start licking the golf ball and, after a while, try to eat it. If you notice your dog consuming it, stop them immediately; if they have already consumed it, reach the vet and let your dog get examined by him.

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