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Koko and Kiwi, The Chirpy Duo

Hello, We’re Koko and Kiwi

Kiwi and Koko budgies sitting together on perch

Hi there, friends! We’re Koko and Kiwi, a pair of Australian Budgies, and the chirpy duo here at AniFirm. We’re not just pets, we’re the melody and rhythm of this website, and we’re here to share our adventures and songs with you.

Our Story

Our human parents had a lovely balcony where birds used to visit every morning. They placed food, water, swings, and homemade nests for them. The chirpy sounds and the joy of watching the birds made them happy. One day, they came across us, a pair of cute little budgies in the market. They brought us home and named us Koko and Kiwi. Koko, that’s me, I’m a handsome green male, and Kiwi, she’s a beautiful lemon-yellow female.

Our Role at AniFirm

Kiwi budgie being curios and posing to camera

As the chirpy duo, we’re the melody behind many of the articles and content you see on our website. Our playful antics, our songs, and our unique perspective on life inspire our human parents to create content that’s engaging, informative, and relatable. From bird care tips to understanding bird behavior, our experiences guide our content creation process.

A Day in Our Life

At just 1.5 years old, we’re full of energy. We love to roam around the house and sit on various swings at different places. We like to perch on the TV (especially when our humans are watching movies), and we love to sing and chirp all the time. We enjoy bathing in water surrounded by grass and love to eat seeds fed by our human parents’ hands. We also like to play with them and preen the hair on their hands.

Cute Adorable Budgies Playing, Lying on Back: Koko & Kiwi

We get a bit fussy when we’re growing new feathers, and sometimes we try to mimic human sounds. When we’re hungry, we make loud noises to let our humans know it’s feeding time. We also love to taste guavas, cucumbers, spinach, coriander, and our favorite, green chilies. We like to play with swings and shred paper. We love to kiss each other and roll over each other while playing.

Join us on this journey through our pet blog where we share our life, our adventures, and the lessons we teach about love, life, and the joy of being a pet.