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Are Dogs Better Than Humans?

Are Dogs Better Than Humans

Dogs are the most loved pets. All love to pet a dog in their home. Dogs not only stay loyal to you, but they also protect your house. Babies love to play with dogs and pups. Pups are the most favorite toy of the babies.

Science says that dogs are better than humans. Dogs are our good companions and good listeners. Dogs never leave their owner alone. They support their owner and play with them, which gives happiness to the owner. A person having a dog as a pet never gets bored, he/she can enjoy anytime with his pet. The most loving nature of a dog is that it spends quality time with you. Dogs love their owner unconditionally.

Dogs And Human Relationship

Dogs are a part of human society. Dogs are the man’s best friend. Keeping a dog as a pet is a big responsibility. The owners with their dogs are much more different, intense, and independent than with any other living species. Dogs have different breeds, similar requirements. As time passes, the relationship between owner and dog continues to grow.

Dogs are part of a family, and it is our responsibility that we take care of their feelings. They are the animals who have feelings and never share them. Dogs understand your sadness and always give company to you. They will roam around you when you are sad and start to do activities that will make you feel happy. And after that, they start to lick your body which expresses their love towards you. 

There are some points that show that having a dog a pet is always different:

1. Motivational Tools

Dogs are known as motivational tools. The most active and possessive animals in the world are dogs. Dogs use their high energy while they walk and run. For a better walk, you can also take the dog along with you. They will make you a healthy person.

2. Always Accompanies You

The dog will always be with you when you feel you. The dog remains faithful to you even after you scold him. He will be with you always as your partner.

3. They Have Your Back

Dogs never leave you alone. They always have your back when you fall. They are your true friends.

4. Dogs Will Always Protect You

Dogs are the home guardians. Dogs are the most protective animals. They always take care of their owner and protect them from problems. 

5. Stress Relievers

Dogs have cute faces. No one can not resist their cuteness, especially when they are a pup. For stress and free mind, you can just stare at them. They are cute toys with which you can play.

6. Dogs Are Smart

The intelligence of a dog depends upon the dog’s breed. Their smartness shows multiple expressions with their ability. 

Benefits To The Owner Of Having A Dog

  • People have better physical health due to exercise and care for their pets.
  • People who have pets have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 
  • Pets can make us relax and keep our focus away from our problems and worries.
  • Pets can decrease your feeling of loneliness.
  • Caring for a pet can affect the routine of its owner and gives us new things to do.
  • We remain more active when we make a pet. Taking care of a pet and doing all the things for the pet is one of the big responsibilities.

Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs are cooler than people. If we feel tired and alone, then none of us will remain cool as dogs live. Noone will remain as loyal as dogs. Dogs are beautiful and sweet. Maintaining a relationship with people is difficult. It takes a long time for people to build a good relationship with another person, but dogs maintain and grow their relationship with their owner in a short period. They love their owners unconditionally and make them happy.

There are some of the reasons that why dogs are better than humans:

  1. Dogs Eat Everything

Dogs are one of the pets that eats anything that we give to them. Dogs can eat biscuits, chapatis and many more things. They drink milk twice a day which keeps them in energy the whole day.

2. Most Trustworthy Confidants

The owner can share any of his feelings with his pet. They are animals who can not speak. Dogs will always listen to us calmly. They just sit with us when we are saying something to them.

3. They Will Always Make You Happy

Dogs always make you by playing or by doing activities with you. They jump around you, revolve around you and make you happier with their actions.

4. Dogs Will Protect You

Dogs always protect their owner. A person is the safest animal when he is with his pet dog. The dog starts barking if they find if anyone is harming their owner.

5. Dogs Help You Remain Fit

Having a pet dog will always keep your body. Your body will find no problems as they will make you do such activities which will keep you moving throughout the day. You will get a daily habit of walking if you have a dog as a pet.

6. Decreases Your Stress

Dogs release your stress. They will do the things which will relieve you from your stress. They start doing such things when they find that you are sad and doing nothing of your work.

7. Dogs Have More Fun

The dog is having more fun than half of the people. The dog never argues with you. He will accompany you in everything while you watch T.V. or Netflix if he will never allow you to change the channel.

8. Dogs Love To Play

Dogs love to play every day. They love you always and want your attention. It seems good when all they want is attention.

9. Dogs Are Friendly

The dog can help you to make new friends who give you something to do. They always remain in a friendly and loving mood. Dogs are possessive and never aggressive to their owners. The dog never treats you unfairly.


Dogs are lovely pets. There are many things that show that dogs are always better than humans. They always give you company in your things and never let you alone on your own. Dogs are the most loved animals by their owners because dogs know how to make their owners happy. A person will always remain happy if he has a dog as a pet.

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