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Can Dogs Eat Soybeans/Soy/Soy Milk?

Can Dogs Eat Soy OR Drink Soy Milk

Maybe or maybe not! Soy products and soy milk are safe for dogs but in moderation only. It is a plant-based protein, so it will not cause any harm. But if fed to a dog in high quantities, it can lead to hypoglycemia, liver failure, and even death. Monitor your dog’s diet and then feed him with soy products because some are allergic to them. Also, it is a toxic additive, so most veterans do not suggest feeding dogs with it.

Deciding about the best food for a dog is a tough job when you have multiple options available. Some food products are especially for humans, and some are for dogs. But when we look out at the common categories, there is always confusion. The same happens when we choose Soybeans/soy/ soy milk.

As humans, we are sure of what we want to have and what we don’t. But with dogs, it is quite difficult to choose. If you wish to feed your dog with Soybeans and want to be sure, we are discussing the same in detail here.

Can dogs eat Soybeans/Soy/Soy milk?

Soybeans, Soy, or Soy milk is safe for dogs in moderation only. It does not have any major benefit on their health as it is a plant-based protein and cannot be replaced with animal-based protein completely if your dog is an omnivore. It comes up with some benefits and some negative effects as well.

Benefits of feeding dogs with Soybeans:

Some benefits of feeding dogs with Soybeans are:-

  • Soy products are a good source of protein.
  • These have essential amino acids contributing to overall health.

Negative effects of feeding dogs with Soybeans:

Negative effects are there, which can be seen in dogs if they have consumed a higher quantity of soybeans. These are:-

Digestive disorder

Digestive disorders are very common after Soybeans consumption. Even the veterinary doctors suggest monitoring the dietary habits of dogs and then concluding whether these are safe or not. Majorly it leads to constipation and diarrhea.

Ear infections

Ear infections can also be there with dogs consuming Soybeans. It seems to be rare, but yes, this is a major problem with consuming it.

Thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction in dogs takes place due to lymphocytic thyroiditis or idiopathic thyroid gland atrophy. This is the major cause of thyroid dysfunction in dogs if they have consumed Soybeans. In most cases, it leads to death.

Reproductive problems

Reproductive problems are very common with dogs if they are consuming soybeans/soy/soy milk. It leads to false pregnancy, ovarian remnant syndrome, abnormal or difficult birth, subinvolution of placental site, and some others.


Excessive consumption of Soybeans leads to triggering cancer cells which are again problematic for dogs.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are very common, and these can be life-threatening as well. The same can be noticed with behavioral changes and due to less diet. In some cases, dogs used to scream because they were hurting.

Final verdict

Soybeans, Soy, or Soy milk is safe for dogs in moderate quantities only. This is recognized as an allergen for dogs by many veteran doctors, so it is important to monitor whether your dog is ok with it or not. If you see any trouble with your dog after feeding with Soybeans, approach the doctor immediately because this can be life-threatening.

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