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anuja saxena author at anifirm

Anuja Saxena

Anuja Saxena is a pet lover and a human resource manager by profession. She enjoys spending time with her pet dog, Blessy, a Labrador Retriever, and two budgies Kiwi & Koko. Aside from that, she is passionate about animal welfare and spends her spare time tending to and caring for orphan dogs and cats.

Meet Our Pets at Anifirm

Enzo puppy a labrador

Life is a playful adventure, full of mischief and wisdom. Every day is a chance to learn, to love, and to wag your tail with joy.

Enzo, the Chief Inspiration Officer at AniFirm

Kiwi a budgie posing for camera

In the symphony of life, every chirp counts. Embrace the melody, spread your wings, and let your spirit soar.

Koko and Kiwi, the Chirpy Duo at AniFirm